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looks like the menu foods pet food scare comes down to rat poison…

i asked the question about all the old poor people that had to eat dog food because they were not able to pay for their medication… but it looks like because it was rat poison.. they may have actually benefited…

rat poisons are generally those that thin the blood and make the rats bleed out from the inside out… think coumadin (warfarin — which was the an acronym for wisconsin agricultural and farming institute .. that created the ‘poison’)

so… inadvertently… the pet food people were helping the old people… not having to pay for their coumadin… and being able to eat their delicious meat gravy and wheat gluten filled dog and cat food..

note that all of this was over 15 dogs and cats dying….  seriously… how about all of the people that have died during the past week.. and how we all could have prevented that…  where is the news coverage for that.

our newly elected democratic state congress has started imposing their will on the people

there is a bill in colorado that is seeking to require all 6th grade girls to be immunized for hpv before they will be allowed to register .. as 4 strains of hpv seem to lead to cervical cancer….

the issue here is that.. unlike something that can be passed like chicken pox or measles.. hpv is an std.

trying to prevent cervical cancer is great… but again.. this is a preventable disease… if it goes down the hpv route.

we need to play that little thing called the logic game..

most if not all hpv leads to cervical cancer, but not all cervical cancer is caused by hpv.

how about displasia and genetics…

if they want to start giving 11 year old girls shots to keep them from getting an std… hmm … by all means give them the choice to be a ho. wait.. skank.

with all the sex ed that has been going on.. and all the free condoms and all of that… you would think that stds would be on the decline.. but hmm… they are not.

maybe the information that they are passing out is faulty.. maybe… instead of saying abstinence information is going to cause more kids to have more unprotected sex.. they should see that their junk science has led to more people having stds, unplanned pregnancies, abortions… and wasting loads of money… when abstinence requires nothing… it is free.

don’t want to get an std? don’t have physical contact.
don’t wanna get pregnant? yeah… don’t have physical contact.

common sense … but they try to make it more complicated…

the duke lacrosse players that were unjustly named, charged, smeared, kicked out, jobs lost look to be getting a little reprieve…

all of the evidence.. wait.. there are 4.. no 8 different stories on what happened? seems to be enough to exculpate these young men… but just the process of having their name put out there that way… and having a negligent and power hungry overreaching prosecutor in mike nifong who appeared more interested in getting re-elected than carrying out justice .. who should be disbarred at minimum.. and at best.. behind bars and paying restitution to the families of these  young men and announcing at every turn that he was wrong and that he ruined lives.

not trying to blame a potential victim.. but this woman has made reporting rape that much harder now for any young lady on campus… what was a he said/she said issue is now going to carry a nifong cloud… not just in durham, nc .. but everywhere.  especially when the incidents of rape are already a meager 1 in 4 reported.. this retard brings more shame on the victim… both nifong and the accuser.. if she fabricated all of this… need to be in prision…  good luck not getting raped in there mike.

lets see how this plays out.. but at this point.. they need to fully drop all charges pending on these guys and let them live their lives… there is not enough evidence to hold them hostage and psychologically, financially, and emotionally rape these guys and their families any further

part 2 of the english to korean to engrish to koreum to konglish — this is horrible.. and to think that people use this as a method to translate things for business .. scary… or should i .. wait.. i don’t know what to say.. fix it google/bablefish/rosetta stone/whatever translator you are using .. you can’t just tag everthing beta or charge hundreds of dollars .. cause your non-beta translation suck just as bad ..

you can actually buy your own translation sweat shop slave .. cause all the koreans learn english.. and translation should be fine.. or just keep using the free online stuff that is pretty good for what it is.. but still

using a simple .. very well known nursery rhyme…

twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are

당신이 인 무슨을 나가 생각해 보는 방법, 반짝임, 반짝임, 적은 별. 하늘에 있는 다이아몬드 같이 세계의 위 높은 쪽으로 이렇게 높이. 당신이 인 무슨을 나가 생각해 보는 방법, 반짝임, 반짝임, 적은 별.

this person of you it goes out and the method which it tries to think, it glitters, it glitters, the enemy the star. the diamond which is to sky with the together up of the world it is like this high piece height. this person of you it goes out and the method which it tries to think, it glitters, it glitters, the enemy the star


