my company recently gave everyone in the company those twisty compact fluorescent light (cfl) bulbs as a way to help global warming and energy consumption…

i appreciate that they want us to have bulbs that are more efficient and use less energy … but they are giving us poison in a package

i am not sure if you are aware that the normal long white tube fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and you are supposed to treat broken bulbs as a mini hazmat disposal.. with about 20 milligrams of mercury … some studies say that it would only take 5 of these breaking to contaminate a 2 acre pond… and mercury vapor is toxic to the human nervous system

the cfl bulbs contain 5 milligrams of mercury … do the math.

people toss these into the trash and do not recycle them like they need to.

with all the energy savings at stake.. it is worth poisoning ourselves? look at all of the mercury warnings in seafood.. it only takes a little bit

there are always trade offs and people the push for alternatives need to realize that.

just like the hybrids… although they save a little in gas usage and may make someone feel good about using an eco friendly alternative.. but they don’t think about the number of batteries that need to go into the cars and what happens when those batteries need to be replaced. all of the corrosive materials and ways to scrap these cars as they can’t go into a normal junk yard…

still funny that the same people ranting against big oil and natural fuel usage… they are riding around on tires, plastics, and other things all made from oil…