i did not watch the saddleback fun fiesta with rick warren, john mccain, and barack obama until today…. i wanted to see how others responded and then see if what they were saying matched what i saw.

i have written before about how i wonder about rick warren injecting himself into a lot of issues and areas that may not seem appropriate… and how i am not a big fan of mega churches… but i think this was a good ‘debate’

i just have one thing to say… barack got spanked.  he looked like he does when he is not in fron tof a podium.. a lot of ummms, pauses, and just not the articulate barack that we have all come to love

i dont like mccain … but he gave answers that showed a level of understanding of the issues that just blew barack out of the water… so much so that the left is claiming that john mccain somehow cheated.

one of the biggest things for me was the question about when life began … he said something about theological view or political view and ‘it’s above my pay grade.’ ???


it is a simple question.. about when HE… BARACK thought about when life begins … is it conception? is it when the heart starts beating at 8 weeks? is it when the baby is viable? is it when the baby takes its first breath? even i can answer that… and i am a knuckle dragging not allowed to vote immigrant

above my pay grade?

he is running for president of the united states.  probably going to appoint a few supreme court justices as the others age out and die… and one of the major issues that they will tackle will be Roe v Wade…

that is the pay grade he is running for.

i am not running for president and can tell you that by definition, life begins at conception… when the cells start to split with the babies own dna… unique from mother or father…. we all agree that even yeast is alive… and all it does is split and fart..

watch the forum here