i am tired of this year already.

korean tradition means that you spend time with family on new years… you have a specific type of soup called ‘thuuk gook’ — mmm .. and you show respect for your elders by doing a traditional bow… whilst saying.. ‘be very blessed this new year’ — ‘sae hae bok mani ba du sae oh’

the fun part of this.. for the younger people… the elders bless the youngsters by giving them cold hard cash…. the best new years i had was like $350… cause as a pk.. we drive around to church members houses and did the bow for cash game… and some people we know owned one of the 2 korean markets in denver at the time… much cash

now a days… we are giving cash out to my nephew. who raked in like $100 today… not bad for a 2 yr old

usually… on new years eve.. you get together and play a korean game called ‘yun kno ree’ .. a game with 5 movable pieces and 5 wooden sticks that are tossed in the are to give you the number of spaces you move…. another is korean hacky sack… that looks like the birdie from badminton but more frilly.. so you can make it out of washers and plastic bags that you wrap and but into strips… then you have a church service… we passed this year… some cold/strep going around…

so.. we hit my inlaws house… saw them and my wifes grandmother.. then hit my parents house.. where my brother, sister in law and nephew were.. and we all wrnt over to my aunts house… my cousin and his family will be heading back to the  homeland soooo we had to go see them.

after that… we took everyone to a movie… 10 asians walking in a pack… asian invasion time yet again…  into cherry creek mall.. 6 going into eragon and 4 going into charlottes web…

then we all invaded a restuarant before heading home… i r the tired.