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i was going to write and diagram mens room etiquette stuff but then the larry craig debacle happened.. and i was waiting for things to air out before posting about it… and the other is.. there are rules and then there are the ‘rules’ and you don’t talk about some of this… but here goes

the thing is.. you learn early on that there are rules and unsaid rules about going to the restroom as a man…

unlike women who go to the ladies room to talk about how cute the guy at the bar is… and chat it up… going to the mens room has 3 purposes… get the number 1 or number 2 going on… and let loose the gas … you know.. the f word.. and vomitting

growing up.. you learn quickly by observing the behaviour of other people and following suit… no questions… just do what everyone else is doing

so men… this is a refresher on the ‘rulesand for you ladies.. this should give you some perspective on why the larry craig thing is so creepy and way beyond the norn

no eye contact — never look at somebody.. give the obligatory nod and move on. you are not there to make friends

dont look down — look straight ahead or straight forward.. looking down gives off weird vibes about you checking the other guys package out

spacing — do not stand right next to another person if there is a way to leave at least 1 urinal in between… the more spaces the better. it is better to use a stall with a door if urinal spacing is an issue or there is a long wait or potential for shoulders touching (ick) .. also limits cross urinal splash back…

no talking — nuff said

no squeezing in between others — this means that if there are 5 urinals, and #1 and number #3 are being used.. then you do not go to #2 … way weird vibes. #4 is still marginal .. go to #5

pee downward — peeing straight into the urinal will cause splash back that looks like you pissed your pants
so.. you can start to see why the craig thing is so whack… more like george michael story than mishap…

for those with kids.. shield the eyes as much as possible and keep them from looking around too much… especially if you are at a broncos game .. and they have the trough style piss wall… make sure that you prepare your chil’ren first and make sure they are ready for something like a pg-13 movie…. nothing as pleasant as exposing your kids to 40 guys pissing together intos something like a kitchen sink

that is as much as i can write for now.. cause i am gonna go throw up now (purpose #3 …)

so.. there was this grandfather trying to do an ‘excorcism’ on his 3 yr old grandson… yeah.. um… those demon possessed 3 yr olds are such a problemwell… the cops get there.. and they end up tazoring the hell out of him.. hehehe was taken to the hospital for treatment or something… but ended up dying.i guess gramps got his wish… the 3 yr old got rid of the demon and evil in his life… kudos tazer men 

ok… first.. mcDo has a site called which targets .. um.. asians… and now bk is going for that too…

they launched the site in cross promotion with the .. it only took like 20 years for the the movie to come out.. the simpsons movie.

well… they have a avatar/picture generator that takes your picture… and makes you look like a simpsons character…

but i refuse… i am offended… cause it says to ‘be yellow’

come on!!! what about all of us asians that are already yellow… how do you get a sense of escapism and get a caricature done… when the outcome is gonna look just like how we look anyway…. ppfffftt@!

how about an option to.. be black.. or be white for a change… give us a chance to look like you whitey…

maybe give us a free whopper for already being yellow… jerks

get yellow

yipee… that large boned girl that started the hunger strike because of sanjaya on american idol can start eating again… even though her doctor had told her to start eating again last week…

although i watch american idol as i work on my computer and ‘spend quality time’ with my kids and wife… the shrill voice of the sanjaya and the abortion of a singing performance that he belts out each week was making me throw up in my mouth a lot…

although it is cause i am semi fasting… and wanna lose some weight… the hunger strike caused because faux-hawked sanjaya whats his face is still on american idol…

the best was the adam samberg parody on snl.. of the ‘girl.. you really got me..’ debacle and off key rendition performed by aforementioned sanjaya.. with that stupid little girl fake crying as she looked for the cue from the camera guys

looks like another week of hunger pangs

ok… i don’t know what was going on with this even.. but at work today… i found a large network spike toward the end of the day.. that had been full of catching ‘not safe for work’ browsing histories… and people watching march madness games

well.. i replicated the traffic and started to get screen captures from that machine..  i saw a search query for ‘pussy in boots’ .. and almost threw up in my mouth as the screen loaded…

it was pages and pages of pictures of kittens.. that had been posed.. and with tag lines with explicit terms and phrases … kitty porn.

