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who said that… who is rezas husband? what wall are they talking about..

ok.. here is the speech.. president reagans speech about the berlin wall

the reason for this… is a recent interview by spiegel with new mexican president felipe caldéron.. and his comparison of the border fence to the berlin wall..

read it here

ummm… last i checked… mexico was not a state. we are not north united states and south united states .. well.. there is north/south.. but there is a redneck connotation.. not that other one… and he was president of mexico… and has no authority here in the states

here is the snippet of the interview

spiegel: About a half-million Mexicans migrate to the United States every year in order to try their luck there. Now the Bush administration wants to build a 1,100 kilometer (684 mile) barrier along the border.

caldéron: It’s hard to believe that a wall is now being built in Arizona and Texas only 17 years after the world celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. There are social and economic reasons for migration to the United States. It is a natural consequence of globalization. What is more, the North American and the Mexican economies complement each other in an ideal way: The United States has the capital, and we have the labor force.

spiegel: Immigrants currently transfer about $24 billion per year from the United States to Mexico. This is Mexico’s second-largest source of currency, after petroleum. Can the exodus still be stopped?

caldéron: If the Americans would invest more here, the Mexican workers would stay at home. I told the American president that it makes more sense to build a single kilometer of road in a poorly developed Mexican state than to build 10 kilometers of his wall.

first… i like the word ‘migrate’ .. instead of the more appropriate… cross border illegally.. enter country illegally.. work in said country illegally using you guessed it… illegal documentation.. and sending boat loads of money back to mexico.. without money coming back into the united states… except the pescos for pizza program that is cropping up all over the place and previously wirtten about.

second… post 9/11 … what makes the mexican president think that the united states wants to play around with securing their border.. on a known weakspot where people, terrorists, drugs, etc… are all smuggled in. who is he to say anything about the united states trying to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into the workforce and population.

there is no correlation to the berlin wall and the border fence that is being talked about .. again.. look at things like the dmz in korea… the great wall of china.. really look at the berlin wall… or any fence across the usa .. like at groom lake/area51.. where it is shoot to kill.. for its own citizens… this fence if to keep non citizens out.

on any of the real fences and walls… if you try to jump, crawl, get around it.. they will shoot you… arrest you.. on the border now… there are water station because there are some that wander out to the desert and die… how about a little preparation if you are going to sneak into another country for goodness sake… take some canteens.. powerbars…. whatever.

the social and economic reasons he mentions are because the economy in mexico sucks. even illegals can make more picking fruit than living in their own country. it is not a natural consequence of globalization.. it is a consequence of weak enforcement and some weird sense of entitlement that these ‘migrators’ have about their right to trespass, break dozens of laws, and live in a country that offers them better jobs and standard of living and still have enough to send money back to the family they leave behind… than they could ever have… living in their own country.

his mentality that if the united states spent even more money with mexico… that mexican nationals would stay and not cross the borders… is retarded. think about all the travel that american engage in… to mexico.. they even had a superbowl thing for flip the dolphin to get to go to mexico… and spend much bucks on booze, souvenirs, prescription meds, hotels, resorts, booze… and lacquered frogs… playing guitars

and news flash mr mexican president.. there are already roads… into and out of mexico .. there are legal mechanisms for mexican nationals to come into the united states.. and build the life that they are not able to have back home…

that is the same arguement as if a car thief would stop stealing cars if car makers gave him money… wait.. there is a word for that is there not? extortion?

give me a break… he can start making berlin wall comparisons when mexican nationals make a break for it with soldiers shooting guns at their car like macgyver did and breaking through the fence… to cross the border… or doing the slow walk in exchange for a prisoner of war getting to go home.. walking slowly past each over of the bridge… or if.. national guardsmen would actually shoot to kill if they see someone crossing the border…

in most countries… a mass influx of nationals from another country over their borders would be seen as an act of war or invasion… not a migration….

migration is for birds and caribou

build the fence… put up gun turrets… take away the water stations… shoot on sight…. make people enter the country the proper and legal way.

so… when are we gonna be able to pay for pizzas with korean money.. or euros.. or even canadian dollars ?

i want to pay with the korean “won” for a supreme kimchi pizza with dog…

a pizza chain in aurora has announced that they are going to accept mexican pesos as payment.. there is also a chain in texas that is accepting pesos as well…what is the exchange rate anyway… 20,000 pesos for a personal sized pizza?

aside from all the free press they are getting.. they are working toward some kind of globalization that they can’t back… people come to this country to have a better life.. with that comes learning the language and following the traditions and doing at least the basics to fit into the new country you are in… not telling them to be not the country you crossed deserts and rivers to get into.  if you wanted mexico with better stuff and jobs.. then do it there.  i guarantee that you would be laughed out of any other country if you tried to setup shop that way…

what ever happened to having to go out to the airport to get foreign money exchanged..

this is discrimination.  where is the aclu when you need them… why is it just spanish that is offered as translations when you call places like a bank.  um.. if you opened an acct.. didn’t you have to fill out all that paperwork and stuff in english.. oh wait.. no you didn’t. they offer all their forms in english and spanish.  they send forms from my kids schools in english on the back side.. the front page is in spanish …

i have a fistful of won (paper and coinage) and i am jonesing for a slice ‘o pie.. so i challange you to do this…

stop going to fast food places that don’t have translated menus in your native tongue… or even your grandparents old world language.. and establishments start taking your foreign money and se hablo yo language..

you came to america for a better life… so speak at least american (yes.. there is a difference between english and american).  we all had to do it… we had to learn the language.. and once we did.. got into the ap classes and scored in the 95th percentile on sat and act exams… won spelling bees… went to college… to give our kids a better life.. better than our parents had it as new immigrants… and now we get this dumbed down… you don’t have to learn anything and you can spend money that any other country would have you go to the airport to get whatever the daily exchange rate was for your fist full of non-dollars.

