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ok.. this commercial is funny cause they actually got a native korean spaker to do it.. and the subtitles match the spoken word pretty well.. but what i am trying to understand is the concept…  i kept watching it over and over — thank you dvr

i understand they want to have ‘auditions’ for cows to come to california… but an asian cow?  a korean cow?  for a cheese commercial?

if you have not seen it… here it is

now… props for getting a cow names ‘soo’ and using the line ‘pick soo, shes got soul/seoul’

now we deconstruct this thing….

  • like i said.. MOST asians are severely lactose intolerant or to some degree.  we are more highly evolved and stop producing lactase once we are done succling.  i loves me ice cream and pizza.. but i pay for it later
  • aren’t there enough stereotypes of asians wanting to come to america… and into california in particular?  do we need fresh off the boat cows too?
  • do we need a korea bovine town now in LA?
  • they used the wrong kind of cow.  korean cows are generally brown… and not balck and white like the american dairy cow
  • korean cows.. similar to japanese kobe beef are pampered… cause there is not a lot of land for open pastures … and are given tea and other weird treatment to make the meat so much mo the better

I guess the only thing they got right is that korea would be sending beef to the US… cause korea liked to stop imports of american beef anytime there is any scare of mad cow

i bet the pork imports will stop now too… cause we have enough animal flus … we stick to the birds and you guys can keep the mad cow and swine flu

during the promos for ‘biggest loser’ … it shows a lady breaking down and saying the following.. you tell me what is wrong with it

“i am scared that my kids are going to be at my funeral… and i am not going to be there with them”

um… yeah…

thanks fat lady

oj simpson is in custody in las vegas… and initially.. i was like.. he must have finally found the real killer (himself) after not ceasing to do so cause the idiot wrote a book saying as much… but wait… double jeapordy has attached so he will never see prison for the murder of his wife and ron goldman… so why is he in the clink?

after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and burglary and a multitude of other charges… he must have been like… blast you jonny cochran… why did you die!!!!

so apparently… or allegedly… he and his posse broke into some memorabilia sellers room and cleaned house…

oj… just cause you signed it does not mean it is yours. just cause the picture is of you.. and your signature is on there… it is not yours….

good luck this time around… no jonny there to come up with some random… if the acquittal suit don’t fit… you must acquit one liner

not sure if you all saw the trainwrech of an answer that miss teen south carolina gave regarding a stat that said that 1/5th of americans can’t find the united states on a map..check it…such as The Iraq

i hate you crackers… you and your misleading names for foods that trick koreans into thinking eating dogs and cats is okay…

this stems from a comment that a vendor made whilst waiting for a bunch of tech guys to get their acts together… and get going for lunch.. and he said it was like herding cats… and being the tactful guy i am.. i said.. mmm… that makes me hungry.  kind of took the guy off guard.. and then it devolved into the cats in the kettle song and chinese food next to the pound…

when i first came to the states… i thought we were going to the land of milk and honey for asians… Not milk cause we are all lactose intolerant… But one of the first phrases i heard was.. it is raining cats and dogs… whaaa??? sweet!!! It was like manna from heaven.. but it just rained a lot… hey metaphor people.. how bout using something that doesn’t make me hungry. well.. in the early fresh off the boat years, i was taken to a dodgers game (cause.. the boat that we came up in on docked in soCal) and they gave me a ‘hot dog’ with ‘catsup’ … yes a different spelling but you do see both ketchup and catsup depending on brand. but back to the story… so .. in a single meal.. i thought they were giving me both a dog and minsed up cat in broth or something…what is the obsession with naming things after dogs…a corn dog … yum.. i love corn.

being korean.. i obviously must love dog… and on a stick.. get out!!! yeah.. wait… another hot dog trick.. blast you cafeteria lady!!!

a foot long chili dog… holy moly… i loves me my chili.. and wait.. just another hot dog covered with chili… is it dog meat chili?

hush puppies…. mmmm.. yes… hush little puppy.. while we catch you and eat you… what the heck… corn bread with onions and yummy southern spices.. blast you state of mississippi where i spent a long hot summer looking for authentic ‘hush puppies’…

you see where i am going with this….what are some food names that confuse you

in seeing some christian bands making it in crossover play on secular radio stations is great and non ‘christian bands’ like daughtry getting air time with songs like “home”… but there is minimal success going the other way… as the songs and lyrics have to be semi christian code like one of the first in recent contemporary christian artists other than michael w smith and amy grant.. when jars of clay brought us “flood” in the mid 90s …

christian artists bring over secular love songs or songs of loss and hurt and it makes ‘sense’ to a certain degree… but you can’t do that with most christian songs… cause…  christian songs and more specifically… worship and praise songs sound very gay…

these are the songs where very straight guys are asking jesus to hold them close, and come into my heart, and change me from the inside out, long for his embrace…  that they love him and want to see him face to face… and kiss him and whatever else..

yeah… insert your ted haggert joke here..

