we have passed into the second month of whitewater… and it seems so odd… that it still has a freshness to it.. but it also feels like it has always been.
robKelly covered jehovah tsidkenu [sid – ken – oo] ?? is that a jedi in the next star wars movie?? no.. it is hebrew for ‘ the Lord our righteousness’

after the rhoades klan led us all in some great worship, we were asked to pray for tredessa and stormy rhoades as they prepared for a missions trip to venezuela ..

after that.. silence. words crawled across the screen, nobody reading out loud. nobody reading the text for us. just the words fading into the next slide… the text was about philip and the ethiopian in acts 8:27-40

the sermon was simple… just needed to be explained. righteousness is the imputation of His righteousness to us.. and our sinfulness.

robK explained the difference between having righteousness given to us.. and what we all tend to do in our lives… if we wrong somebody.. i will get them bad by doing something extra nice for them. we all play with the math and try to get everything balanced… like that is going to corrent and make everything ok. kind of like doing something wrong/sinning so.. we try to do something ‘good’ a few times to bring our sinful credits up to zero or back into the black again… what we presupposed was that we could _ever_ come clode to being in the black.

robK had 4 people come up on stage (i had the pleasure of being up there) and separated us… a thief, a thug, a tyrant (i think robK likes the letter T) and theHero. he had us act out what a thief, thug and tyrant would do.. and then the funniest thing .. theHero lifting the tyrant (carrying across the door on wedding night style) .. then getting the jeers for the 3 that had sinfulness attached to them… and cheers for theHero…. the imputation occurred. the cheers for theHero were given to the 3 that did not deserve it. the accolades and praise and adoration of the masses… then the jeers and cat calls went out to the parrishioner formerly known as theHero.

this was the illustration of what that righteousness means in our lives. not only did Jesus give us his righteousness,.. but he took our inadequacy on Himself on that rugged cross… up on that hil that day… and took everything that we did that would not be ‘righteous’ inthe eyes of God.. and became the one that took credit for what we did…

that is amazing to me. we live in a society where we get made if we are not given full credit for being named the person that had that stupid idea to have a potluck at work. how weird is that that someone.. that you didn’t even know would take credit for something that you botched up. how akward is it when someone else takes the blame for something you did .. yeah.. you may enjoy the idea that you got away with something.. but imagine what it would be like if this person was there.. your own personal blame taker. you own personal scapegoat. your own personal timeout taker. you own personal spanking taker… imagin that. for everything that you do that does not meet the standard of God…

we closed with an invitation to take the plunge.. literally. like the etheopian that stopped the chariot.. and asked to be baptised… robK gave the attenders to leave inhibition aside. to go with the leading of the Spirit.. not to worry about the clothes that might get ruined… not to worry about preparing for people to be there or plan for a picture perfect baptism.. but as an expression that you were accepting the gift that Jesus gave.. His righteousness. His credits. His bonus miles… and get baptized as an expression and testimony that you were now a believer

as the large garage doors opened.. we went out to the band playing ‘dancing in the river’ and as we waited for theRiver venue to converge and meld into the gathering of witnesses… the baptisms started… in a mobile hottub.

as the children watched, their parents were baptised. as parents watched, their children were baptized. as friends watched, someone unexpected took the plunge and professed their belief. the baptisms were still going as i left that afternoon.

what a great day.