당신 의 이 사람은 그것 나가고 생각하는 것을 시도하는 방법, 그것 빛난다, 적 별 빛난다. 세계의 함께 위로를 가진 하늘에 그것인 다이아몬드는 이 높은 조각 고도 같이 이다. 당신의 이 사람은 그것 나가고 생각하는 것을 시도하는 방법, 그것 빛난다, 적 별 빛난다

You this person goes out and it the method the fact that it thinks, it it shines, the enemy star it shines. The formation of a cabinet altitude where the diamond which is it in the sky which has together the comfort of the world is high together is. You this person goes out and it the method the fact that it thinks, it it shines, the enemy star it shines

no.. that is not my engrish …. as there are some that are royally opposed to this administration.. and specifically to president bush

as i am watching/listening to the state of the union … with the clap fest that begins with all of those in both parties waiting in the aisle that the president is going to walk through.. even if they hate him.. they want some face time on national tv…

there are a lot of us that are loyal to the united states.. but growing opposed to how the administration has executed the fight over in iraq.

the words. the lack of getting insight and ideas from outside… all are frustrating.

this was probably the best line in the whole speech… again a few years too late.

This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we’re in. Every one of us wishes this war were over and won. Yet it would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk. Ladies and gentlemen: On this day, at this hour, it is still within our power to shape the outcome of this battle. Let us find our resolve, and turn events toward victory. ( read the whole thing here )

although the speech as decent.. delivery was spotty at times which is paar for course for president bush…. kind of that.. dog with tail between the legs attitude. he was sheepish.. looked tired. but he should be heartened that the speech was good… and most of what was said was fair

policy wise… hate the immigration amnesty plan.. the insurance tax savings seems interesting… i loved the call out of the earmarks and fiscal irresponsibility that the congress has shown over the past few years…

i love the shout out to all the north koreans on the peninsula (love his struggle with the pronunciation) but i want nukes… so we can blow kim jong il away..

a lot of the speech should have been passed along before the elections…

i hate that people consider reintroducing 21,500 troops back into baghdad is some major undertaking… if they needed to.. they could mobilize the entire armed forces and have over 500,000 troops in play if they wanted. the troop level is the same as it was a few months ago… but this time.. there are new rules… we have gotten better at the door to door.. house to house search and destroy missions that this battle has turned into…

i just really hate the clap fest. and the akward introductions of people like mutumbo ? that was just weird. and the ny subway hero guy…

it is nice that the democrats held to some semblance of decorum and applauded the president.. but they panned to the presidential hopefuls a bit too much.. joe biden looked like he was sleeping. hillary with her smirk.. during the insurance policy statement… priceless. hillarycare is gonna be so sweet.

i will have to read the democratic response…

lets see if the presidents gets a it more time to let the plan work… or show signs of improving the situation in iraq

it looks like david beckham is coming to america. cause his friend tom cruise said so. beckham has some grand idea that by coming to america.. he is going to make soccer the true football…. uh yeah.

good luck we have freddie adu already… and soccer is not popular beyond the soccer moms and the 4th grade…. they had that guy from melrose place playing pro soccer for a while (you know… elizabeth shues brother).. and soccer still is not popular… wait.. wasn’t freddie in 4th grade when they signed him?

unlike the rest of the world that has nothing _but_ soccer… we have 5 pro teams + in denver alone. and so many other club level, college level, masters level, rec center pickup level sports that people are into.. i bet you… soccer is not in the top 5 if you asked anyone over the age of say 10

  • football
  • hockey
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • spelling bee (if it is on espn.. it is a sport)
  • swimming
  • chess
  • ultimate frisbee
  • wrestling
  • ufc
  • x-games stuff (roller anything)

and also… if you were going to bring soccer to america… why pair up with tom cruise… should have hooked up with bradgelina … adopted a baby.. and teach it soccer.. then… send them to acting school and make a ‘bend it like daddy’ movie or something…

i think the mls is gonna have to sell all of the current teams to have enough money to sign beckham… wonder what the talking fee is gonna be…

not to take anything away from him.. but his world cup showing was weak. he should have done this years ago..

