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this is more cause of my stint in pharmacy … actually… it bugs me in everyday life.. pronunciation of words/names/drugs

we used to make fun of all of the refill requests that were left at university hospital… people not even coming close to the real name of the medication…

there were recently a couple of crime/legal shows i watch(boston legal, law and order:svu and csi:ny) that tackled the use of propranolol — for preventing short term memory from being imprinted… and using it for post traumatic stress disorder… it is actually a beta blocker and generally used for cardiac issues… but i have been on it before for migraines … either way… they both said it different…. and csi: ny had it wrong

it was the classic case of putting the eeem-faa-cess on the wrong see-la-bul

propranolol – should sound like [proh-pran-uh-lawl, -lol] instead… they kept saying [pro-pran-ol-lull] putting emphases on pro- instead of -pran-

made me mad toward the end of the show….

another is a radio plug for tinitis.. and the guy saying [tin-it-tuss] instead of [tin-ite-tis] … it is still ringing in my head

finally.. my wifes name is mimi… classic french name… sounds like [mee-mee] …. but we actually were at mimi’s cafe… and the waitress calls out… [may-may] like some southern drawl type thing all slow… but it wasn’t… it was cause we were asian… and the girl was trying to figure out how the name would sound if you were in the far east or something… we just looked at her sad self … and i guess we just have to blame public education… cause she believes she pronounced it right… she gets a gold star in her outcome based portfolio

one thing that i always alugh at is when we go to a restuarant and they ask yoou if you want a soup or a salad…

well the background for this is my dad.. his engrish no so good back then…

we had stopped into a denny’s after a church revival thing… and the waitress is asking him ‘soup or salad’ .. my dad is hearing ‘super salad’.. and keeps saying ‘yes’.

soup or salad? yes
no sir.. soup or salad? yes
you can only have one…. soup or salad.. yes.. super salad

we are over on the other side laughing like crazy… my dad just wants a super salad…

next time you are at a restuarant.. and they ask you if you want a soup or salad.. just say yes.



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