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there is literally hundreds of bookmarking, tagging, favorites, networking links that some people go crazy with… stupid lemmings… just cause one person thinks tha it is important .. does not mean 150,000 of you need to look at the page too… it is the slashdot’d of today.

you can look a huge list of them here

ok… you may have heard of, digg, furl, techorati, and reddit… all out there to help you connect. remember links. see what is popular.. get search engine optimization on steroids if you play it right… i wanna play. i don’t understand the draw to things like this… but i guess people looking for friends… actually enjoy this stuff… and interacting with people.

so..i am going to start doing this for the next few weeks and see what happens…

well.. there is no plugin or module for that orther than on the some themes for the free (one reason i have thought about going and installing it one of my servers) … well.. i combined all of them together.. and it will take some manual work in html.. because the php is locked down… but i think i got it..

i have to post first.. ot have an idea about what i am going to call the page.. but i will just wait. i then take the permalink url and type in a description and output raw html that has all the stuff in it… it is a very simple bash script that i read in the url and title of the article into.. and then output all of the html .. it is ugly.. cause i don’t want newline after each link.. like it does if you put a newline


echo ”
\<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\?url\=$permalink&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/delicious.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/storeIt.jsp\?t\=$permalink\&u\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/furl.gif\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/index.php\?Action\=Blink\/addblink.php\&Description\=$the_title\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/blinklist.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/reddit.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/cosmos\/search.html\?url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/technorati1.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?phase\=2\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/digg.gif\”\>\<\/a\>
” | perl -pe ‘s/\\//g’

not too bad…. and get something like…

tag ‘dont eat rocky’

<a href=” eat rocky”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=” eat rocky”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=” eat rocky&URL=”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=” eat rocky”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=””><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=””><img src=””></a&gt;

this.. then in turn becomes…

i upgraded my wordpress… for css edits.. but that does not give me php level access to hardcode this stuff in… so this is what i have to do i guess…

another thing that you can do is use microsoft word or text editor… and do global search and replace for the url and title as well.. using whatever you want ..

so…. i published this post and got the permalink for it… and now… pasting in the new links



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