the other thing is… ronaldo is coming too… he may have more draw than beckham… i would rather watch ronaldinio with his stupid mad jukin skills than beckham…

maybe it is a vast left wing scientologist conspiracy…. make people hate america by enbracing soccer…

there are definite economies of scale in business.. why have 10 people to do work that 3 can do once processes are all slimmed down?   why keep 15 servers all doing different things if you can scale by having 5 servers that have multiple purposes.

one thing that i see in our todays that don’t work are war and church.

america has the biggest, baddest, and arguably the best overall trained armed forces in the world… and they were built that way to win a big war.  but when we look at iraq, grenada, somalia… out big bat did not work well.. is not working well.

churches.. when they grow too big… although they save money by being able to have multiple services in a single building.. buying coffee in bulk.. etc…. they lose community.  they lose the day to day followup and discipleship and fellowship that you may find in smaller churches.

a single pastor .. although able to preach to 1500 people.. is not able to have real relatonship with all of them, know all the names…

great.. a solution called small groups comes into play.. little mini churches… isn’t that maybe how it should be all the time?

in war.. wouldn’t building forces that are specialists in insurgency… in anti-genocide, in busting nukes be the best way to fight this war?  i know that there are special forces and seal and ranger teams.. but they have to worry about the embedded reporter and not about killing the bad guys…
but even in business.. the scale breaks.  customers that got used to having a certain level of service see that that personal touch is no longer there when the store gets bigger and bigger and gulped up by a conglomerate. calls take longer to get through.  face to face time goes away…

we have all seen waste.. either intentional or not in anything that gets too big… school boards, city government, ladies prayer meeting that devolves into gossip central with different cliques and different praying styles

like that model… the war needs to run like a mom and pop shop.. that specializes in kicking butt.  that does not have to abide by sarbane-oxley or other regulations that a big company needs to worry about.. and go after them like they are coming after us. or even better.. what they are going to start doing now, with the no safe haven rules of engagement.

be the aggressive sales guy that hounds you… cause the last sale means food for his kids..  be aggressive cause if you fail… you won’t have the america that lets you voice your dissatisfaction with the war.. or even fly a kite.

we are fighting forces that are sometimes just in the dozens as far as size.. with all the factions.. who are we gonna get a surrender from?  who will sign the treaties… oh wait.. never mind.. they are not fighting by the rules of war currently… so what makes us think they want to follow any rules and regulations.

break ot into little comat platoons.. go into the neighbrhoods… into the mosques.. into homes.. and get them

sometimes… the economies of scales allows us all to have 10 pens for $1, shirts for $2., and plasmas for $1000.

but sometimes… you need those specialty stores… the paper store that you have always used for all your journals… that candy store that is the only one that carries your favorite candy from your childhood… that one little store that still has the exact thing that you need.. that a large, bulky, mega company could never give you…

ok.. so the new premieres of shows are in full force and i have waited a few days to let the 4 hr start to the ’24’ season thread…

spoiler alert (highlight between the colons) ::: the neighborhood terrorist and jailbreak nuke scientist detonated a nuke on the show… and that means jack is back for 4 more nukes. jack kills curtis to save of all people a terrorist… the irony… the moral dillema.. the acid burned hand as he cries in agony… ugggg ::::

so.. the muslims must be very happy about this. the show basically jumped the shark .. season 3-5 were good… and now.. they have no more storyline…

there is very little on tv that is worth watching anymore… and when shows like this flame out.. it is sad.

i have fallen back to watching reruns of ‘dead like me’ and ‘battlestar galactica’ cause the writing is good… the acting is good.. i am glad ‘boston legal’ is on again.. cause the ‘american idol’ stupid no talent search is on again… and i had to grin and bear it as my wife watched… i should have just napped to prepare for my 2am run to the datacenter… maybe i would have had less of a headache.

what next… the asians by proxy of china launch a nano robot attack and jack has to be resurrected in the future to defeat them…

so.. looks like freshman senator barack obama is forming an exploritory commitee….

what do we really know about barack. other than what he tells us from his book. his fellow democrats sometimes slip up and call him osama.. cnn segue into finding osama and put up a picture of obama… his middle name is hussein.

at least rick warren likes him.

