ok.. this commercial is funny cause they actually got a native korean spaker to do it.. and the subtitles match the spoken word pretty well.. but what i am trying to understand is the concept…  i kept watching it over and over — thank you dvr

i understand they want to have ‘auditions’ for cows to come to california… but an asian cow?  a korean cow?  for a cheese commercial?

if you have not seen it… here it is

now… props for getting a cow names ‘soo’ and using the line ‘pick soo, shes got soul/seoul’

now we deconstruct this thing….

  • like i said.. MOST asians are severely lactose intolerant or to some degree.  we are more highly evolved and stop producing lactase once we are done succling.  i loves me ice cream and pizza.. but i pay for it later
  • aren’t there enough stereotypes of asians wanting to come to america… and into california in particular?  do we need fresh off the boat cows too?
  • do we need a korea bovine town now in LA?
  • they used the wrong kind of cow.  korean cows are generally brown… and not balck and white like the american dairy cow
  • korean cows.. similar to japanese kobe beef are pampered… cause there is not a lot of land for open pastures … and are given tea and other weird treatment to make the meat so much mo the better

I guess the only thing they got right is that korea would be sending beef to the US… cause korea liked to stop imports of american beef anytime there is any scare of mad cow

i bet the pork imports will stop now too… cause we have enough animal flus … we stick to the birds and you guys can keep the mad cow and swine flu