if i see one more special report.. adjustment in normal programming to anna nicole smith… hey.. here is a news flash… she is still dead. she used and abused meds and alcohol.. and was too selfish to take care of her 5 month old daughter

what a train wreck … too much rubber necking… and all of us are not helping .. dang it

she is not the candle in the wind that marilyn monroe was …she was not princess di … even though she seems to be getting as much or more attention than lady di

maybe it is the $450 million dollars that she may be getting… the case she won in the supreme court… she was a forerunner for probate law… at least for gold diggers… great.

now to find her missing 5 month old daughter.. who would be the sole heir for the $450 million when that is all straightened out… and if they figure out which of the 4 potential fathers is the ral one…

wouldn’t it be awesome if that old dead husband is the real father… using in vitro … that would be a fine denoument to this whole mess… a real heir to the billionaire.. case closed.

can we just get back to talking about iraq …. wait… you think george bush killed anna nicole smith … to take attention away from the war… weird….. give me my tin foil cap.