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o.. as the american idol came up on the dvr the contestants were all standing in a row and there were choir folk around them on each side.. and then the music started… and out came the words jesus, lord, worship … they weer singing ‘shout to the lord’ by hillsong

the wife, kids and i were all kind of slack jaw’d and trying to figure out why they were doing a worship song for the only group song that they did during an elimination show…  it just seemed odd and not sure what prompted the whole thing…

artistically, they did a great job with the song though..

maybe it was a way to bring a sense of needing God during their pleas for charity…

maybe the reason we all have that need to give and share in the suffering of others is because we have a loving God that sacrificed for us… there is no evolutionary need for compassion.  there is no darwinian natural selection process that cares about the weak and diseased … that hurt and sorrow that goes to the pit of your stomach and breaks your heart when you see a baby dying of malaria or orphaned by parents dead of aids … that comes from God… and we need to shout to the Lord sometimes with out praise.. but also with out plea for help

idol gives back .. kind of ironic .. that the thing that we sometimes idolize in place of God points us back to Him.  the idols in our lives give back control to Him.

the source may be odd.. but the cause is good.  the cause of the kids with no parents was probably irresponsibilty and promescuity of the parents.. but that should not keep us from caring for the damaged lives left behind.  we see the ‘stars’ that have shoes that cost more than most of the people make in a year in africa… but we see them being hit in the gut with what real need is… and maybe… just maybe… using their celebrity for good.  putting some of their materialism aside and being selfless in the work that needs to be done to help

give what you can …

we are doing taxes… got our w-2s, 1099s, pile ‘o receipts

i hate it when i hear someone say… ‘i don’t want my taxes paying for x or y’ .. i look at them… and wonder how much of a refund they got.

with all the deductions and credits… they probably have not paid anything other than sales tax on their cigarettes, gas, and shopping

they probably used free e-filing offered to those that make less then x amount.. and then were in a bracket with all of their kids with earned income credits and such to have them get a nice plasma tv on uncle sams dime…

wait… on the dime of the rest of the people that actually have to pay taxes…

people talk about democracy.. and how we all have rights… but when it comes to taxes.. those that actually do not pay anything complain the most.. and fight the hardest so that the top few percent pay the overwhelming balance of taxes.

the tax burden is so skewed that there have been a lot of proposals for fair or flat taxes…

why should the wealthiest 1% pay more than 30% of all taxes in the united states? the redistribution of wealth falls more in line with socialism or marxism than the ‘democracy’ that they dems claim to be for. how is thata even close to fair

Even the most ardent class warriors have no choice but to concede that the U.S. income tax code is steeply progressive — that is, that it soaks the rich. You know the numbers: The richest 1% of all Americans pay 33.7% of all federal income taxes, even after the Bush tax cuts, while the bottom 50% of earners pay a mere 3.6% share.

from wsj

if you want a democracy… then read some de tocqueville … then pay your fair share..

i think this works… equal speak for equal percentage of pay…

someone making $25,000 / yr would say.. pay $2,500 … someone making $100,000 pays a slightly higher percentage.. like $15,000… and so on. a lot fairer than the 20-40% taxes people face now.

making someone that earns more pay more taxes puts them into a situation that makes them decide that they are better off in the lower tax bracket… limit themselves…. after one of my raises.. i was all of a sudden in a new tax bracket.. and that raise was actually a penalty… because they started to take more taxes out..

on the other hand.. higher taxation also robs people that have ‘made’ it… suffer…. like all those hard working game show and lottery winners… that fork over 38% of their earnings before they even see a penny…

i have benefited from things like the earned income credit… and it was double the fun when we had our daughter… but then you have to realize that that money came from someplace… and although some taxes need to be collected to keep the government running… anything beyond that.. to redeploy (that is my new favorite word) that money to someone else that maybe didn’t work as hard… did not invent something people wanted to buy… didn’t assert themselves… just sucks.