he is the great black hope… but i have a feeling that once the election comes around.. they are going to bomb him with inexperience… not wearing a tie and looking like ahmedjinadad in unbuttoned collar shirt… and weird support of hillary… and showing what a great politician and mind she is…

there is a question about mit romney and if america is ready for a mormon president.. but sad to say… i think that they are more likely to be ready for a woman president than a black president… even those they have already had two “brothas that are brothers” on ’24’

and barack… what about fulfilling your promise of completing your first term? illinois is gonna be pissed. look what happened to john edwards… he is coming back a bit now.. but he dropped off the face of the earth for 2.5 years

so… when are we gonna be able to pay for pizzas with korean money.. or euros.. or even canadian dollars ?

i want to pay with the korean “won” for a supreme kimchi pizza with dog…

a pizza chain in aurora has announced that they are going to accept mexican pesos as payment.. there is also a chain in texas that is accepting pesos as well…what is the exchange rate anyway… 20,000 pesos for a personal sized pizza?

aside from all the free press they are getting.. they are working toward some kind of globalization that they can’t back… people come to this country to have a better life.. with that comes learning the language and following the traditions and doing at least the basics to fit into the new country you are in… not telling them to be not the country you crossed deserts and rivers to get into.  if you wanted mexico with better stuff and jobs.. then do it there.  i guarantee that you would be laughed out of any other country if you tried to setup shop that way…

what ever happened to having to go out to the airport to get foreign money exchanged..

this is discrimination.  where is the aclu when you need them… why is it just spanish that is offered as translations when you call places like a bank.  um.. if you opened an acct.. didn’t you have to fill out all that paperwork and stuff in english.. oh wait.. no you didn’t. they offer all their forms in english and spanish.  they send forms from my kids schools in english on the back side.. the front page is in spanish …

i have a fistful of won (paper and coinage) and i am jonesing for a slice ‘o pie.. so i challange you to do this…

stop going to fast food places that don’t have translated menus in your native tongue… or even your grandparents old world language.. and establishments start taking your foreign money and se hablo yo language..

you came to america for a better life… so speak at least american (yes.. there is a difference between english and american).  we all had to do it… we had to learn the language.. and once we did.. got into the ap classes and scored in the 95th percentile on sat and act exams… won spelling bees… went to college… to give our kids a better life.. better than our parents had it as new immigrants… and now we get this dumbed down… you don’t have to learn anything and you can spend money that any other country would have you go to the airport to get whatever the daily exchange rate was for your fist full of non-dollars.

i think you should only be able to spend non-dollars for the type of food you are getting…

pay with lira or euros for pizza
pay with yen for sushi
pay with yuan for takeout chinese
pay with rial for fessenjun
pay with pounds for pints + bangers and mash
pay with rupee for curry

you see…  that way.. since most of these restuarants are run by families that and money back to their own countries.. you would be saving them the exchange fees … since they can just send back the right kind of monies…

no pesos for pizza

listened to the president talk about the new strategy .. that people that have some common sense would have said … and agreed with .. 2 years ago.  deploying 20,000  troops (5 brigades) to quell the violence in bahgdad

i know pres bush is running with the ideology that what he is doing is right.. and that current setbacks and perceived errors in judgement will be softened by history.  that all of the things that have been implemented .. in their haste… may look like mistakes… but the intention was there to do right by the country post 9/11 .. execution was the issue.

he basically bet his legacy and presidency on the war ..

lots of people are frustrated with how the president has handled things from katrina to mission accomplished … and a lot of people have flipped sides for at least this round of elections to show and punish the president for all of the failures and issues under his command.

i personally think that george bush is a decent guy… trying the best he can… and if you think about it… how would you react and carry yourself in his shoes… being blasted from the very first day with calls that he had not won the popular vote.. 9/11 … the second election cycle… katrina… people blasting how you talk.. all the bushisms… will farrell making fun of you.  that other guy on sln making fun of you… the daily show making fun of you… even the best and strongest of people would have cracked at some point…

as a person that on a good day would align with conservatives more as a values voter… i am shocked and disappointed with the lack of true conservatism shown by the president.  fiscal responsibility, border, immigration,  lack of reagan-esque speaking skills…  i wish he would give .. had given  more speeches like tonight… like the speech a few days after 9/11 when we saw him as a person.. not a dick cheney / karl rove puppet caricature …

although late… i hope the loosening of the reigns on our troops… the best in the world.. will do what they were training to do.. go and kill the bad guys.

