hey dnc … thanks for … uh … traffic jams and inconveniencing workers in the downtown area … and all those protests… mmmm … i love hearing f bombs dropped around little kids

you know what… dont let the door hit ya on the ass on your way out of town.

so denver… how much of a boost in revenue did you see because of them being here?  oh wait, you had to pay for extra security, extra electricity to power up the stadium instead of the pepsi center… print out 70,000+ signs instead of 20,000 if it would have just been at the pepsi center… had to shut down an interstate highway cause it was at invesco field….

if the rnc ever comes to denver… i would tell them the same thing.

how about webcasts so you are not spending and using up fuel to drive or fly to denver from wherever you came from and being green.  did all of you buy your carbon offset credits from al gore yet? how about just watching it on tv or the internets.  all of us are gonna lie about being there in person like we all do about concerts like U2 at redrocks

ooo… i bet the people of st paul are feeling the same way about the rnc as i did about the dnc being here…