i don’t know.. maybe the veritgo of the last few days.. but something i wonder if anyone else has noticed

we were at elitches last week and as we were walking by the funny mirrors… you know.. the convex and concave curved mirrors that make you tall.. short.. fat… skinny… and generally warped…

well.. there was this girl that was in front of them… and near tears… and touching her ring ‘o fat around her belly and pinching her side to see how much flab was there…

she was there for a good 2 minutes as we had taken a seat a bit further down and taken a seat in the shade (99 degrees that day)

was this girl just not right in the head? forrest gump-esque … not realizing that it was not a real mirror…  has the objectification and media onslaught about what beauty is… caused this girl to be worried about her weight and appearance even to the point of breaking down in front of the funny mirrors…

hmmm .. no lesson here.. just thought it was sad and funny

generally… i am the first to say to install any patches and updates released for your os.  i love being bleeding edge… for personal stuff (i generally wait a few cycles for work things.. cause there are ALWAYS little gliches).  but in this case… i would recommend the oppositethose of you that run macs… hold off on installing update 10.4.10.  it sucks.  it will make your machine blow up.. i think 10.4.3 did something similar with compatibility with iScroll.. but at least you could booti had installed it on my ibook about a week back… and it would not startup after that… it was in some weird kernel panic loop… and safe boot did not work eitheri left it attempting to boot for over 24 hrs.. with the apple screen and the spinning gear  stagei did not have time last week to do anything with it so i just ended up using my other machines for everything…i eventually broke down and did a re-install of tiger… and then re-ran most of the updatesi am hearing and reading there are goofy wifi issues as well.. with the new 10.4.10 update… so…. if you have not upgraded yet… DONT.. wait for the next release if you can..i guess they spent too many cycles trying to get support for the iphone added and safari for windows and not enough on actually releasing an update that required a reinstall…   at least the apps and settings generally were preserved. *** after doing a re-install down to 10.4 from the install dvd … the upgrade to 10.4.10 went fine 

ok… just saw a tylenol commercial where a lady says that she _adds_ love to every bottle of tylenol….

is it just me.. or did they not learn anything from the caplet poisonings from the 80s… (that is one of the first things that i remember … after moving to the united states)

hey lady… don’t _add_ anything to my tylenol.  i just want acetomenophen and that is it…  yeah… that would be great

what kind of tainting or warning needs to go on bottles full of love and APAP (pharmacy shorthand for tylenol)?

does the warm and fuzzies counter-act the antipyretic function of APAP? is it a plot to have people needing to continually take more and more to reduce the flush of loviness…

i am not going to take anymore APAP as long as they add love… maybe when they add rage.

yipee… that large boned girl that started the hunger strike because of sanjaya on american idol can start eating again… even though her doctor had told her to start eating again last week…

although i watch american idol as i work on my computer and ‘spend quality time’ with my kids and wife… the shrill voice of the sanjaya and the abortion of a singing performance that he belts out each week was making me throw up in my mouth a lot…

so.. last night… everything was too quiet.  i generally get about 500-600 emails a day.. and there is not a 10 minute period when the blackberry is not chirping or beeping.. but there was silence.

initially… i was enjoying it.  then i was getting worried… i thought it was cause i am short timing… and they shut down my acct or something.. but no.. the phone was working… signal was there… just no emails…

well.. appears that the blackberry network was down for the night….

the cool part of this… corp sent out an email.. letting us know that blackberry service was down… um …

that is like asking us to call you if the phone is down.  to run straight home if you break your legs… any of the hundreds of stupid things that generally non techie folks say and do..

how exactly were we supposed to get the emergent email that blackberry services were down… when emergency emails come to our blackberrys…

they could of.. they should have just sms or sent out a text blast… instead of making those of us that are addicted to our blackberry withdrawal shakes and random clicking of the keys and turning it on and off to see if it was working or not…

you know you have seen them…. small ones…. big ones… red ones, black ones, and even blue ones… you don’t want to admit it.. but you have even seen the skin color ones… with what look like real skin folds…

i am struggling to get the taste of vomit out of my mouth…. talking about those testicles… the scrotal sacks that dangle from the bottom of pickup trucks and other random vehicles…


does it hurt if they drive over speed bumps too fast or bottom out?

this new trend is probably the weirdest in recent days…. overcompensating with a huge hemi truck and monster wheels and a set of balls hanging down… from the rear axle… great.

the confusing thing for me was.. it was a lady driving the truck… maybe driving down to trinidad colorado…

although it is cause i am semi fasting… and wanna lose some weight… the hunger strike caused because faux-hawked sanjaya whats his face is still on american idol…

the best was the adam samberg parody on snl.. of the ‘girl.. you really got me..’ debacle and off key rendition performed by aforementioned sanjaya.. with that stupid little girl fake crying as she looked for the cue from the camera guys

looks like another week of hunger pangs

looks like the menu foods pet food scare comes down to rat poison…

i asked the question about all the old poor people that had to eat dog food because they were not able to pay for their medication… but it looks like because it was rat poison.. they may have actually benefited…

rat poisons are generally those that thin the blood and make the rats bleed out from the inside out… think coumadin (warfarin — which was the an acronym for wisconsin agricultural and farming institute .. that created the ‘poison’)

so… inadvertently… the pet food people were helping the old people… not having to pay for their coumadin… and being able to eat their delicious meat gravy and wheat gluten filled dog and cat food..

note that all of this was over 15 dogs and cats dying….  seriously… how about all of the people that have died during the past week.. and how we all could have prevented that…  where is the news coverage for that.

ok… i don’t know what was going on with this even.. but at work today… i found a large network spike toward the end of the day.. that had been full of catching ‘not safe for work’ browsing histories… and people watching march madness games

well.. i replicated the traffic and started to get screen captures from that machine..  i saw a search query for ‘pussy in boots’ .. and almost threw up in my mouth as the screen loaded…

it was pages and pages of pictures of kittens.. that had been posed.. and with tag lines with explicit terms and phrases … kitty porn.

i know this person will never get fired.. but i sent the screenshots to the rest of my group in the hopes that it would make it to this persons boss… asking that they get fired cause they were too stupid to google for the right ‘puss in boots’ or ‘kiddy pr0n’

we all got a good laugh.. and then realized that there are sick people that actually do stuff to kittens…


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