so.. did you stay up and go to the apple store at midnight?  were you the lady in front of the mervyns chanting ‘open, open, open’ .. or people trampling each other at walmart to get a crappy $29 dvd player ..on the biggest hyped shopping day (there was a study at some point that said that black friday — the day after thanskgiving was in fact NOT the busiest shopping day annually)  .. anywhoooothings like this make me happy for black friday… cause i hate shopping… and i get to click a few buttons in my pajamas.. while watching tv and eating leftoversoffice2004-black-friday.jpgnot only are you getting $100 off the low low price of $133 for the student/teacher edition (just paid $340 for the standard version for work) … but then you also get the $7 upgrade to office 2008 media edition when it comes out…i am also happy that we are homeschoolers… we get all the perks of nominal discounts at the apple homeschool store section… but on software and actually get to use things like the family pack for iworks, leopard, etc… (usually something like $199 for 5 licenses… when the single version is $129 like leopard…)what crazy bargains did you get on black friday