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in this baseball playoff season.. and while waiting for the lights to come back on at coors field.. we grabbed some sun flower seeds…

everyone in my family eats em different…

– my wife eats one at a time.. putting one in.. cracking and discarding of the shell…
– i do a chipmunk/squirrel style thing… i put one in my mouth.. crack, eat seed and the shell goes into my cheek. i love all the extra salty goodness — takes some practice and skill to not choke on sharp shells and talk/drink with the pouch ‘o shell.. and then eventually spitting out a tangerine size shell cluster
– my son basically eats the whole thing… shell and all.. kind of making a shell slurry which he spits out
– my daughter does one of those prim/proper things… where she shells each one… lays out the seeds and eats them one by one… this is the girl that peels grapes..

i know that there is the reverse squirrel method as well… where you just jam a bunch in yo mouf and spit out the shells on the floor or the dirt … i understand this for actual players… as i used to do the same..

which brings the bad memories of big league chewing gum avec sun flower seed shells all in one… yuck

how do you eat your sun flower seeds

ok… now that barry bonds has hit the 756*** mark to become the all-time leader in home runs… how much will them balls go for?

because of all the steroids and performance enhancing substances scandals… it looks like the lucky catchers of barrys balls (755*** to tie hank aaron and 756*** to break record) … are not going to make the millions that those that caught mcgwire balls made (i think the highest was over $3 million) they will be lucky to get $250,000 – $500,000…
and how much for every other ball going forward…

well.. i don’t want to get into all of the arguments about using *** cause of all the scandals and such… but come on…. each new generation has had better training, physical ability, and equipment…. than the previous… the parks have also been altered as well to be more pitcher friendly…

be it steroids, human growth hormones, flax seed oil….barry still had to go out there and hit the ball… being stronger may help make the ball go further.. but he still has to have the ability and reflex to hit the ball.

being on those ‘enhancers’ also makes you more injury prone… hmm all of those days on the DL… so he had less days to hit all those dingers… and speaking of dingers… all you haters will love that all the steroid use has made his head the size of a watermelon… and the family jewels are shrinking with every homer

(pun alert)*

saw a promo for the next season of ‘dancing with the stars’ and they had heather mills on there…

what part of being _married_ to paul mccartney and trying to grab half* makes her a star

what makes a star is the question then….

pro athletes? check
actors? check
singers? checks
gold digger with one leg? not so much.. unless anna nicole smith was the trend setter for arm candy that wants 1/2 billion dollars… famous maybe.. infamous definately.. nasty divorce… but star?  not so much

i have nothing against one legged or those with prosthetics as a friend is a tremendous adopter of 3 korean babies and able to keep up better than this gimp along ever will…

i just can’t wait for her to try doing something like the splits…. wait.. is that cheating? she only has to do 50%. or the tango or something… instead of a rose.. does her partner clench a leg? the sock hop? hip-hop? stomp? deranged hokie-pokie.. you put your left leg in… *

will she make it to the final leg of the show?***

ever play .. how far away from the house does the garage door opener work from?

my wife loves to see from how far away we can open the garage door from… and to oblige this obsession… i swerve to the other side of the street to get a better angle…

well.. today… we hit a record.

garage door started to open from over 1.5 blocks away..

or should i say …. junk ‘on’ the trunk …

ok.. that is not what it sounds like… it was just a sight that made me laugh… i just like a clean car.. especially after a storm… there is nothing like a shiny car in the sea of dirt and splash back caked cars..

nice shiny black mercedes convertible coming up on the right of me… after i had gotten a car wash… well it was very clear that this car went through one of those automatic gas station car washes… as it has a nice dirt streak … like dirty underwear… right in the middle of the trunk… junky trunk?

how is it that the car wash thingies do not go all the way around a small car like that?

the thing is.. there was a report that the magnesium chloride that they use as a de-icer on the roads will eat away at your car.. like salt out east… so… why exactly are we using mag chloride? is it cheaper .. no. the corn syrupy gunk is just nasty… and so they announced on the radio that you should wash it off as soon as possible.. car wash lobbiests are doing their job well..

well.. after some disappointing $8 gas station car washes… where the mag chloride leaves a nice film on the windshield… i have swore off the automatic car washes… i took it to one of those hand drying … vacuum for you places…. and it was like $3 more than that stupid gas station place.. and you get a complete dry… they treat your tires… they wipe down all of the windows… they vacuum… well worth it.