i think you should only be able to spend non-dollars for the type of food you are getting…

pay with lira or euros for pizza
pay with yen for sushi
pay with yuan for takeout chinese
pay with rial for fessenjun
pay with pounds for pints + bangers and mash
pay with rupee for curry

you see…  that way.. since most of these restuarants are run by families that and money back to their own countries.. you would be saving them the exchange fees … since they can just send back the right kind of monies…

no pesos for pizza

disclaimer…. i am an immigrant. a bonifide green card carrying resident alien… i had to wait years to come into the country as a child. there was lots of paperwork. i come from a country with the most defended fence in the world. and i am wearing my flameproof suit (made in korea).

why is america so scared to build a fence… i heard a blurb on 850koa … there was apparently an armed raid on an border control outpost in arizona causing national guardsmen to retreat.. and then these thugs retreated back over the border… read here

you think that maybe… this was a test run? maybe a smuggling ring? maybe a human trafficking ring? maybe a terrorist smuggling ploy?

were they armed? did they have ammo? did rules of engagement call for retreat? — these were all questions that gunny bob put out there.

really.. we have a republican president that has drunk the koolaid about immigration and guest workers (amnesty) and now a democratic ruled congress that is gonna stick it to the republicans .. so much for being civil and working in a bipartisain manner… 100 hours of socialism at work for ya

good luck getting funding for the fence now.

come on… korea has a fence. across the whole country. we are not gonna let our own nationality into the country if they are from the other side… and the americans are afraid to protect their borders? all 396 miles of this fence is guarded by military on both sides… and the heaviest guarded border on the planet. the dmz is over 2 miles wide.. and fences on both sides. again… why is this so hard? koreans can do it.. why can’t americans

look at mexico.. do they like the guatamalans and hondurans coming over the borders filling jobs that are left undone because mexican nationals are jumping… actually nothing there to jump.. and walking over or getting packed 14-17 into a minivan and then getting driven over and into accidents here in colorado…

it sucks that the illegal aliens (not undocumentated workers or whatever friendly names you wanna put on it) are breaking the laws of the country that they are gaining from… using resources that our taxes are paying for… whatever benefit lower cost workers give us… the drain on social programs… public schools, medical care, etc… all add up to more than the cost savings from having these illegal aliens in the country

as an immigrant… and having to wait 3 years seperated from my father who was in the country and working on visas and paperwork to get us in legally… and seeing my parents finally get their citizenship after 26 years in the state… it frustrates me to no end that the new policies that are gonna get rolled out are bad… bad.. bad…

people that confuse the ire of people that dislike illegal aliens and legal immigration are either misinformed… or just trying to ram their agenda down everyones throat… there are policies and procedures in place if you would like to come into the country… heck even visit for a while… but to work here… you have to forge documents… use and rely on identity theft… and lie on every document that you sign ..

what happened to the days of deportation… when they would raid sweatshops and farms and have illegals scambling around screaming ‘immigration’ in their native tongue… what ever happened to enforcing the laws that are on the books.. what happened to fining companies that hire illegals. this is not just a fence issue.. but building it shows that we are serious about the issue

there was a tom brokaw special on the epidemic of illegal aliens.. and covered a construction company up in aspen colorado … they showed and followed the story about a couple of folks in the country illegally (um… you are now on tv idiots) and then the story went into anchor babies.. and how that was a weird backdoor for anyone born in the country being a citizen… even to illegal aliens. and a young guy.. earning $14/hr+ doing landscaping.. yeah.. $14/hr… that is $30k annually… not bad for an illegal. this fella also said that he was just here for a few years… and would return to mexico once he had enough to start his own company there… but after the company had to let a few illegals go… they were not able to fill the positions. there are $30k salary jobs in america that are not being filled??? and at last count.. how many people were on unemployment… on welfare? give me a break…

the story ended with this guy that said he would return to mexico.. getting married here. to yet another illegal alien… that has been here for 20 years…. and fading out with… he did not know if he would retuern now since he was married and was gonna start a family… hmmm… wait… last time i knew… you needed a social security card and drivers license to get a marriage license.. even blood work. so.. i wonder whos ssn these 2 have… i wonder how they have bank accts, apply for housing, have mortgages… sad thing is… i bet you that they have voted. (ummm.. yeah.. wanted to say that you are still on tv.. and not you have shown you, your new wife, and the mariachi band… at your wedding… on tv… dummies)

that is yet another thing that needs to be reigned in.. why is it so hard to show 2 forms of id to do something as important as the act of voting… a privilege that is given to every citizen in the country and something you have to register to do each election… but stripped away from felons… you have to present id to buy a beer or those tasty mojitos… but i guess since currently.. breaking into the country by hoping over the border is only a misdemeanor… that is why they are letting illegals vote.

in my 26 years in the country….. that is a privilege that i have never been able to partake in… like communion or something… let that tray go by cause i am not ready… or my life is not in order… also.. cause i am scared of the words that have you check and verify that you are a citizen of the united states of america… i know by law.. i can vote for city elections.. but nothing on the state or national stage.. as a resident alien. sadly.. i think resident aliens are the most versed on how the system works.. cause we have to take a test to become citizens.. we have to read and know the constitution, bill of rights, names of politicians, how the electoral college works… how the seats in congress are divided… the true nature of checks and balances…. with that said.. the only reason i am not a citizen yet… is because i don’t have to worry about jury duty… not really.. but that is a side benefit. i married a beautiful citizen and had anchor babies…

build the fence. protect the borders. no amnesty. call/write the whitehouse and your congressmen and tell them to stand up on this issue…


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