man.. those greedy money hungry water moguls …  did not expect that line eh…

for all the complaining about how much a gallon of gas is… i see lots of things that are more expensive on a per gallon or even liter basis that people are willing to pay through the nose for…

note the 1 liter bottles of voss water that are the same price as a gallon of premium gas… the sad part is that smaller bottles sell for $7 at restaurants all over LoDo.. which i do occasionally and enjoy the crisp taste of norwegian water

we can complain about how much gas is.. but i would rather pay the $3 for a gallon of gas that can take most sedans about 30 miles.. over paying close to $10 for a gallon of voss water that ‘might’ take me the whoel 30 miles by foot or bicycling …

think even about sodas at fast food places.. you are paying $2 for 32 oz. … so even with refills, you are paying more for soda than a gallon of gas

most people do not think about what goes into the cost of gas… drilling, royalties for the land that the drilling is happening, storiage, transport from one plant to another either by pipeline/trucks/tanker boats, royalties and fees for using pipelines to another location, then transport again to a refinery, refining process, then transport again to gas station using pipeline/trucks/tanker boats and then trucks to the pumps, and then the state and federal taxes which are close to 30-40% .. and if you notice the prices for diesel, they are higher so the truckers transporting your gas to the pump are paying more….

so quit complaining as you fuel up your VW bus that is worse for the environment than our big SUVs..

just something to think about the next time you are ordering a soda or picking up bottled water … and complaing about another thing that we use on a daily basis

the days of $0.95 gas if gone … and if we think about it in perspective to how things have gotten more expensive in the last 10 – 20 years .. then gas is still pretty cheap