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sad news out of bangkok regarding the death of david carradine.  i grew up watching re-runs of ‘kung fu’ after school as a FOB in LA back in he 80s and wondering why they had round eye playing a shaolin monk.

i guess there are some weird details about how he was hung in the closet with rope around his neck, wrist and genitals … maybe there were women there helping him and things went wrong … maybe it was just auto-erotic asphyxia … maybe we should mind our own dang business and let his family mourn

i enjoyed his recent work in the ‘kill bill’ movies .. and was looking forward to his appearance on that new show ‘mental’

you will be missed grasshopper

because of the recent earthquakes and the high number of chidren killed in collapsed schools and buildings (estimated at about 10,000), china has decided to allow couples to bypass the widely enforced one child rule.

i have an idea…. instead of trying to replace a lost child with a newborn… how about adopting some of your own chinese babies and kids in orphanages…

you have lost a love one, he kids need a love one and have suffered their whole lives… why not match couples with kids need the age of their lost child…

i know as a parent, it would be hard to pass up on being able to have a biological child, but it is odd that in a country that onyl allows one child per family, that orphanages are full….

take care of each other and find a way to meet each others needs

i was reminded of a couple of videos that i had seen of randy pausch that i watched last year when he was featured on primetime this past week…

if you are not familiar with the name, he is a carnegie mellon university professor that is living out the rest of his life in a very dignified and graceful way as he copes with metastatic pancreatic cancer — which has since moved into

this is his ‘last lecture’ which deals with childhood dreams

the way in which he is approaching his end both professionally and for his family is impressive and puts me to shame for the lack of effort i put into being there for my family

you can also view his other info at Randy Pauschs site and Legacy of Randy Pausch

what the heck …..

listening to the radio and they went to the live feed of the judge (larry seidlin) that was deciding the fate of the body of anna nicole smith…. and where he was going to be buried…and he was crying… really!!! what a disgrace … idiot .. he needs to be censured…

he kept saying… ‘i want her buried… i want her buried with her son’ .. in his thick new jersey accent… and the slobbery tearful drivel.. wiping away some boogers… you got your sound bite… your 15 minutes… and maybe a tv show… get on with it

the end of the world is near..

we are at war.. .and people are talking about where a stripper is gonna be buried.. great.

florida congressman ric keller is a dumb freak … in going for a sound bite… he is feeling the crunch of all of the smarties and people that have half a brain that are offended by his body bag comment… and his stupid lawnmower analogy was one of the worst ever

here is the whole rambling bamblin retarded look at me commit political suicide speech… watch it here

mr. speaker, the iraq war is the central issue of our time. spending $2 billion a week, and losing 100 american lives a month. under these conditions, i feel i owe my constituents my best judgment.

interjecting more young american troops into the cross hairs of an iraqi civil war is simply not the right approach. if the president sends these troops anyway, i will support their funding 100% so they have the bullets and equipment they need to defend themselves.

i approach this decision with a great deal of angst and humility. i.m not trying to micromanage this war. i.m just a member of congress, not a 4 star general. but i have listened to what our most well-respected 4 star generals have to say about this matter. and generals abizaid, mccaffrey, and colin powell have all said that sending more troops into baghdad is not the answer.

now, some people will say, if not in favor of surging more american troops into baghdad, what are you for?

i.m for a different kind of surge.

i.m for a surge of iraqi troops to take out al-sadr and his militia, especially since the iraqi security forces outnumber the al-sadr militia by a ratio of 5 to 1. that.s 325,000 versus 60,000.

i.m for a surge in political progress by the iraqi government to finally reach a deal on the sharing of oil revenue.

i.m for a surge of action in implementing the iraq study group recommendations, which were arrived at in a bipartisan, unanimous fashion.

i.m for a surge in gratitude among the iraqi people, 61% of whom think it.s ok to kill american troops. and 79% of iraqis have a .mostly negative. view of the united states.

some argue that we should support president bush.s decision. i like and respect president bush. i want him to succeed. three years ago, i could have voted in favor of this surge. but the situation on the ground is very different than it was three years ago.

three years ago, iraq was not in a civil war. now it is.

three years ago, iraq did not have 325,000 of its own security forces to defend itself. now it does.

three years ago, we did not know whether a surge of additional american troops into baghdad would have a long-lasting impact. now we know the answer. we tried the same thing last summer. the benefits were temporary. the body bags were permanent. told that we should trust the maliki government. been down that road before.

i personally visited baghdad last summer and met with the maliki government officials. i was told that by december of 2006, they would have all the security forces they need, and we would be in a position to start bringing home our troops. now they say give us just another year.

the maliki government told our country that their troops would be right there beside us when we surged 15,000 american troops into baghdad last summer. well, the iraqi troops didn.t show up. the benefits of the surge were only temporary.

i voted in favor of authorizing the use of force back in 2002 because i did not want saddam hussein to give weapons of mass destruction to al-qaeda. now saddam hussein is dead, and there are no weapons of mass destruction in iraq.

we have remained in iraq for 4 years because we want a unified and secure iraq so it won.t become a haven for terrorists. unfortunately, it seems that the americans want a unified and secure iraq more than the iraqis do.

let me give you an analogy. imagine that you have a next door neighbor who refuses to mow his lawn, and the weeds are up to his waist. you mow his lawn for him every single week. the neighbor never says thank you, he hates you, and sometimes he takes out a gun and shoots at you.

under these circumstances, would you keep mowing his lawn forever? would you send even more of your family members over to mow his lawn? or, would you say to him, you better start mowing your own lawn or there.s going to be serious consequences for you?

