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there has beena lot of talk about how the stage looks like a greek temple or even nuremburg columns … but who cares…

the thing i find funny is that mccain ran the paris hilton/britney spears star commercial, and comes to find out that the stage designer is the set/prop designer for britney spears… awesome.

i guess they were going for the lincoln memorial look since it is the anniversary of the ‘i have a dream’ speech by dr martin luther king jr.

i watched the speech, and that was no ‘i have a dream’ … but it is the culmination of the speech, where a man of color has a 50/50 chance of becoming the president of the united states.  i just am judging the man by the content of his character and find him wanting.  just a lot of experience that he does not have.  and some of the things that he talked about giving everybody is gonna cost loads and loads of money that does nto exist

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ooops they did it again…. errr

first britney spears announces that she is preggers again … and then her 16 year old sister .. you know.. the one with the nickelodeon tv show zoey 101 (i have kids) … is preggers too… by her 18 year old boy friend …

second … statutory rape anyone? i think in most states.. an 18 year old boinking a 16 yr old constitutes rape… and at a misdemeanor at a minimum… and in california where they shoot her show.. it rises to a felony i believe…

jamie lynn spears seemed to be the one that had her head on straight… and would learn from her sisters problems… but i guess even lil sis is not immune to the whorification of britney…

i guess we could talk about taking the girl out of the trailer park.. but you cant take the trailr park out of the girl … and such bu.. kind of sad

i wonder if they will tie this into a show about safe sex or something

i only redeeming thing about this is that they are keeping the baby… it would have been so easy for them to sneak away to planned parenthood or private clinic and have an abortion.


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