microsoft launched their long awaited … 5 years in the making… operating system to surplant windows xp… windows vista

i have had the beta running for about a month and was fairly pleased wth the updates and features … and somewhat apprehensive.. because i don’t know what to get…. just another hp/dell/whatever to run windows and linux on… and now .. vista will be preinstalled on machines… or an macbook pro to run leopard (once it is out)/vista/linux … either way.. i will be scraping the default install anyway.. so i guess it does not matter unless i want my mac apps with me too .. hmm

i think i may have to stay on the windows platform for my primary system because of business applications that are not on either linux or max osx.

i am going to wait until at least service pack 1 to install on my current machine… as that will be about the time i get my copy in the mail… (wahoo for beta programs and vendor sppnsored freebies)

i saw bill gates on the daily show with jon stewart and was kind of sad that bill was flustered and they did not show some of the features on the huge screens they have for backdrops… ther ehave been those infamous demos by bill gates when the machines lock up.. so i think he reserves the demos to controlled environments.

are you ready for vista?