i just don’t want the dirt streak that looks like a crack… on my trunk…

so…. barack ‘barry’ obama is not black… did you get that? he is not black… to debra dickerson… essayist for salon… read here

she was on with stephen colbert (i think he is a great satirist) discussing this as she made reference to something to the effect that barack was like colberts token black friend… watch here

the whole premise was that because barack was born of a kenyan daddy and a whitey momma.. that he did not have the black experience. because he was not descendant of west african slaves… he had no perspective or ancestry of being black… what???? i understand the the need to have a black identity… but what happened to the melting pot? what happened to a world without color… by saying that there is a black identity…. black americans create a culture that self perpetuates itself… what does that identity entail exactly… that barack did not or does not embody to a certain degree… that all of us embody? i understand how our cultures and traditions mold us.. but to the general public.. it does not matter….

debra dickerson set back the cause for equality by setting up a special class of blackness… by excluding someone because of the not just the tone of his skin.. but by the lack of slave ancestry… are all ‘blacks’ or ethnics going to have to prove their ancestery… is there some sort of scholarship program like for native americans.. if you can prove you are 1/16th indian?

koreans have a more recent slave culture but.. that is not how we define ourselves… or exclude koreans born in the states… we just make fun of them because they speak korean poorly… and they have no sense of the struggles and strict values that are lost in the states

when was the last time debra dickerson had to deal with slavery? when was the last time slavery was found in the states? did juneteenth not make it to all the corners of the states and there are pockets of cotton picking slaves that have not heard about the emancipation proclamation?

she kept going and colbert destroyed her.. made her look the fool… i bet she is a very bright women.. but in this case… she got nailed killt destroyed 0wn3d no… pwn3d.

she referred to barack as an african african american. not a normal african american…again.. cause his dad was kenyan.

i mean… if we are going to talk about stereotypical black family.. barack fits it right??? his daddy left when he was a little boy.. and he had to go live with grandma.. come on…. that is retarded
i thought the left was about tolerance and acceptance… and not seeing race….

seems like she was engaging in some sort or weird reverse discrimination of barack.. because his dad came from the wrong side of the african continent…. that he was half white…

i guess he is not as black as tiger woods.. who has an asian mother and i guess a full west african slave descendant dad… but i wonder if they would strip him of his blackness if they found that earl woods came from east or southern africa….

i wish i had the transcript of the whole interview… but watching it is much better… cause words can’t set the tone of the interview… the line that colbert has about martin luther kings dream was genius… as was his comment about obama being jesse jacksons slave… wrong.. but so right.

either case… to the american public … barack is black. and he has a muslim sounding name. they are not going to distinguish him by his heritage… they see the enhanced levels of melanin

it is kind of like how asians take to me… i am too talll to be a normal korean… i have rounder eyes than a normal korean… so.. i was an outsider… not korean enough… in america… i don’t look american… i look asian… so that is how i am classified…

i just did not know that the light skinned black, mulatto, non slave heritaged blackness would be a boundary that barack would have to overcome…

debra dickerson…. quit being a bigot!


for our rainbow coalition friends… a banner of colors ..

i am the typical asian tourist… with a camera for everything… also.. i don’t like being photgraphed.. so… as the defacto photographer… i avoid that .. i am always behind the lens

i used to have my dads old canon a10 film camera.. but film was expensive … so did not get to indulge myself… i could test settings without having to remember what settings i had.. it is all encoded now in the digital pix… and i can generally get the shot i want… although some shots of a sunrise messed up the focus for a little while…

with the digital cameras… i found a medium where i could shoot like crazy… i was averaging 600-1000 frames during recent vacations.  and disk space is all i have to worry about… and used to post all my stuff to a php gallery that i setup on one of my servers…

i finally took the plunge and started to post things to flikr.. here

so… take a gander… i only have a fujifilm s5100 … cause that was the only slr type camera i could afford at the time.

i am still experimenting with it as some of the settings are goofy.. and i hate the delay from snap to capture… that i never had with a film camera..

i am trying to get the go to get a nikon d70 or something.. i just want a camera with better macro functionality and better lens support…

i also pegged some of the pictures on the sidebar … so.. let me know what you think….

more to come

if i see one more special report.. adjustment in normal programming to anna nicole smith… hey.. here is a news flash… she is still dead. she used and abused meds and alcohol.. and was too selfish to take care of her 5 month old daughter

what a train wreck … too much rubber necking… and all of us are not helping .. dang it

she is not the candle in the wind that marilyn monroe was …she was not princess di … even though she seems to be getting as much or more attention than lady di

maybe it is the $450 million dollars that she may be getting… the case she won in the supreme court… she was a forerunner for probate law… at least for gold diggers… great.