i know this person will never get fired.. but i sent the screenshots to the rest of my group in the hopes that it would make it to this persons boss… asking that they get fired cause they were too stupid to google for the right ‘puss in boots’ or ‘kiddy pr0n’

we all got a good laugh.. and then realized that there are sick people that actually do stuff to kittens…

i drove home today to find that i was tailing a police car into my neighborhood… i was going slow just to keep my space from him.. but on my round about.. the cop slowed and was parking across the street… i thought it was weird.. and got the car into the garage…  i got out of the car to see the cop car making a u-turn and parking right in front of my driveway…  i am freaked out at this point.. as the officer is walking up my driveway toward me

he asks if i know about the burglary call from my house… now i am really freaked out as my son was home but he was not answering when i called his name…

i did a quick run thru in the house and the tv was on.. but nobody was there… and my son was not answering…

i went back out to the officer and verified that the call had come from our house… and he did… so i am really worried now.

the officer says that the call came from the house and there was something stolen and the person that had called knew who took it… like electronics or something… so i am thinking that a neighbor kid had taken a gameboy or something…

as i round the side of the house.. my son is coming with his skateboard and a pepsi (he must have been coming from his uncles house… who lives a few blocks away) … so i am relieved and then the questions start….

who, what, why….

well.. my son had gone upstairs and seen papers on the floor in my room and thought that it looked like someone had ransacked the room…

he called the cops and got out of the house and went over to my brothers…

so.. he basically did almost everything right..

the issue was that he had been watching the tlc show called ‘it takes a thief’ recently… and was watching the show alone and got spooked…. he thought the papers on the floor looks way out of place in my room.. but did not realize that i had been working the night before and had not picked up like normal

as the officer was a dad of one of my sons friend… he was understanding about the false alarm… but that was not how i wanted to come home today…

i don’t think that he will be watching that show anymore… i am gonna block it on tivo or something

the new daylight savings time change is killing me…. dst 2007 sucks

i have 60+ servers that need to be patched on both the operating system level as well as multiple patches for application levels … all so that we can save some energy or some bogus reason

it would be simple if they were all the same kinds of machines… but i have solaris 8/9, windows 2003/xp, redhat 7/9, centos 3, centos 4, fedora 6, freebsd and also java jdk for all the developers… and some of the old old old machines don’t have support or patches… so having to roll my own.  i think there are patches for ipods and blackberry as well… anything with internal time keeping mechanism

the stupid thing is.. you have to reboot the machines for this change… but that makes me sad… i have machines that i have not had to reboot for over 1.5 years… almost 600 days of uptime… and i have to reboot for a stupid daylight savings thing…i actually have one server that has not been rebooted for over 3 years..

9:49pm up 1241 day(s), 5:29, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.01

congress needs to ask the sysadmins before they pass things like this… cause.. reboots can be very stressful… never know if the server will come back up properly..

this daylight savings time thing has cost me 5 days of planning and coordinating reboots during off peak hours… endless meetings about trying to write code that will capture the proper 2nd sunday of march and first sunday of november.. and having to argue that we need to set a code to march 6th or march 7th so that if march 1st was a sunday.. then the next sunday would be march 8th… or just setting absolute dates and then having to remember to change them next year..

time to reboot some more boxes… fingers crossed

this is more cause of my stint in pharmacy … actually… it bugs me in everyday life.. pronunciation of words/names/drugs

we used to make fun of all of the refill requests that were left at university hospital… people not even coming close to the real name of the medication…

there were recently a couple of crime/legal shows i watch(boston legal, law and order:svu and csi:ny) that tackled the use of propranolol — for preventing short term memory from being imprinted… and using it for post traumatic stress disorder… it is actually a beta blocker and generally used for cardiac issues… but i have been on it before for migraines … either way… they both said it different…. and csi: ny had it wrong

it was the classic case of putting the eeem-faa-cess on the wrong see-la-bul

propranolol – should sound like [proh-pran-uh-lawl, -lol] instead… they kept saying [pro-pran-ol-lull] putting emphases on pro- instead of -pran-

made me mad toward the end of the show….

