me no like the kofi annan… i think the un is a waste or resources cause it carries not weight … read darfur, iraq, iran, israel, lebanon, north korea

kofi… na na na na.. na na na na.. hey hey… goodbye.

with the new secretary-general coming in… korean by the way… mr ban ki-moon will hopefully kick some butt … go all kung-fu fighting in the halls and get some real work done.. without things like oil for food

i wonder if ban ki-moon has a little can of whoop ass that he would like to unleash on kim jong-il ….

sanctions are not working and have not worked … read iraq and now iran thumbing their nose at the un sanctions.

remember mr ban ki-moon… with great power .. you can do some real damage.. (thought i was gonna go all stan lee on you huh) and you also have a chance to bring the un back to being a functional organization.  make the security council come back with some bite.. stop doing things that don’t work.