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sorry for using that word… but john edwards makes me mad

first off.. i hate his politics and 2 americas BS when he is living in a 28,000 sq foot house and spending $400 for a hair cut

second.. he just admitted to having an affair that he has been denying for the past few months… where there is a baby in the mix as well…. where the paternity is in question

third…there is talk about hush money in the hundreds of thousands for youtube videos that went to the woman that he had the affair with

forth… this is during the time where his wife is recovering from cancer… yeah CANCER you douche … and stood by his side on campaign trail even in her weakened state…

lastly… did i mention he had a flippin affair on his cancer suffering wife whilst building a 28,000 sq foot house while talking about how the rich screw the little guys…

the consequences will be for elizabeth to dole out (sorry had to do it … you know elizabeth dole .. another presidental candidate wife and vp selection)

as for me… he is a douche

i was reminded of a couple of videos that i had seen of randy pausch that i watched last year when he was featured on primetime this past week…

if you are not familiar with the name, he is a carnegie mellon university professor that is living out the rest of his life in a very dignified and graceful way as he copes with metastatic pancreatic cancer — which has since moved into

this is his ‘last lecture’ which deals with childhood dreams

the way in which he is approaching his end both professionally and for his family is impressive and puts me to shame for the lack of effort i put into being there for my family

you can also view his other info at Randy Pauschs site and Legacy of Randy Pausch


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