as i was working last night… my wife watched a couple of recorded episodes of greys anatomy…

the words just popped out.. and i was shocked.

one of the neonatologist ladies was talking about aborting her lovers child.. and actually used..

‘i aborted mark’s baby

they said it multiple times during the show… ‘i aborted your baby’ ‘i aborted marks baby’ ‘she aborted my child’

they did not use the word fetus. they did not talk about a blastoma, they did not talk about a blob of cells… they used the word baby… and from the mouth of multiple tv doctors… hey.. they may not be doctors.. but they play one on tv… and a baby doctor too..

isn’t it ironic that a neonatologist.. who would and does know all about babies.. talked about and had an abortion… full well knowing that it was a baby.. a child. not just a thing.

isn’t it ironic that a show that has people having sex all the time.. showed the hurt that an abortion can have on a relationship.. even if they were sleeping around…

but the message at the end was… this guy was not going to be a good father.. so the abortion was ok to some degree.. justified.. cause the guy would have made a bad father… how does he know?

in a confused and muddled show.. they showed this truth to be self evident… that abortion hurts relationships.. people think about the day the baby would have been born. that people that have abortions use the words… ‘i aborted my baby’