after a lunch with my old boss at a place called pete’s gyro palace … i had found _the_ place in denver to go for greek… i took the kids so often fter hitting the museum and such.. that they came to dread days with me while my wife was working…. i like to blame the greek food instead of my tough parenting  .. we shall see

well.. today.. the kids come up .. and ask for the greek… i had thought them well.

after they had gone out to shovel the driveway some more … and creating a sheet of ice in front of the car parked by my next door neighbors…. i called them up and we headed toward greek town.

gyros… souvlaki… greek salad with a huge chunk of feta… mmmm

i first got hooks on gyrons up in boulder from a place called ‘late knight’ that had some of the hottest wings that i have had in my life.  but they had a gyro special.. so that was the alternative to the almost daily pizza call in the dorms.

i used to go to greek festivals and the food was better.. but not as readily available (note that there are only 2 greek fests in denver/boulder area annually that i know of)  so.. i had to kind of settle for some chain paces…. rubios and fallafal king .. oh wait.. and a place in the food court at cu – denver/metro state auraria campus.  but they were all kind of gross..  and the wife and kids did not like it so much… they always kind of cringedwhen i would order it… i think the shaving of the meat off the rotating machine intrigued but put fear in their minds

but i got them hooked.  my daughter is adding tzitziki sauce to her gyros now… my son is going back and forth from souvlaki and gyros.. and my wife… for the first time.. said that she thought that i had converted her to the gyro

the nice thing about petes is.. the kids menu has the greek alphabet… and words in greek.  it is a way for me to show them some stuff … explain certain things from helenistic writings and certain verses in the bible like the alpha and omega …. and visually show them that it is the beginning and the end.  where we get certain words from.. scientific and  mathmatical symbols… etc..

my work is done.  and remember… it is yee-roh .. not gey-roh … it is a food not a top like perpetual motion device