now to find her missing 5 month old daughter.. who would be the sole heir for the $450 million when that is all straightened out… and if they figure out which of the 4 potential fathers is the ral one…

wouldn’t it be awesome if that old dead husband is the real father… using in vitro … that would be a fine denoument to this whole mess… a real heir to the billionaire.. case closed.

can we just get back to talking about iraq …. wait… you think george bush killed anna nicole smith … to take attention away from the war… weird….. give me my tin foil cap.

what a retarded super bowl….

the game was dull after the 18th turnover… come on.. put some gloves on… and hold onto the ball…. oooo rain.. we have never plaed in that before… what the heck

the commercials were awful save the snickers commercial and the rock paper scissors ones and carlos mencia teaching engrish…. all the other ones were just bad… some odd ones were the beard comeover…

halftime was boring… prince? err.. hermaphrodite symbol… errr.. the artist formally known as…. would have preferred any of the bands that he covered… tina turner, foo fighters… anyone else… wasn’t purple rain back in like 1985 or something .. i would have preferred the superbowl shuffle.. by the old school bears.

the best was tony dungy bringing the christian spin to every question that the interviewer was asking.. bringing the black ‘christian’ coaches… the lord brings us through the storms… and so on… loved that he felt more significant that he was a chirsitan coach to win.. over that he was a black coach… people must have been losing their minds…

Jim Nantz: This is one of those moments, Tony, where there is also social significance in this victory, and to have your hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Tell me what this means to you right now.

Tony Dungy: I’ll tell you what. I’m proud to be representing African-American coaches, to be the first African-American to win this. It means an awful lot to our country. But again, more than anything, I’ve said it before, Lovie Smith and I, not only the first two African-Americans, but Christian coaches showing that you can win doing it the Lord’s way. And we’re more proud of that.

i think i actually fell asleep for a few minutes during the game… it was medication induced.. but still.. i had to force myself out of the stupor that i was in

we are doing taxes… got our w-2s, 1099s, pile ‘o receipts

i hate it when i hear someone say… ‘i don’t want my taxes paying for x or y’ .. i look at them… and wonder how much of a refund they got.

with all the deductions and credits… they probably have not paid anything other than sales tax on their cigarettes, gas, and shopping

they probably used free e-filing offered to those that make less then x amount.. and then were in a bracket with all of their kids with earned income credits and such to have them get a nice plasma tv on uncle sams dime…

wait… on the dime of the rest of the people that actually have to pay taxes…

people talk about democracy.. and how we all have rights… but when it comes to taxes.. those that actually do not pay anything complain the most.. and fight the hardest so that the top few percent pay the overwhelming balance of taxes.

the tax burden is so skewed that there have been a lot of proposals for fair or flat taxes…

why should the wealthiest 1% pay more than 30% of all taxes in the united states? the redistribution of wealth falls more in line with socialism or marxism than the ‘democracy’ that they dems claim to be for. how is thata even close to fair

Even the most ardent class warriors have no choice but to concede that the U.S. income tax code is steeply progressive — that is, that it soaks the rich. You know the numbers: The richest 1% of all Americans pay 33.7% of all federal income taxes, even after the Bush tax cuts, while the bottom 50% of earners pay a mere 3.6% share.

from wsj

if you want a democracy… then read some de tocqueville … then pay your fair share..

i think this works… equal speak for equal percentage of pay…

someone making $25,000 / yr would say.. pay $2,500 … someone making $100,000 pays a slightly higher percentage.. like $15,000… and so on. a lot fairer than the 20-40% taxes people face now.

making someone that earns more pay more taxes puts them into a situation that makes them decide that they are better off in the lower tax bracket… limit themselves…. after one of my raises.. i was all of a sudden in a new tax bracket.. and that raise was actually a penalty… because they started to take more taxes out..

on the other hand.. higher taxation also robs people that have ‘made’ it… suffer…. like all those hard working game show and lottery winners… that fork over 38% of their earnings before they even see a penny…

i have benefited from things like the earned income credit… and it was double the fun when we had our daughter… but then you have to realize that that money came from someplace… and although some taxes need to be collected to keep the government running… anything beyond that.. to redeploy (that is my new favorite word) that money to someone else that maybe didn’t work as hard… did not invent something people wanted to buy… didn’t assert themselves… just sucks.

again.. part of being good government is taking care of those in need… and some social programs are worth while… but a lot of times.. the money is lost in administrative and buearocratic quagmires (another favorite word) …

any time you say.. take more from person 1 because they make more money… and give it to person 2… you start falling out of what a democracy is supposed to be about. not everyone is equal. some people deserve more money. some people deserve the $25,000 they make flipping burgers… let economic evolution work its magic.

