can you hear the song?

recently, i went on a 24 day no-shaving documentation tour to show you the plight of the asian man and the ability to grow some facial hair.  this was a shave @ easter time, and then not touching a razor for more than 3 weeks.  I will make an animated video of it for you all to laugh at…

anyway, the thing that i wanted to show was that looks are deceiving.  up until i was about 7, i had coppery/reddish hair and it started to get darker with age… the weird part was that hair on my chin was about 30% red/coppery so it blended in with my skin and so it looked like i had even less hair

so here is the picture of my chin after 24 days…

hair on my chinny chin chin

again… more than 3 weeks of not shaving anywhere on my face … and that is all i got.  it does come in like a decent gotee shape and everything, but it is sparse at best

so hopefully this pic is a clear indication that it is not for lack of trying, it just ‘looks’ like there is less hair because of  my red hairs… which also helped foster the freak of nature korean thing…

  • roundish eyes
  • red hair
  • 6 foot 4 inches tall
  • ability to speak decent korean and freaking people out at korean markets and restaurants