the chair that was there at work by default was torture on my back… so i got a doc note to get a better chair and instead of taking my aeron chair in from home… i got this

i got it at costco and it is actually a pretty good chair for my back.  The chair is by true innovations and won the platinum design award from the award for design excellence site for 2010.  and being costco… the price was great for it.

I have alreadyt been getting comments like.. nice captains chair… or who do i have to sleep with to get a chair like that…  just funny.

i just reached the max usage on my iphone 4.  I have like 4000 songs and there are some duplicates because of purchased through itunes and cd imports with different bitrates.  i am really glad itunes has the show duplicates funciton

going through all of my music and removing duplicates and things that I dont listen to anymore or lower bitrates… already deleted like 500 MB already and i am just in the Ds

have any of you done anything like this?

i have given facebook and twitter a go… and miss blogging.

I think i will limit myself to a few times a week and not burn myself out like i did before by posting multiple times per day sometimes.

i will start sharing photos again as well…  hope to enjoy.

i loves me my politics … just cause i cant vote so i have no real tie to anything… and like taking both sides of the argument just for debate sake…

this midterm election is going to be interesting… in virginia and new jersey for governor…. and congress in the 23rd in new york (what a freak show that scozzafava is.. the republican candidate that is more liberal than the democrat…) and i love that they have a seperate ‘conservative’ party .. instead of republican

the new jersey race is gonna be fun …

i love that obama had so much time to stump and campaign some more for corzine in NJ cause it will look really really bad if these 3 races go non-demopcrat

my wife is a citizen.  my kids are citizens.  my siblings are citizens.  even my parents got their citizenship before me.

the only thing that cant do is vote and get certain government jobs… everything else is as if i am a citizen.

i dont have to do jury duty… i still pay taxes… i still had to register with selective service for military service.

i want to retain my korean citizenship, but they stopped doing dual citizenship here in the US. but i have a deep pride in being korean and i feel in a way that i dont want to expat myself from korea

arrrgggg… it is also like twice as much to do it now than when i first could have

so… we were in houston a few weeks back and saw this.  charge your cell for $3.00 … or … you figure it out


wow.. yet another itunes update.. and it breaks sync with the palm pre … a weird pissing contest if you ask me

as an apple fanboy, i hate that apple is doing stuff like this … and anytime they they add something or patch bugs (which they NEVER have) … it means another 90MB file… instead of patches that just fix what is wrong or add the features…

come on apple… ever heard of fusebox type coding?  just update what you need.

have been having issues with my blackberry bold… it has been my favorite in my 8+ years using blackberrys, but in the past month, i have had 3 replacements.

att even sent a replacement with a cracked screen…

what a pain cause it is on BES and all the apps and restore

maybe time to upgrade to the blackberry bold2 9700 onyx .. and what is with all the numbers and different names… that has been a weird change too

i just want phone to work and my emails…

as you may know.. my favorite show on tv is dexter on showtime.  i am also a huge comic book dork and love graphic novels

they started doing some graphic novels about the ‘early years’ of dexter on their site … so.. both of both worlds.   view here

check it out, they have 2 webisodes done so far and 3 artists will do some back story about dexter pre show…

strange fascination, but watching the ‘death masks’ show on the history channel.

kind of creepy and very interesting

with my 2 blog fasts… i hit a point where i stopped blogging.. and i need to start up again.

so it begins again today

I finalized my recall for the charger for my spinal implant

I guess some guy duct taped the charger to himself and got burned and other fell asleep on top of their charger and got minor burns… Cause the induction charger does get warm

Now for more titanium for my back and getting shorter when they fuse the next lumbar level

Wow… Not that it has been forever but wordpress finally made an app for blackberry and i am posting from my blackberry without having to go through blackberry browser or opera mini or bolt…

Oh yeah, too bad it comes after i have reduced blogging and facebooking and twittering (nice 30 min test)

