so… any of you that have a mac ibook g4 … have you ever had to replace the hard drive?

well… hope that you do not have a disk failure or even want to upgrade your disk to something larger..

the process is the most convoluted and weird processes ever.

with any other laptop, you have ready access either with a few screws and from the side or bottom of your laptop.. you may even have to go under the keyboard… but that is not so bad

with the ibook, not only do you not have access to it from the outside… or even below your keyboard … it is wedged under a part of the metal frame … leaving you to dismantle the whole thing to get to it..

now that would not be so bad either… but they use several different screw sizes including torx and phillips 0 size heads, but you also need a spudger or something to crack the shell open with…

total form versus function.

it looks nice not to have screws exposed on the outside of the laptop, but spending hours trying to crack the case open, making sure not to lose any of the 30 screws and figuring out where there are hidden hinges you have to spudge and cables and wires that need to be unplugged before you pull the parts apart… and not to mention the potential of cracking the plastic or breaking something…

sound like fun? check out a sample here

i  work with computer hardware allbut this is once where it was worth the $100 to have some other guy that has too much time and much more practice on this than me do it…