another is a radio plug for tinitis.. and the guy saying [tin-it-tuss] instead of [tin-ite-tis] … it is still ringing in my head

finally.. my wifes name is mimi… classic french name… sounds like [mee-mee] …. but we actually were at mimi’s cafe… and the waitress calls out… [may-may] like some southern drawl type thing all slow… but it wasn’t… it was cause we were asian… and the girl was trying to figure out how the name would sound if you were in the far east or something… we just looked at her sad self … and i guess we just have to blame public education… cause she believes she pronounced it right… she gets a gold star in her outcome based portfolio

what the heck …..

listening to the radio and they went to the live feed of the judge (larry seidlin) that was deciding the fate of the body of anna nicole smith…. and where he was going to be buried…and he was crying… really!!! what a disgrace … idiot .. he needs to be censured…

he kept saying… ‘i want her buried… i want her buried with her son’ .. in his thick new jersey accent… and the slobbery tearful drivel.. wiping away some boogers… you got your sound bite… your 15 minutes… and maybe a tv show… get on with it

the end of the world is near..

we are at war.. .and people are talking about where a stripper is gonna be buried.. great.

or should i say …. junk ‘on’ the trunk …

ok.. that is not what it sounds like… it was just a sight that made me laugh… i just like a clean car.. especially after a storm… there is nothing like a shiny car in the sea of dirt and splash back caked cars..

nice shiny black mercedes convertible coming up on the right of me… after i had gotten a car wash… well it was very clear that this car went through one of those automatic gas station car washes… as it has a nice dirt streak … like dirty underwear… right in the middle of the trunk… junky trunk?

how is it that the car wash thingies do not go all the way around a small car like that?

the thing is.. there was a report that the magnesium chloride that they use as a de-icer on the roads will eat away at your car.. like salt out east… so… why exactly are we using mag chloride? is it cheaper .. no. the corn syrupy gunk is just nasty… and so they announced on the radio that you should wash it off as soon as possible.. car wash lobbiests are doing their job well..

well.. after some disappointing $8 gas station car washes… where the mag chloride leaves a nice film on the windshield… i have swore off the automatic car washes… i took it to one of those hand drying … vacuum for you places…. and it was like $3 more than that stupid gas station place.. and you get a complete dry… they treat your tires… they wipe down all of the windows… they vacuum… well worth it.

i just don’t want the dirt streak that looks like a crack… on my trunk…

florida congressman ric keller is a dumb freak … in going for a sound bite… he is feeling the crunch of all of the smarties and people that have half a brain that are offended by his body bag comment… and his stupid lawnmower analogy was one of the worst ever

here is the whole rambling bamblin retarded look at me commit political suicide speech… watch it here

mr. speaker, the iraq war is the central issue of our time. spending $2 billion a week, and losing 100 american lives a month. under these conditions, i feel i owe my constituents my best judgment.

interjecting more young american troops into the cross hairs of an iraqi civil war is simply not the right approach. if the president sends these troops anyway, i will support their funding 100% so they have the bullets and equipment they need to defend themselves.

i approach this decision with a great deal of angst and humility. i.m not trying to micromanage this war. i.m just a member of congress, not a 4 star general. but i have listened to what our most well-respected 4 star generals have to say about this matter. and generals abizaid, mccaffrey, and colin powell have all said that sending more troops into baghdad is not the answer.

now, some people will say, if not in favor of surging more american troops into baghdad, what are you for?

i.m for a different kind of surge.

i.m for a surge of iraqi troops to take out al-sadr and his militia, especially since the iraqi security forces outnumber the al-sadr militia by a ratio of 5 to 1. that.s 325,000 versus 60,000.

