i want to like barack. i see in him the culmination of the civil rights movement… that america IS the land of opportunity…. that anyone, no mater their color or gender can strive and reach for the highest office in the united states… and the world… i think martin luther king jr would be pleased at the level of progress the US has made… not to say there are not challenges and ignorant bigots stills.. but all in all.. you know what.. things are pretty good when you compare it to the rest of the world… i am not even a citizen of the US and i think i might love the US more than barack does

so… back to barack. barack has hurt himself more in the past week or so … than any i can remember… i am trying to figure out how the first man of color that has won a major party nomination finds it so hard to be proud of his own country, and feels the need to harp on minor issues… when there are larger issues at hand.

first was the thrashing mccain gave him at the saddleback forum… where he stumbled on words and answers and looked like a scared little kid trying to back track and avoid giving specific answers… even those in his pay grade. i wish rick warren would have countered on when barack thought his 2 daughters gained human rights?

the infanticide legislation where he blocked the protection of a baby born alive during a botched abortion to get medical help, because adding a second doctor to the stressful circumstance might make the abortion decision more difficult for the woman that chose to have the abortion … so he is in fact FOR the letting die/killing of a viable infant that is out of the womb … just to protect the womans right to choose

then the william ayers thing is blowing up (to put it lightly) … it again brings into question the level of involvement and knowledge of a person that barack has to associate himself with someone that was/is an admitted terrorist against these united states.. by bombing the capitol, pentigon and others…

then the rezko home purchase details are getting more and more difficult for barack to explain as chance

then he questions john mccain about how many houses he has… while living in a $4 million dollar house himself… and probably has other property too. so what if john mccain and cindy mccain own 7 homes… is that where the dirty politics mccain was playing gets you? a shot at how many houses you have? why not ask you buddy john kerry, or oprah? come on.. barack cant hit mccain on actual issues so he has to bring up classism.. while living a pretty fine and dandy life himself

then word that his half brother in kenya lives in a hut and barack does nothing to help him. george obama lives off something like $1/month … so why cant barack send him a couple of hundred bucks? even a grand? or help him move here to the states? maybe family is not that important to him

he then equated russia invading georia to the usa invading iraq. and that the US should set a better example for russia to follow… i am still trying to grasp the similarity in circumstances between the 2 conflicts…

and finally.. he said that after looking at bejing, and their ports, airports, trains, infrastructure… that their engineering and infrastructure was vastly superior than ours…. uh really? did you just look at one city… where they have been pouring resources and force or cheap labor for years… and loads of money for the olympics… and base your estimation of an entire country on 1 city? their infrastructure is vastly superior? how about the 70,000 dead people because buildings and schools collapsed during an earthquake… lets see how many cars and trains the chinese actually engineered themselves and built… how many rockets and satellite technologies have they created on their own??? oh right… if bill clinton sold it to them, then it is not an issue… how about their information superhighway… or the internets as we like to call it… how much of the blocked sites and state censored content would the free press here in the united states love and embrace …. how about you bloggers and personal website maintainers… think you would be able to adhere to the rule of law when it comes to speech in china? how about you union workers that love the dems? how about working for a factory that produces 12 pairs of socks for $3 … that it exports to another country … in real sweat shops….

come on barack… we all want to like you. we all want to vote for you… but you are making it so hard to defend any of your positions…

oh wait… i cant vote… screw it. barack… you just need a good ol fashion junk punch… maybe that will bring a much needed gut check