so a week or so ago.. i had the pleasure of taking my family up to my company holiday party up in breckenridge… it was a full weekend up there where they setup multiple events and dinners for the entire familty and then separate dinner for kids and adults.

how cool is that… a company that shows their support for family and allowing you to not just bring your spouse.. but the whole family… and footing most of the bill.

the cautionary tale comes as saturday evening was a semi-formal event.. and i grabbed my trusty gray suit and a dress shirt and didn’t think twice about it… until it was 30 minutes till dinner and i started to get dressed…

the shirt was fine… and as i went to put on the slacks… i realized that i was able to get the zipper going… but it stopped before i could button them up. i realized the pants were not going to be buttoned unless i did that trick you ladies do to get tight jeans on by laying down on the bed and holding my breathe… sigh…. holy man pants…

i neglected to remember that i had put on like 50 pounds in the past 6 months (i blame it on sympathetic pregnancy and some new meds)

i ended up wearing jean bottoms and tried to play it cool.. like i was in high fashion mode and nobody said anything… to my face

so.. as the holiday parties are in full swing and people head out of town to visit family for christmas… if you are traveling and packing formal wear .. try it on before you leave