But good for my adhd

so another flipping shooting by a whackadoo .. this time killing a guard at the holocaust memorial museum in DC.

in the past few weeks, we had the killing of george tiller (the baby killer abortionist), we had the shooting in alabama army recruiting center where one of the 2 recruiters shot is dead… but you would not know it happened based on the volume of coverage for george tiller.

and today, the shooting by some 89 year old white supremacist james von brunn… who took a rifle and a sawed off shotgun i think.. and shot a guard before two other guards shot him.

some are going to play the political game and say that this was a right wing extremist…

no.. this is a freaking hard core neo-nazi douche bag that does not represent any sane view on society.  i also hear that he is part of the 9/11 truth conspiracy movement as well and will be celebrated as a hero to taking action … and specifically against the jews.

the guy that shot george tiller is a douche and a crazy fruit cake.  he does not truly believe in pro-life.. as his action contradicts the message of the sanctity of life… no matter what stage.

the guy that shot the recruiters is a douche and a crazy fruit cake.  he is a recent convert to islam… and said that he felt this was a act of war so does not consider his actions murder.  hey janet napolitano, does this count as a man made disaster? and i did not see muslims listed in that list of domestic terrorists of yours.  and odd that during obama giving his speeches in muslim countries, this story has been buried

this guy shooting at a holocaust memorial is a freaking douche.  he is an old man.. but i would water board him.  i would put him into stress positions.  i would just junk punch the hell out of him… just because

this is as clear a sign that it does not matter the politics, the religion, whatever… some people are just freakin crazy and have no sense of what it means to live in a country that starts with: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

these guys have no right to take these unalienable rights away from any other person

i am perplexed by the americans that feel that guantanamo  bay  is the deepest scariest hell hole that we have detained prisoners of war or those that are hard to classify as the geneva convention do not apply …

and how dear leader kim jong il has two american reporters in work camps…

i wonder which is worse.  i wonder how guantanamo stacks against prisons, prisoner treatment in other countries, and the base accommodations that terrorists and enemy combatants are treated compared to 2 women that were filming on/near/across the border in north korea

i wonder if lisa ling had a choice for her sister… would she pick the north korean prison camp or guantanamo bay for her sister laura ling and euna lee.  i bet you that other than not having to server a prison term at all.. that she would pick 12 years at guantanamo bay versus any prision camp in any other country

it makes me mad that people have no perspective on the lengths that the US seems to take… even for caring for terrorists… compared to things that i have heard happening in prison camps in north korea.  rape, force abortions, real work camp in mines and deplorable conditions and sometimes death…. none of which have happened at guantanamo

the US is giving habius corpus rights to people picked up outside of the country… none citizens or residence of the country … and those that are trying to kill them.  yes mr ACLU … if they had a chance, they would kill you.

look at what they are going to do with the chinese muslims … they are looking in a south pacific for another island to hold these prisoners … because they know that they cant try them in a normal court of law.

it is great that they want to close guantanamo … but they are just going to have to rebuild something someplace else … or extend things in places like supermax in colorado .. and living in denver.. i do not want these guys anywhere near my family .. even in a supermax.  dont you guys watch prision break?  i dont want colorado to become a target .. we love being semi anonymous  and i would some other place being hit first if they decide to attack again

people may feel that guantanamo is bad …. but compared to north korean prison camps .. i would volunteer to go to guantanamo bay versus spending any time in anything that north korea will dish out.  they need to look at the scale of what they think is ‘torture’ that may be inflicted on terrorists… compared to day to day _torture_ that north koreans being caught trying to flee to china, having a bible, speaking against the government…  aside from some of the fringe people… most people understand that even if you voiced protest against obama .. you will not be ‘disappeared’ like you might in other countries.

the only saving grace for the women is that they are american and being used as pawns in the nuclear crazy dear leader death spiral game … and they will be kept relatively safe, fed, and in good condition to be presented on tv etc …


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