o.. as the american idol came up on the dvr the contestants were all standing in a row and there were choir folk around them on each side.. and then the music started… and out came the words jesus, lord, worship … they weer singing ‘shout to the lord’ by hillsong

the wife, kids and i were all kind of slack jaw’d and trying to figure out why they were doing a worship song for the only group song that they did during an elimination show…  it just seemed odd and not sure what prompted the whole thing…

artistically, they did a great job with the song though..

maybe it was a way to bring a sense of needing God during their pleas for charity…

maybe the reason we all have that need to give and share in the suffering of others is because we have a loving God that sacrificed for us… there is no evolutionary need for compassion.  there is no darwinian natural selection process that cares about the weak and diseased … that hurt and sorrow that goes to the pit of your stomach and breaks your heart when you see a baby dying of malaria or orphaned by parents dead of aids … that comes from God… and we need to shout to the Lord sometimes with out praise.. but also with out plea for help

idol gives back .. kind of ironic .. that the thing that we sometimes idolize in place of God points us back to Him.  the idols in our lives give back control to Him.

the source may be odd.. but the cause is good.  the cause of the kids with no parents was probably irresponsibilty and promescuity of the parents.. but that should not keep us from caring for the damaged lives left behind.  we see the ‘stars’ that have shoes that cost more than most of the people make in a year in africa… but we see them being hit in the gut with what real need is… and maybe… just maybe… using their celebrity for good.  putting some of their materialism aside and being selfless in the work that needs to be done to help

give what you can … https://www.idolaid.com/AidForm.asp