so on my recent trip to korea, i lost a pair of my shure scl3 series headphones. i was proud of them as i had gotten them for under $100 for headphones that normally go for $300.


i called san fran lost and found and the airline and they said that in the time i realize they were missing (walking thru customs) and looking up contact info and reporting the ‘loss’ they disappeared.

what would you do? would you keep something as simple as earphones if found on a plane? would you turn it it? if you worked the lost and found dept.. would you swipe them? i think most places have a rule about you becoming the new owner if the item is not claimed after X number of days … but this was within hours. would you have waited the 14-30 days to to take ownership of something you ‘found’ or just thought … who cares .. and skipped the lost and found?

i missed my earphones so much, that i had to order some new ones… and i found a last pair of shure se410 earphones (normally ~$400) on amazon for under $100.  so i think i did ok… just irritated that simple things like this are not returned.


i found a lot of ‘used’ earphones without boxes or the additional earbuds and proof of ownership … i guess i should have looked for used slc3 earphones on craigslist and other sites…

well anyway… i cant wait