who said that… who is rezas husband? what wall are they talking about..

ok.. here is the speech.. president reagans speech about the berlin wall

the reason for this… is a recent interview by spiegel with new mexican president felipe caldéron.. and his comparison of the border fence to the berlin wall..

read it here

ummm… last i checked… mexico was not a state. we are not north united states and south united states .. well.. there is north/south.. but there is a redneck connotation.. not that other one… and he was president of mexico… and has no authority here in the states

here is the snippet of the interview

spiegel: About a half-million Mexicans migrate to the United States every year in order to try their luck there. Now the Bush administration wants to build a 1,100 kilometer (684 mile) barrier along the border.

caldéron: It’s hard to believe that a wall is now being built in Arizona and Texas only 17 years after the world celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. There are social and economic reasons for migration to the United States. It is a natural consequence of globalization. What is more, the North American and the Mexican economies complement each other in an ideal way: The United States has the capital, and we have the labor force.

spiegel: Immigrants currently transfer about $24 billion per year from the United States to Mexico. This is Mexico’s second-largest source of currency, after petroleum. Can the exodus still be stopped?

caldéron: If the Americans would invest more here, the Mexican workers would stay at home. I told the American president that it makes more sense to build a single kilometer of road in a poorly developed Mexican state than to build 10 kilometers of his wall.

first… i like the word ‘migrate’ .. instead of the more appropriate… cross border illegally.. enter country illegally.. work in said country illegally using you guessed it… illegal documentation.. and sending boat loads of money back to mexico.. without money coming back into the united states… except the pescos for pizza program that is cropping up all over the place and previously wirtten about.

second… post 9/11 … what makes the mexican president think that the united states wants to play around with securing their border.. on a known weakspot where people, terrorists, drugs, etc… are all smuggled in. who is he to say anything about the united states trying to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into the workforce and population.

there is no correlation to the berlin wall and the border fence that is being talked about .. again.. look at things like the dmz in korea… the great wall of china.. really look at the berlin wall… or any fence across the usa .. like at groom lake/area51.. where it is shoot to kill.. for its own citizens… this fence if to keep non citizens out.

on any of the real fences and walls… if you try to jump, crawl, get around it.. they will shoot you… arrest you.. on the border now… there are water station because there are some that wander out to the desert and die… how about a little preparation if you are going to sneak into another country for goodness sake… take some canteens.. powerbars…. whatever.

the social and economic reasons he mentions are because the economy in mexico sucks. even illegals can make more picking fruit than living in their own country. it is not a natural consequence of globalization.. it is a consequence of weak enforcement and some weird sense of entitlement that these ‘migrators’ have about their right to trespass, break dozens of laws, and live in a country that offers them better jobs and standard of living and still have enough to send money back to the family they leave behind… than they could ever have… living in their own country.

his mentality that if the united states spent even more money with mexico… that mexican nationals would stay and not cross the borders… is retarded. think about all the travel that american engage in… to mexico.. they even had a superbowl thing for flip the dolphin to get to go to mexico… and spend much bucks on booze, souvenirs, prescription meds, hotels, resorts, booze… and lacquered frogs… playing guitars

and news flash mr mexican president.. there are already roads… into and out of mexico .. there are legal mechanisms for mexican nationals to come into the united states.. and build the life that they are not able to have back home…

that is the same arguement as if a car thief would stop stealing cars if car makers gave him money… wait.. there is a word for that is there not? extortion?

give me a break… he can start making berlin wall comparisons when mexican nationals make a break for it with soldiers shooting guns at their car like macgyver did and breaking through the fence… to cross the border… or doing the slow walk in exchange for a prisoner of war getting to go home.. walking slowly past each over of the bridge… or if.. national guardsmen would actually shoot to kill if they see someone crossing the border…

in most countries… a mass influx of nationals from another country over their borders would be seen as an act of war or invasion… not a migration….

migration is for birds and caribou

build the fence… put up gun turrets… take away the water stations… shoot on sight…. make people enter the country the proper and legal way.