generally… i am the first to say to install any patches and updates released for your os.  i love being bleeding edge… for personal stuff (i generally wait a few cycles for work things.. cause there are ALWAYS little gliches).  but in this case… i would recommend the oppositethose of you that run macs… hold off on installing update 10.4.10.  it sucks.  it will make your machine blow up.. i think 10.4.3 did something similar with compatibility with iScroll.. but at least you could booti had installed it on my ibook about a week back… and it would not startup after that… it was in some weird kernel panic loop… and safe boot did not work eitheri left it attempting to boot for over 24 hrs.. with the apple screen and the spinning gear  stagei did not have time last week to do anything with it so i just ended up using my other machines for everything…i eventually broke down and did a re-install of tiger… and then re-ran most of the updatesi am hearing and reading there are goofy wifi issues as well.. with the new 10.4.10 update… so…. if you have not upgraded yet… DONT.. wait for the next release if you can..i guess they spent too many cycles trying to get support for the iphone added and safari for windows and not enough on actually releasing an update that required a reinstall…   at least the apps and settings generally were preserved. *** after doing a re-install down to 10.4 from the install dvd … the upgrade to 10.4.10 went fine