i.m for a surge in political progress by the iraqi government to finally reach a deal on the sharing of oil revenue.

i.m for a surge of action in implementing the iraq study group recommendations, which were arrived at in a bipartisan, unanimous fashion.

i.m for a surge in gratitude among the iraqi people, 61% of whom think it.s ok to kill american troops. and 79% of iraqis have a .mostly negative. view of the united states.

some argue that we should support president bush.s decision. i like and respect president bush. i want him to succeed. three years ago, i could have voted in favor of this surge. but the situation on the ground is very different than it was three years ago.

three years ago, iraq was not in a civil war. now it is.

three years ago, iraq did not have 325,000 of its own security forces to defend itself. now it does.

three years ago, we did not know whether a surge of additional american troops into baghdad would have a long-lasting impact. now we know the answer. we tried the same thing last summer. the benefits were temporary. the body bags were permanent. told that we should trust the maliki government. been down that road before.

i personally visited baghdad last summer and met with the maliki government officials. i was told that by december of 2006, they would have all the security forces they need, and we would be in a position to start bringing home our troops. now they say give us just another year.

the maliki government told our country that their troops would be right there beside us when we surged 15,000 american troops into baghdad last summer. well, the iraqi troops didn.t show up. the benefits of the surge were only temporary.

i voted in favor of authorizing the use of force back in 2002 because i did not want saddam hussein to give weapons of mass destruction to al-qaeda. now saddam hussein is dead, and there are no weapons of mass destruction in iraq.

we have remained in iraq for 4 years because we want a unified and secure iraq so it won.t become a haven for terrorists. unfortunately, it seems that the americans want a unified and secure iraq more than the iraqis do.

let me give you an analogy. imagine that you have a next door neighbor who refuses to mow his lawn, and the weeds are up to his waist. you mow his lawn for him every single week. the neighbor never says thank you, he hates you, and sometimes he takes out a gun and shoots at you.

under these circumstances, would you keep mowing his lawn forever? would you send even more of your family members over to mow his lawn? or, would you say to him, you better start mowing your own lawn or there.s going to be serious consequences for you?

mr. speaker, sending more young american troops into the middle of iraqi civil war violence is not the answer. i will support the troops. funding 100%. but we are not going to solve an iraqi political problem with an american military solution. and that.s my best judgment.

may god bless our troops, and our country.

a sawbuck.. is a 10 spot.. $10… for those not in the know

i went to a taco joint yesterday.. one that offered k-fed a job… and went through the drive-thru…

the total was $6.32…

i gave them $11.07 cause that was all i could find at the time…. so i could get $5.75 back .. i like doing this to make them work on the math a bit… give them some random change to get larger bills back or even numbers.. or even larger coins.. like quarters for nickles… or dimes for pennies.. depending on the amount
well.. the guy asks if i have a quarter… so i scrounge up couple of nickles, a dime and pennies and gave it to them….

i got the food.. and then they handed me the change… $15.50. so they gave me an extra $10…

i didn’t realize what they had given me until i left… and was back at work… and i did not want to drive back…

today… i went back and went inside.. and tried to give it back.. and initially she thought i was asking for change … and said i would have to wait to until i ordered to have the register open… i went through again… and explained what happened… that i did not want the guy to get in trouble… that i had gotten too much change back the day before… and i think she finally got it…

as i placed my order and was waiting for my food.. i saw her palm the $10 bill and walk over to the side… not sure if she pocketed the thing or not… but at least it was not me.

i hate when things like this happen… you are leaving a grocery store and they forget to scan the right things or you get home from the mall and realize that they did not charge you for something … and you don’t want to drive back the 20 miles to return it… or whatever…

do you call them and give them a credit card number? do you drive back?

why is this important… the co-worker that i went with was like… you are giving back free money? it is counter-intuitive to give something back… if it was their mistake… but i explained that to the worker.. it is like 1.5 hours wage or something… that the money did not add up yesterday…. maybe got written up… maybe fired…

what are some of your stories of free stuff that you got.. and did you keep it..