there is news in a british fishwrap… that israel has secret plans to attack nuclear plants and other locations in iran with tactical nukes and other low-yield nuclear bunker buster bombs… uness i am in the israeli defence force (idf) or have some secret asian man clearance… um.. it is not secret anymore. and if this is not a plan.. then it gives tehran all of the extra propaganda that they want.. talking about some zionist plots to kill all muslims. this from a country that has said that sanctions will not work (hint hint .. un = worth nothing) and they are going to continue their nuclear program even when the rest of the world agreed that they needed to stop… hhmmm….. sound familiar to another country that has a name with only one letter different?

why is it that journalists today are all about the scoop.. and not about protecting their country… lettings ltimes along .. at least the fighting is done. at least until the war is over.. then publish all you want… back-bite, uncover, whatever.. but when you interfer with the wa effort, give material aid to the enemy.. then you are no better than hanoi jane… (see how jane fonda still has not lived that title down…) and at worse a traitor. common sense.. we are in a war. someone leaks information on an attack or target (first act of treason) … the reporter mulls over a pulitzer or lives .. real lives that are going to be jeopardized if the plan is let known.. and the report opts to write the story… give it to the editor and they decide to print (second act of treason… it is not about freedom of the press or first amendment… just like yelling fire in a theater is not protected.. just like inciting a riot is not protected) … you think that the 40s era press could have gotten away with releasing information about the a-bomb that ws gonna be dropped on japan… not once.. but twice. you think that those that were involved would have been lauded or bent over with a treason charge and in prision and hung?

an example is abu grabe … the stuff that was happening was gross. but by leaking to the press.. instead of letting the military courts deal with the problem .. in a time of war.. they gave fodder to the enemy that claimed torture.. and used it as recruiting material. even if you disagree with the war.. you have to see that… if you are helping provide information that is helping the enemy.. you put more lives at risk and protract the conflict… think about the 2 years since that information cam out.. once the conflict was over.. or at least not during still active fighting.. you saw that the milittary did not charge and put the lindy englands into military prison… _then_ you approach the department of defense.. then if they fail to take action.. then release the information to the public… i am not saying cover it up… but more tactfulness in handling the situation.

what happened to the concept of the greater good. what happened to self preservation
a lot of tabloid runs like this. covers splashed with… lindsey lohan goes to AA meeting! .. well.. think about what you just wrote… somebody… went to an alcoholics anonymous meeting… uhhh.. just by printing that.. you destroyed the concept of the anonymity of that person and they medical privacy.. all these people that claim to be about personal freedoms.. violate and sometimes jeopardize the medical health of people that may have been trying to go get help.. but then due to the press leaks and public displays of their attempts to go to a meeting that could save their life.. they stop going…

like my last post.. we have lost a lot of the common sense that would have been here if we had some people that had some backbone and would call out people that are hurting our country.. calling out people that hurt other countries..

[comment added — note that this is not shilling for israel… but i would support anyone taking out irans nuclear capabilities… in a strategic attack… cause even the bogus threat seems to have caused the world to take notice..]

i depresses me to think that our generation, our kids generation are growing up in the internet world…. where books are not read.  where knowledge of history, simple understanding of research and spending hours in a library soaking in the books is no longer… learning about the classics and not learning about things like charlottes web as only a movie —

books and enlightenment they have are harry potter, captain under pants, and sponge bob

i think how things in the world woud be if some of the great and decisive leaders and thinkers were stil around… like winston churchill, martin luther king, george patton, ronald reagan, mohandas gandhi, douglas macarthur, yitzhak rabin, dwight eisenhower, harry truman…

i wonder about how the war on terror would have been handled.  how the current state of foreign relations, how things would have looked after the initial victories in iraq…., how we would deal with whackos in iran and venezuela

what happened to writer and thinkers from both sides of the aisle, believers and non-believers, poets, philosophers, scientists… true scientists…  the innovators…. people you agreed with or those you reviled in even the past century or two…  like c.s. lewis, samuel longhorn clements (look it up), e.E cummINGS (hehee — look it up again.. to see why that is funny), robert frost. walt whitman (loved mommy a little too much), winston churchill, friedrich nietzsche, albert einstein, john keats, alexander pope, george bernard shaw, oscar wilde, t. s. eliot, thomas edison, enrico fermi, fyodor dostoevsky, nikola tesla,  linus pauling, leo tolstoy, edwin hubble, john dewey, albert schweitzer, mother teresa,  machael faraday, pearl buck, kurt godel, francis crick, james watson, jean piaget…

there are so many that don’t exactly fit into the 2 century mark.. like jonathan edwards, benjamin franklin, abraham lincoln, george washington, rene decartes, blaise pascal… but that is for another day…

there is so much history and thought that has been written down… that people don’t know about.. that are content in their ignorance.

