so if you all dont know or have not heard… heavenfest will be back this year and it will be yet another awesome day of music… i think it drew about 12,000 people last year…. all on the land surrounding my church northern hills.

last year was the first and my bud dave powers spent loads of time and effort organizing it … (i know that he wants it to be a nameless and faceless expression of his faith and that the focus be on God, but dave is the instrument, hands and feet that took the first steps of thousands to get the first heavenfest organized) … getting bands and artists like jeremy camp, skillet, group one crew and the like… and making it a great day to soak in the sun and music.

I posted a photosynth of some of the pictures i took last year ( see some here )

I am actually so excited for this year…. they got some little groups like third day, skillet, stellar kart, kutless, matthew west… but it also give a venue for local artists and bands.

i was hoping to play with my other bud dan this year, but not sure yet… we shall see.   hope to at least be part of the media team and take pictures and stuff…

click on the heavenfest banner on the left for more info…. cool part is the pay what you can option… if you cant afford the $29 for the all day pass for 90+ bands/artists… then do what you can…especially in these hard economic times

just thought i would start my bloggin with one of the most important things …