ok.. so i went back to that social bookmarking thing and added a few more… this is the list now .. a compilation of all of the ones that i have seen more than a couple of times… and somtimes in other combinations .. but this is my list so… deal with it… no need to over complicate something i am gonna have to do once


echo ”
\<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\?url\=$permalink&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/delicious.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/storeIt.jsp\?t\=$the_title\&u\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/furl.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/index.php\?Action\=Blink\/addblink.php\&Description\=$the_title\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/blinklist.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/reddit.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/cosmos\/search.html\?url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/technorati1.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?phase\=2\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/digg.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/mysearch\/QuickWebSave\?v\=1.2\&t\=webpages\&title\=$the_title&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/ask.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/myaccount\/add_mybutterly.php\?referer\=nonpopup\&title\=$the_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/butterfly.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/bookmarks\/mark\?op\=add\&bkmk\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/googleize.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/post.php\?title\=$the_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/blogmemes.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/webtool\/crap.php\?title\=$the_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/bmaccess.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/addItem.php\?url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/ning.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/post.html\?new_url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/urlex.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/\_\/tag\?url\=$permalink\&doctitle\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/wink.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/add_bookmark.php\?bookmark\_title\=$the\_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/buddy.png\”\>\<\/a\>

” | perl -pe ‘s/\\//g’

once i run it… it looks like

tag ‘extra tag bookmarks’

<a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/delicious.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/furl.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&URL=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/blinklist.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/reddit.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/technorati1.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/digg.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/ask.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/butterfly.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/googleize.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/blogmemes.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/bmaccess.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/ning.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/urlex.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/wink.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/buddy.png”></a>

then once everything is all set… i just paste the output into the code section

so.. that is that…

there are a lot of people that have nothing better to do.. can’t remember sites that they have been to… have no ideas on their own and need a place to post their opinions… lots of lonely people that are hurting for and craving attention

where is the church network. where is the church bookmarking. where is the church tagging… or are they just tagging and releasing?

the boom in myspace, tribes, digg, and even youtube show the hunger for attention that people have… to reach a global audience.. but by doing stupid stuff.. or mimicking mentos and diet coke tricks…

there is literally hundreds of bookmarking, tagging, favorites, networking links that some people go crazy with… stupid lemmings… just cause one person thinks tha it is important .. does not mean 150,000 of you need to look at the page too… it is the slashdot’d of today.

you can look a huge list of them here

ok… you may have heard of, digg, furl, techorati, and reddit… all out there to help you connect. remember links. see what is popular.. get search engine optimization on steroids if you play it right… i wanna play. i don’t understand the draw to things like this… but i guess people looking for friends… actually enjoy this stuff… and interacting with people.

so..i am going to start doing this for the next few weeks and see what happens…

well.. there is no plugin or module for that orther than on the some themes for the free (one reason i have thought about going and installing it one of my servers) … well.. i combined all of them together.. and it will take some manual work in html.. because the php is locked down… but i think i got it..

i have to post first.. ot have an idea about what i am going to call the page.. but i will just wait. i then take the permalink url and type in a description and output raw html that has all the stuff in it… it is a very simple bash script that i read in the url and title of the article into.. and then output all of the html .. it is ugly.. cause i don’t want newline after each link.. like it does if you put a newline


echo ”
\<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\?url\=$permalink&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/delicious.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/storeIt.jsp\?t\=$permalink\&u\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/furl.gif\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/index.php\?Action\=Blink\/addblink.php\&Description\=$the_title\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/blinklist.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/reddit.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/cosmos\/search.html\?url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/technorati1.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?phase\=2\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/digg.gif\”\>\<\/a\>
” | perl -pe ‘s/\\//g’

not too bad…. and get something like…

tag ‘dont eat rocky’

<a href=” eat rocky”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=” eat rocky”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=” eat rocky&URL=”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=” eat rocky”><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=””><img src=””></a&gt; <a href=””><img src=””></a&gt;

this.. then in turn becomes…

i upgraded my wordpress… for css edits.. but that does not give me php level access to hardcode this stuff in… so this is what i have to do i guess…

another thing that you can do is use microsoft word or text editor… and do global search and replace for the url and title as well.. using whatever you want ..