read online if you have to… but the act of picking up a book… and not faking page flips in something like zinio reader is so good…  don’t let all the trees that had to die for those books to be printed go to waste.

this is not to say that there are not innovators that are still alive… but i just think that technology innovation has taken away from general knowledge.. or information and education that even my generation had.. and the degredation is scary.. cause we are just gonna have people sucked into just youtue and movies and visual effects that can wipe away things like the holocaust, darfur.. and creating a society where momentary fame is the greatest dream … and not seeing the struggles and sacrifices that these and other people had to endure to get to where they were… not just cause they were in some pr0n video spead across the internet or cause they are in the band of the week

disclaimer…. i am an immigrant. a bonifide green card carrying resident alien… i had to wait years to come into the country as a child. there was lots of paperwork. i come from a country with the most defended fence in the world. and i am wearing my flameproof suit (made in korea).

why is america so scared to build a fence… i heard a blurb on 850koa … there was apparently an armed raid on an border control outpost in arizona causing national guardsmen to retreat.. and then these thugs retreated back over the border… read here

you think that maybe… this was a test run? maybe a smuggling ring? maybe a human trafficking ring? maybe a terrorist smuggling ploy?

were they armed? did they have ammo? did rules of engagement call for retreat? — these were all questions that gunny bob put out there.

really.. we have a republican president that has drunk the koolaid about immigration and guest workers (amnesty) and now a democratic ruled congress that is gonna stick it to the republicans .. so much for being civil and working in a bipartisain manner… 100 hours of socialism at work for ya

good luck getting funding for the fence now.

come on… korea has a fence. across the whole country. we are not gonna let our own nationality into the country if they are from the other side… and the americans are afraid to protect their borders? all 396 miles of this fence is guarded by military on both sides… and the heaviest guarded border on the planet. the dmz is over 2 miles wide.. and fences on both sides. again… why is this so hard? koreans can do it.. why can’t americans

look at mexico.. do they like the guatamalans and hondurans coming over the borders filling jobs that are left undone because mexican nationals are jumping… actually nothing there to jump.. and walking over or getting packed 14-17 into a minivan and then getting driven over and into accidents here in colorado…

it sucks that the illegal aliens (not undocumentated workers or whatever friendly names you wanna put on it) are breaking the laws of the country that they are gaining from… using resources that our taxes are paying for… whatever benefit lower cost workers give us… the drain on social programs… public schools, medical care, etc… all add up to more than the cost savings from having these illegal aliens in the country

as an immigrant… and having to wait 3 years seperated from my father who was in the country and working on visas and paperwork to get us in legally… and seeing my parents finally get their citizenship after 26 years in the state… it frustrates me to no end that the new policies that are gonna get rolled out are bad… bad.. bad…

people that confuse the ire of people that dislike illegal aliens and legal immigration are either misinformed… or just trying to ram their agenda down everyones throat… there are policies and procedures in place if you would like to come into the country… heck even visit for a while… but to work here… you have to forge documents… use and rely on identity theft… and lie on every document that you sign ..

