during the first presidental debate, barack obama called john mccain by his first name almost 2 dozen times … instead of using the proper title of senator mccain, mr mccain, or the like.  it was john this, john that…  read it here

what kind of little punk does that?  this is someone that is one vote away from becoming president of the united states… is he going to call leader of the other party by their first name? how about leaders of other countries?

first, he has no respect for an elder… isnt this something that we all learned as kids?  is this because he has daddy issues?

second, john mccain continued to call barack by his title, senator obama throughout the debate

it is a little thing, but that is one of those things that i hate about some in news, politics and talk radio

they will call bill clinton, jummy carter, newt gingrich, and others that are no longer in office with their former title, but they call the current president, geirge bush, by just bush, mr bush, and not president… and barack saying.. this has been YOUR president… referencing george bush.  so the left still feels that president bush is not their president… so can the right say the same thing if barack gets into office?

i know.. i call barack and john by their first name.. but that is cause i dont like either of them.  if i had a vote, i would not have voted for any of the 4 people on the 2 tickets…   i am just an alien and you americans just take my taxes and i get no say…