so…. barack ‘barry’ obama is not black… did you get that? he is not black… to debra dickerson… essayist for salon… read here

she was on with stephen colbert (i think he is a great satirist) discussing this as she made reference to something to the effect that barack was like colberts token black friend… watch here

the whole premise was that because barack was born of a kenyan daddy and a whitey momma.. that he did not have the black experience. because he was not descendant of west african slaves… he had no perspective or ancestry of being black… what???? i understand the the need to have a black identity… but what happened to the melting pot? what happened to a world without color… by saying that there is a black identity…. black americans create a culture that self perpetuates itself… what does that identity entail exactly… that barack did not or does not embody to a certain degree… that all of us embody? i understand how our cultures and traditions mold us.. but to the general public.. it does not matter….

debra dickerson set back the cause for equality by setting up a special class of blackness… by excluding someone because of the not just the tone of his skin.. but by the lack of slave ancestry… are all ‘blacks’ or ethnics going to have to prove their ancestery… is there some sort of scholarship program like for native americans.. if you can prove you are 1/16th indian?

koreans have a more recent slave culture but.. that is not how we define ourselves… or exclude koreans born in the states… we just make fun of them because they speak korean poorly… and they have no sense of the struggles and strict values that are lost in the states

when was the last time debra dickerson had to deal with slavery? when was the last time slavery was found in the states? did juneteenth not make it to all the corners of the states and there are pockets of cotton picking slaves that have not heard about the emancipation proclamation?

she kept going and colbert destroyed her.. made her look the fool… i bet she is a very bright women.. but in this case… she got nailed killt destroyed 0wn3d no… pwn3d.

she referred to barack as an african african american. not a normal african american…again.. cause his dad was kenyan.

i mean… if we are going to talk about stereotypical black family.. barack fits it right??? his daddy left when he was a little boy.. and he had to go live with grandma.. come on…. that is retarded
i thought the left was about tolerance and acceptance… and not seeing race….

seems like she was engaging in some sort or weird reverse discrimination of barack.. because his dad came from the wrong side of the african continent…. that he was half white…

i guess he is not as black as tiger woods.. who has an asian mother and i guess a full west african slave descendant dad… but i wonder if they would strip him of his blackness if they found that earl woods came from east or southern africa….

i wish i had the transcript of the whole interview… but watching it is much better… cause words can’t set the tone of the interview… the line that colbert has about martin luther kings dream was genius… as was his comment about obama being jesse jacksons slave… wrong.. but so right.

either case… to the american public … barack is black. and he has a muslim sounding name. they are not going to distinguish him by his heritage… they see the enhanced levels of melanin

it is kind of like how asians take to me… i am too talll to be a normal korean… i have rounder eyes than a normal korean… so.. i was an outsider… not korean enough… in america… i don’t look american… i look asian… so that is how i am classified…

i just did not know that the light skinned black, mulatto, non slave heritaged blackness would be a boundary that barack would have to overcome…

debra dickerson…. quit being a bigot!


for our rainbow coalition friends… a banner of colors ..