what happened to the days of deportation… when they would raid sweatshops and farms and have illegals scambling around screaming ‘immigration’ in their native tongue… what ever happened to enforcing the laws that are on the books.. what happened to fining companies that hire illegals. this is not just a fence issue.. but building it shows that we are serious about the issue

there was a tom brokaw special on the epidemic of illegal aliens.. and covered a construction company up in aspen colorado … they showed and followed the story about a couple of folks in the country illegally (um… you are now on tv idiots) and then the story went into anchor babies.. and how that was a weird backdoor for anyone born in the country being a citizen… even to illegal aliens. and a young guy.. earning $14/hr+ doing landscaping.. yeah.. $14/hr… that is $30k annually… not bad for an illegal. this fella also said that he was just here for a few years… and would return to mexico once he had enough to start his own company there… but after the company had to let a few illegals go… they were not able to fill the positions. there are $30k salary jobs in america that are not being filled??? and at last count.. how many people were on unemployment… on welfare? give me a break…

the story ended with this guy that said he would return to mexico.. getting married here. to yet another illegal alien… that has been here for 20 years…. and fading out with… he did not know if he would retuern now since he was married and was gonna start a family… hmmm… wait… last time i knew… you needed a social security card and drivers license to get a marriage license.. even blood work. so.. i wonder whos ssn these 2 have… i wonder how they have bank accts, apply for housing, have mortgages… sad thing is… i bet you that they have voted. (ummm.. yeah.. wanted to say that you are still on tv.. and not you have shown you, your new wife, and the mariachi band… at your wedding… on tv… dummies)

that is yet another thing that needs to be reigned in.. why is it so hard to show 2 forms of id to do something as important as the act of voting… a privilege that is given to every citizen in the country and something you have to register to do each election… but stripped away from felons… you have to present id to buy a beer or those tasty mojitos… but i guess since currently.. breaking into the country by hoping over the border is only a misdemeanor… that is why they are letting illegals vote.

in my 26 years in the country….. that is a privilege that i have never been able to partake in… like communion or something… let that tray go by cause i am not ready… or my life is not in order… also.. cause i am scared of the words that have you check and verify that you are a citizen of the united states of america… i know by law.. i can vote for city elections.. but nothing on the state or national stage.. as a resident alien. sadly.. i think resident aliens are the most versed on how the system works.. cause we have to take a test to become citizens.. we have to read and know the constitution, bill of rights, names of politicians, how the electoral college works… how the seats in congress are divided… the true nature of checks and balances…. with that said.. the only reason i am not a citizen yet… is because i don’t have to worry about jury duty… not really.. but that is a side benefit. i married a beautiful citizen and had anchor babies…

build the fence. protect the borders. no amnesty. call/write the whitehouse and your congressmen and tell them to stand up on this issue…

driving home this morning.. i heard an ad on the radio for a psychic hotline thing…

fake conversation ….

caller ‘i am skeptical.. and i am calling just cause my sister told me about you’
psychic ‘i get that a lot … now.. why are you calling?’
… at this point… shouldn’t you just hang up.. or say… ‘ you tell me…’
caller ‘i am thinking about  leaving my boyfriend and seed to know what to do’
psychic ‘well.. put this issue in your mind while i put out some tarot cards.. and you tell me when the picture is clear in your head’
caller ‘now’
psychic ‘the cards are showing travel.. so you should take some time away from this person to decide about leaving him’

ummmm… so, did this person call psychic hotline or a sounding board….

what ever happened to healthy skepticism about anything and everything?  be it religion, science, bad science, news, politics, whatever…

do some research. read both sides of the issue.. don’t take things for granted….

don’t just accept the bible.. find out about why it is a text that can be believed.

don’t just accept that humans are causing global warming, climate change, etc… they can’t even get the weather predictions right for the same day… how are we supposed to accept their projections for 20 years from now…

don’t just accept the party line of whatever political affiliation you have… dissent when needed… support when needed…

the news…. um.. yeah.. the news… actually listen to the words that are being said.. listen to how they say it. the words they select to use…

i am so tired of christians that have never read the bible cover to cover… or darwinian evolutionists that have ever even picked up origin of the species.  how do you defend and proclaim your position if you don’t have even the base knowledge of what you are debating.

i hate lazy christians that just say.. i just have to believe that jesus died for my sins.. ok.. what now.. that is a singular moment… what about the relationship and growing in the faith that need to happen beyond that… ever crack open a concordence?  ever lift your finger and flip through other translations?  ever look at manuscript evidences?

i hate rationalists/agnostics that have their mind set that if it is not provable by science.. it should not be in public discourse at all… and since God is not provable.. you can’t have that discussion at all.  but by their own logic… they can’t disprove either.  they are putting their supposed logic inferred belief system over a a religious and maybe.. just maybe there is a supernatural explaination…


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