my cynical mind is afoot

new orleans… where are your balls?  why are you leaving now?

in the past week as i watched hurricane gustav move toward new orleans again… i wondered if people would heed the mandatory evacuation that mayor nagin put out… and saw streams of people leaving … nowhere in particular.. just getting the heck out.

and i recall the scene back in 2005 when there were numerous calls for evacuation and mandatory evacuations in new orleans.. and found that the coverage showed less people leaving.. and more people saying they were going to stick it out and nobody was gonna make them leave

gustav was a cat 2 or cat 3 storm before it hit new orleans … katrina was a cat 5 and packed basically double the force of gustav… but the response has been so contrary

what is up new orleans…. you scared of a little storm?  why not leaving when a huge storm like katrina was going to punch new orleans in the junk…

i am not hating on the victims or trying to make light of what happened… just noticing the difference in response to a storm half the strength … and things like kanye west saying george bush hates black people and all of the FEMA mess and a lot of the looting and crime and stuff that happened with katrina… and find that the blame game is and has been out of whack…

i have a friend that moved here after the storm and we played in a band together for a while… and i was blessed to have met him… but it would not have happened .. not for katrina

yes.. there could have been faster response, faster FEMA support, fast local response, faster state response, faster presidential response… and most important… a lot of people could and should have just gotten out of the city and the impact and tragedy of katrina could have been avoided…. if they would have just responded like they did with this gimpy storm like gustav