i also wonder if this is the walking the walk that is the stumbling block for many.. and confuses non-christians… living the life makes it hard to get free stuff .. hehe

so…. barack ‘barry’ obama is not black… did you get that? he is not black… to debra dickerson… essayist for salon… read here

she was on with stephen colbert (i think he is a great satirist) discussing this as she made reference to something to the effect that barack was like colberts token black friend… watch here

the whole premise was that because barack was born of a kenyan daddy and a whitey momma.. that he did not have the black experience. because he was not descendant of west african slaves… he had no perspective or ancestry of being black… what???? i understand the the need to have a black identity… but what happened to the melting pot? what happened to a world without color… by saying that there is a black identity…. black americans create a culture that self perpetuates itself… what does that identity entail exactly… that barack did not or does not embody to a certain degree… that all of us embody? i understand how our cultures and traditions mold us.. but to the general public.. it does not matter….

debra dickerson set back the cause for equality by setting up a special class of blackness… by excluding someone because of the not just the tone of his skin.. but by the lack of slave ancestry… are all ‘blacks’ or ethnics going to have to prove their ancestery… is there some sort of scholarship program like for native americans.. if you can prove you are 1/16th indian?

koreans have a more recent slave culture but.. that is not how we define ourselves… or exclude koreans born in the states… we just make fun of them because they speak korean poorly… and they have no sense of the struggles and strict values that are lost in the states

when was the last time debra dickerson had to deal with slavery? when was the last time slavery was found in the states? did juneteenth not make it to all the corners of the states and there are pockets of cotton picking slaves that have not heard about the emancipation proclamation?

she kept going and colbert destroyed her.. made her look the fool… i bet she is a very bright women.. but in this case… she got nailed killt destroyed 0wn3d no… pwn3d.

she referred to barack as an african african american. not a normal african american…again.. cause his dad was kenyan.

i mean… if we are going to talk about stereotypical black family.. barack fits it right??? his daddy left when he was a little boy.. and he had to go live with grandma.. come on…. that is retarded
i thought the left was about tolerance and acceptance… and not seeing race….

seems like she was engaging in some sort or weird reverse discrimination of barack.. because his dad came from the wrong side of the african continent…. that he was half white…

i guess he is not as black as tiger woods.. who has an asian mother and i guess a full west african slave descendant dad… but i wonder if they would strip him of his blackness if they found that earl woods came from east or southern africa….

i wish i had the transcript of the whole interview… but watching it is much better… cause words can’t set the tone of the interview… the line that colbert has about martin luther kings dream was genius… as was his comment about obama being jesse jacksons slave… wrong.. but so right.

either case… to the american public … barack is black. and he has a muslim sounding name. they are not going to distinguish him by his heritage… they see the enhanced levels of melanin

it is kind of like how asians take to me… i am too talll to be a normal korean… i have rounder eyes than a normal korean… so.. i was an outsider… not korean enough… in america… i don’t look american… i look asian… so that is how i am classified…

i just did not know that the light skinned black, mulatto, non slave heritaged blackness would be a boundary that barack would have to overcome…

debra dickerson…. quit being a bigot!


for our rainbow coalition friends… a banner of colors ..

so… hmm.. ted haggard has come out (uh…) to say that he is completely straight now.. after the few weeks of intensive therapy for getting straight.

message to ted.. don’t

i am not sure if it is choice, birth, environment, combination… but ted loves dudes.. and he should just own up to it.. at least then.. he does nto hurt his family any further

the last boston legal show covered this with ssad (same sex attraction disorder) — sysad .. and a gay judge that spent $40k to get straight but still had relations with men

so what happens the next time ted goes out looking for a male hooker and meth?  everyone gonna jump on the pray for ted bandwagon again?   everyone gonna say… nah.. it was a lapse in judgement.. and he is not gay?

there is also news that he received a settlement package from new life and has to leave colorado .. again.  weird.  why?  if he is cured… then why make him leave the state?  it is not like the story is not going to come back to colorado springs.

it is ssad… um.  sad.


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