so at our last staff meeting, they had  ‘chinese’ food delivered in those huge turkey cookin aluminum foil trays that are 2 feet by 1 foot and about 6 inches high….

well.. i grabbed some salad and started to hear some grumblings about the rice… and being the only asian… i was called on to verify

how do you mess up instant rice?  not sure how or what they did but the rice was either cooked and dried out again or raw … as we were scooping onto our plastic plates, you could hear each of the grains making a ping off the plate

all i have to say is … that was probably the worst meal i have ever had in a while …  i know it was free and all, but it was worse than those dollar scoop places …

ugg … stomach hurts still.. maybe that is another reason for my migraine flare up

stupid plicks .. learn how to cook rice!!!

what a waste of about 15-20 pounds of rice.. especially during the rice shortage hysteria