mr. speaker, sending more young american troops into the middle of iraqi civil war violence is not the answer. i will support the troops. funding 100%. but we are not going to solve an iraqi political problem with an american military solution. and that.s my best judgment.

may god bless our troops, and our country.

new jersey has sent out a statewide notice not to eat squirrels near one of their plants… because of high lead levels.

uhh… i don’t think that is gonna be a problem. i didn’t think new jersey was that bad off….

maybe they are just warning the new jersey devil … cause lead poisoning is bad for you… make your fangs fall out.

really… are there that many people that see a dead squirrel.. and say.. hmm… lets eat it? unless they have been watching a bit too much survivorman or discovery channel… eating dead squirrels is generally not something people do…. especially when you consider where you see dead squirrels…

splattered in the middle of the road…

come on..

as i was working last night… my wife watched a couple of recorded episodes of greys anatomy…

the words just popped out.. and i was shocked.

one of the neonatologist ladies was talking about aborting her lovers child.. and actually used..

‘i aborted mark’s baby

they said it multiple times during the show… ‘i aborted your baby’ ‘i aborted marks baby’ ‘she aborted my child’

they did not use the word fetus. they did not talk about a blastoma, they did not talk about a blob of cells… they used the word baby… and from the mouth of multiple tv doctors… hey.. they may not be doctors.. but they play one on tv… and a baby doctor too..

isn’t it ironic that a neonatologist.. who would and does know all about babies.. talked about and had an abortion… full well knowing that it was a baby.. a child. not just a thing.

isn’t it ironic that a show that has people having sex all the time.. showed the hurt that an abortion can have on a relationship.. even if they were sleeping around…

but the message at the end was… this guy was not going to be a good father.. so the abortion was ok to some degree.. justified.. cause the guy would have made a bad father… how does he know?

in a confused and muddled show.. they showed this truth to be self evident… that abortion hurts relationships.. people think about the day the baby would have been born. that people that have abortions use the words… ‘i aborted my baby’

ok.. do they check for doping for those hold your wee-wee for a nintendo wii?

you know the wee-wee pills that talk about you having a going problem…. if you popped a couple of those pills.. then you would have been able to control your bladder mo better

i could have so won that thing… i once held it all the way while driving to california.. that is 1100 miles. and loads of boisson

hmm… i wonder if i could have won 2 if i had held it driving out to sacramento.. and then entering the contest and holding it some more?

too bad 10 people got fired from that radio station… and there is already a law suit pending… how do they sue when they sign a waiver.. and there were under no distress or being held against their will… there was a lso a nurse that called in during the contest and talked about water intoxication… and the dangers… there is a criminal investigation under way as well.. come on… the only negligent person here was jennifer strange. she put a stupid wii over her 3 kids… she probably wanted to get it for her kids.. but come on.

the contest was stupid.. but 18 people and probably even more were more willing to enter a contest where they could die.. or have major health issues.. for a .. uh… video game console. idiots.

what do you think of when you hear the word ddt.

a wresling move that jake the snake used to use? a presticide that got banned in the 70s? the best defense against mosquitos? how about 4,4\’-(2,2,2-trichloroethane-1,1-diyl)bis(chlorobenzene)

i have posted about ‘my disease kills better’ and if you really think about it.. malaria is the number 1 killer around the world.

it is estimated that since 1972 when ddt was banned… more than 93 million.. wait.. 93,000,000 people have died of malaria. almost 14 billion… wait.. 14,000,000,000 people have been infected. and ~10 new cases are diagnosed about every second… mostly in third world, poverty stricken countries

the ban was put into place after a book in 1962 claimed that ddt caused cancer and caused birds to have thinner egg shells. even though the science for this was in dispute back then… they went ahead and banned the use of ddt.

it is time to bring ddt back.

the threat of malaria… the rising incidents of west nile virus.. other blood borne diseases that are transmitted my the stupid skeeters…

wouldn’t it be awesome to have a mosquito free summer? no more spraying off all over your body or using those citronella tiki torches…

there has been much more science done to show that the initial claims are innacurrate.. there is still some controversy.. but i think it is time for more real study.. instead of using and relying on data from 1962

agent orange == bad
ddt == not so bad

if we really cared about people. instead of focusing all our energy into trying to fix diseases that are totally preventable.. like aids.. not that it is not a prob.. but malaria is something that people don’t have any choice over… aids in africa is rising.. but malaria has been killing for decades… aids in africa is preventable by human action and telling them that their tribal belief that having sex with a virgin will heal them not only does not heal them.. they potentially spread that disease to that young woman and any conceived child… but malaria still kills more. how about addressing a disease that you can actually get by just ‘sleeping’ and not by ‘sleeping with somebody’ …

the doomsday clock that is maintains by the bulletin of atomic scientists is now set to 11:55 from 11:53. 5 minutes to midnight
they cite a coming second nuclear age… iran,, iraq, north korea (weird.. the axis of evil) and stephen hawkings added climate change as the greatest threat..

no matter what…. we are all closer to dying…

for a bunch of really smart people… it is such a stupid thing.  we are all gonna die. but a scientific armegeddon countdown ?  nd the weird thing is the clock changes… we can go back in time all mcfly style… a couple of minutes.. which means we are all safer.. but people are still dying.  what happens when we reach midnight.. does stephen hawkins roll up to the clock and push a button that ejects him into his space mission?

it is like the tree in the forest.  if the world ends and the doomsday clock is not set to midnight.. is it really over?

sweet dreams


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