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have been having issues with my blackberry bold… it has been my favorite in my 8+ years using blackberrys, but in the past month, i have had 3 replacements.

att even sent a replacement with a cracked screen…

what a pain cause it is on BES and all the apps and restore

maybe time to upgrade to the blackberry bold2 9700 onyx .. and what is with all the numbers and different names… that has been a weird change too

i just want phone to work and my emails…

so i was honored to get a voicemail from on my work number asking me for my email address because they one they has on record was wrong… and something about them crazy ‘radical republicans’ and how they need my help.  and because we use cisco phones and have unity voicemail ability.. that voicemail comes to my blackberry as an email… double whammy of email and phone spam

really?  is and george soros willing to dump money and calls to people that cant even vote? or are they expecting me to vote anyway… even if i am not a citizen?  i appreaciate that there is such a huge get out the vote movement but really?

hmmm … nothing makes me want to support something when they spam you in email and now voicemail… awesome

i need to convert that wav file to something that the wordpress ‘upload audio’ option does not puke on… cause it is pretty funny

so.. last night… everything was too quiet.  i generally get about 500-600 emails a day.. and there is not a 10 minute period when the blackberry is not chirping or beeping.. but there was silence.

initially… i was enjoying it.  then i was getting worried… i thought it was cause i am short timing… and they shut down my acct or something.. but no.. the phone was working… signal was there… just no emails…

well.. appears that the blackberry network was down for the night….

the cool part of this… corp sent out an email.. letting us know that blackberry service was down… um …

that is like asking us to call you if the phone is down.  to run straight home if you break your legs… any of the hundreds of stupid things that generally non techie folks say and do..

how exactly were we supposed to get the emergent email that blackberry services were down… when emergency emails come to our blackberrys…

they could of.. they should have just sms or sent out a text blast… instead of making those of us that are addicted to our blackberry withdrawal shakes and random clicking of the keys and turning it on and off to see if it was working or not…


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