i am going through withdrawal of seeing koreans on tv… lost generally filled that with whole shows in decently translated korean.. and daniel dae kim with his accent that is getting better actually…

then there were the 2 koreans that finished out survivor… (what is with the radio silence of yul kwon ever since he won…)

then i saw a ford commercial that had koreans in traditional wedding garb… but that was just weird
i guess i will have to see how that korean guy does on the apprentice… james… watch out.. he is a gamer too… unless he is gonna show the other side of korean men… aggresive and money hungry… hmm..

will have my wife tell me about the shows.. and if he is still on the show..

i am kind of glad that lost brought koreans up to the forefront.. and made it so pat morita is not playing a korean like he did on m*a*s*h .. come on.. really?  is that how far we have come.. where we have real koreans playing koreans on tv… beside that bobby lee guy on madtv….