again.. part of being good government is taking care of those in need… and some social programs are worth while… but a lot of times.. the money is lost in administrative and buearocratic quagmires (another favorite word) …

any time you say.. take more from person 1 because they make more money… and give it to person 2… you start falling out of what a democracy is supposed to be about. not everyone is equal. some people deserve more money. some people deserve the $25,000 they make flipping burgers… let economic evolution work its magic.

yikes.. lots of tv postings recently…

i notice things… weird things. i see things through my slanty adhd eyes and sometimes… it is just me.

we were watching extreme home makeover … and the family that the total product placement infomercial wrapped into an evening show glossed over a couple of things…

the family that they helped.. they seemed deserving of the blessing that was bestowed on them by the abc show… as they walked through the house .. the family spoke of faith.. and even had a prayer couch.. where they sat and prayed for families other than themselves… that were in greater need. this family was the first to say.. hey.. instead of scrapping everything.. please save appliances and furniture and give it to people that need it… fantastic.. a family that understood the charity… understood giving… understood being in community.

they were sent to disney world.. um.. owned by abc. and then the fun started…

along with a brand new house.. the crew went over to the ‘community center’ that the family volunteered at.. except.. the ‘community center’ was a church.. and in that church was a school…

they got done with the remodel.. and as they panned in…. under a rainbow were the words ‘hope is jesus‘ .. you could barely make it out.. as they were in wide angle.. and only for a blip

then.. this is when i got torqued..

a pizza joint which wll remain unnamed… except to say that they do have a big presence in denver.. and name has john in it… you figure it out… well maybe because this pizza joint asked.. or because abc hates jesus.. as they scanned over the kids snarfing down pizza.. there was an extended shot on that rainbow.. but .. what the heck. all the words are gone… it looked like the worst blotting out or putting construction paper up on the wall to cover everything up… not even the hope is.. was showing

then i knew it was a concerted effort when the family came home.. and as they panned again to the volunteers and people in the auditorium.. they had to take a bunch of goofy angles.. and they passed over the rainbow again… but had the camera just low enough to make sure that the word jesus did not show.. it was just hope is

i am the guy in the movies that will see the costume errors and discontinuity or litte things out of place… and discuss after the movie.

i am just sick of the blatant disregard for the rights of believers … yeah yeah…. it is their prerogative to show whatever they want… build a house that is so over the top that the rest of the neighborhood is a blight. the house is the center of crime when someone busts in and steals all of the plasmas and flatscreens in the house…

what about estimated property taxes and costs to maintain and do things like run electricity to that elevator they put in.. and the maintenance on that. they are taking people in need… and probably putting them into a spiral of debt down the road…

by providing what seems to be everything the family needs… they are taking hope away… without a need or problem.. there is no need for hope.

hope is not abc
hope is not ty with his shirt off
hope is not showing how much man can do
hope is jesus …

here is a project that is being headed by my friend dave….

if you have never heard dave sing and play… oh mah gaaaawwddd…. in his words.. melt your face off… it has been an honor playing up there with him whenever i get a chance… he is one of the main rasons why i started going to nhcc… the first day.. he came down and talked to us between services for 5-10 minutes…

you can also read their blogs on dpowers and tpowers links on the side there in theBlogs section


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Tara and I want to invite you to join us for a worship fundraiser for Home of Refuge, January 19th (Friday night) from 7pm-8:30pm at Northern Hills in the White Water Venue. One of the 5 things that Worship and the Word Movement is focusing on is raising $ for this orphanage ministry. They have one orphanage in Venezuela and one in Honduras. If you want to check this ministry out, which we recommend, click here. Partnering with us to do this Fundraiser, is a ministry called Get the Word Out, which is an over-night conference about how to study the Bible that evicerates complacency in Christians of all ages and deepens relationship with the Father. At least, that’s what it did to us!

If you would like to help us promote this fundraiser, leave a comment below and we’ll send you jpeg of the picture above. It would be really cool to see this picture on websites and blogs! Thanks

Dave and Tara


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