or should i say …. junk ‘on’ the trunk …

ok.. that is not what it sounds like… it was just a sight that made me laugh… i just like a clean car.. especially after a storm… there is nothing like a shiny car in the sea of dirt and splash back caked cars..

nice shiny black mercedes convertible coming up on the right of me… after i had gotten a car wash… well it was very clear that this car went through one of those automatic gas station car washes… as it has a nice dirt streak … like dirty underwear… right in the middle of the trunk… junky trunk?

how is it that the car wash thingies do not go all the way around a small car like that?

the thing is.. there was a report that the magnesium chloride that they use as a de-icer on the roads will eat away at your car.. like salt out east… so… why exactly are we using mag chloride? is it cheaper .. no. the corn syrupy gunk is just nasty… and so they announced on the radio that you should wash it off as soon as possible.. car wash lobbiests are doing their job well..

well.. after some disappointing $8 gas station car washes… where the mag chloride leaves a nice film on the windshield… i have swore off the automatic car washes… i took it to one of those hand drying … vacuum for you places…. and it was like $3 more than that stupid gas station place.. and you get a complete dry… they treat your tires… they wipe down all of the windows… they vacuum… well worth it.

i just don’t want the dirt streak that looks like a crack… on my trunk…