so…. i published this post and got the permalink for it… and now… pasting in the new links


part 2 of the english to korean to engrish to koreum to konglish — this is horrible.. and to think that people use this as a method to translate things for business .. scary… or should i .. wait.. i don’t know what to say.. fix it google/bablefish/rosetta stone/whatever translator you are using .. you can’t just tag everthing beta or charge hundreds of dollars .. cause your non-beta translation suck just as bad ..

you can actually buy your own translation sweat shop slave .. cause all the koreans learn english.. and translation should be fine.. or just keep using the free online stuff that is pretty good for what it is.. but still

using a simple .. very well known nursery rhyme…

twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are

당신이 인 무슨을 나가 생각해 보는 방법, 반짝임, 반짝임, 적은 별. 하늘에 있는 다이아몬드 같이 세계의 위 높은 쪽으로 이렇게 높이. 당신이 인 무슨을 나가 생각해 보는 방법, 반짝임, 반짝임, 적은 별.

this person of you it goes out and the method which it tries to think, it glitters, it glitters, the enemy the star. the diamond which is to sky with the together up of the world it is like this high piece height. this person of you it goes out and the method which it tries to think, it glitters, it glitters, the enemy the star


당신 의 이 사람은 그것 나가고 생각하는 것을 시도하는 방법, 그것 빛난다, 적 별 빛난다. 세계의 함께 위로를 가진 하늘에 그것인 다이아몬드는 이 높은 조각 고도 같이 이다. 당신의 이 사람은 그것 나가고 생각하는 것을 시도하는 방법, 그것 빛난다, 적 별 빛난다

You this person goes out and it the method the fact that it thinks, it it shines, the enemy star it shines. The formation of a cabinet altitude where the diamond which is it in the sky which has together the comfort of the world is high together is. You this person goes out and it the method the fact that it thinks, it it shines, the enemy star it shines

as i was working last night… my wife watched a couple of recorded episodes of greys anatomy…

the words just popped out.. and i was shocked.

one of the neonatologist ladies was talking about aborting her lovers child.. and actually used..

‘i aborted mark’s baby

they said it multiple times during the show… ‘i aborted your baby’ ‘i aborted marks baby’ ‘she aborted my child’

they did not use the word fetus. they did not talk about a blastoma, they did not talk about a blob of cells… they used the word baby… and from the mouth of multiple tv doctors… hey.. they may not be doctors.. but they play one on tv… and a baby doctor too..

isn’t it ironic that a neonatologist.. who would and does know all about babies.. talked about and had an abortion… full well knowing that it was a baby.. a child. not just a thing.

isn’t it ironic that a show that has people having sex all the time.. showed the hurt that an abortion can have on a relationship.. even if they were sleeping around…

but the message at the end was… this guy was not going to be a good father.. so the abortion was ok to some degree.. justified.. cause the guy would have made a bad father… how does he know?

in a confused and muddled show.. they showed this truth to be self evident… that abortion hurts relationships.. people think about the day the baby would have been born. that people that have abortions use the words… ‘i aborted my baby’

if you have read any of my posts.. you will see that i engage in poking and prodding and being over the top… all with a purpose though… make you think. make you angry.. make you react.. make you laugh…

actually.. i do like to offend.  i am very imposing per my wife..  cause i exude aggression and intimidation and my frown and scowl not only stop my kids in their tracks but grownups too…  (poor waitress at pf changs… could barely make eye contact… after making us wait 15 minutes before taking our order).  i just wear my emotions on my sleeve and i am going to let you know if i am not happy about something. yeah.. sometimes it is over stupid stuff.. or road raging.. actually… i call it aggressive driving.. to prevent people that have maybe slighted me on the road.. or not following proper road etiquette… i will block speeders in.. and hold them from passing..

it is like one of those w.w.j.d moments… what whould jesus do? what would jesus blog? what would jesus rant about?

are you conforming to whatever is pushed at you from both left and right sides?  do you conform to your safe church going habit?  do you just pray your 3 sec prayer before you eat?  do you get offended because it really offends you.. or because society tells you that you should be offended?

i poke fun of my race, my people, our culture, our speech… cause i think that more over the top you go.. it brings the median line up a bit… on what is commonplace and acceptable.

i am in it to offend.. and if i have not offended you.. then i am not doing a good enough job… then you think like i do.. just afraid to say it…

i generally try to follow up with people that leave comments that are contrary to whatever i have posted… a lot of times.. i have the same viewpoint.. but want them to be able to justify their position….   i have had extended exchanges with some… but a lot of times.. they reach a point where they can no longer fight back… again.. even if i agree with them.. i want them to do the research and have an informed viewpoint.. and i will toss them the opposing side.. as that helps me form my options as well..

be offended.  but know why you are…


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