i watch the tv show ‘intervention’ on a&e cause i can relate to some of the spiraling that these people go through and having access or need for lots of pain meds.

they ran a reunion show this past week where one of the interventionists, jeff van vonderen, said that he had been in a struggle with alcohol in the past 6 months and was in treatment

he is the older bald guy and stated that he had been a drug user in the 70s but in the past 6 months, his drinking had taken over

it is so hard to see the good that the show does, the exploitation that kind of occurs for some of the people and their situations, and also the amazing transformations you see… and having to see that the grip the disease/addiction is something that these people never get over and is always lurking around

best wishes to jeff van vondersen and hope he is able to return to the show soon