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with news of the impending divorce of jon & kate … i thought i would share about my grandparents .. and ther 60 years of marriage and how they are still setting an example and going strong .. so suck it jon and kate

as some of you know, i was lucky enough to get to go out to korea on short notice for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.  and although they had an arranged marriage… my grandparents showed love and care that even people that voluntary marry dont ever show.

it ended up being 19 of us from the states going out there for the celebration.  As eldest grandchild and being a boy and all … it was extra special for me to be there … and my son is the eldest grandchild … and a boy .. so again extra extra special

there was also more than 2 dozen immediate family and some cousins as well…

my grandfather made the whole trip memorable (not that it was not anyway) but made it even more special for my son christian who went with me.  we had gone to just spend some time with my grandpa and grandma the night before we were supposed to come back and my grandfather said the following

he said that he had the most important first borns in his life.  my grandmother was a firstborn … i was the first grandchild and their first grandchild was there as well. i admit i cried for a bit cause it is so awesome just sitting in the same room as my grandfather and grandmother… but for him to say something like that… was profound…. and also out of character for a korean

i hope fly them out to denver next year… or take the whole family out … and set aside a few days of just being around my grandparents… even if we are not doing anything…

check out the small group of family that was there before the celebration dinner … and consider that we were missing about a 1/4 of the grand kids and cousins (my wife and 2 other kids were mia). I am the freaky tall one on the right and note that i was a step below everyone on the top level squinting like a mother and swollen cause of jetlag and allergies 😉


what the hell happened with this family? i think kate was a fame monger and jon was just blasé about the whole thing… just liked the check every month.  i get glimpses when my wife or kids watch the show and generally i am just in the room working when the show is on or they watch off dvr.  i always just felt that jon was a pansy for letting his wife brow beat him all the time… and allowing her to just make him look stupid all the time

so i guess the rumor is that jon had an affair with a 23 teacher lady… and kate was doing her bodyguard.  at the minimum, it seems that both have had inappropriate  emotional attachments and spending way too much time with these ‘others’ .. to give the perception that there were issues

and what the hell was that show where they are sitting separately and doing their post show things apart … just feeding the full to the fire.

as christians… should they even be fueling the gossip?  should i be even blogging about this?

they both claim and are being made fun of on shows like the soup… that it is all about the kids and it should be.  they have put the well being of their kids by seeking the fame and celebrity.  what kind of speaking tours is kate going to give when the topic that she is supposed to be speaking it, being a christian mother to multiples and keeping a strong marriage, is being blasted away?

i hope they saved some of that money they get for allowing every aspect of their lives to be filmed and whoring out their kids … again for fame.  i mention it, cause i saw a shot where jon is driving around in a audi r8 sports car (yeah, real practical for the 8 kids) .. and i guess they just moved into a huge new house or something

i guess the controversy is good for ratings… i am just SOOOOO happy that the leaning channel (TLC) is contributing and becoming a tabloid feed .. not with just this show, but all of the midgets, 16 kids family or whatever the new flavor is.  i am just surprised that they did not give octomom a show.. since that is what she was probably looking for

once wish … gosselins … get off the f’ing tv.  live off the royalties and stuff .. and get out of the limelight.   repair your marriage.  take care of your kids. ’nuff said

i was reminded of a couple of videos that i had seen of randy pausch that i watched last year when he was featured on primetime this past week…

if you are not familiar with the name, he is a carnegie mellon university professor that is living out the rest of his life in a very dignified and graceful way as he copes with metastatic pancreatic cancer — which has since moved into

this is his ‘last lecture’ which deals with childhood dreams

the way in which he is approaching his end both professionally and for his family is impressive and puts me to shame for the lack of effort i put into being there for my family

you can also view his other info at Randy Pauschs site and Legacy of Randy Pausch

ok.. that sounds weird.. but my mother in law was born on feb 29th … leap year day… so she only has a true birthday every 4 years…

we have a hard time figuring out what day to celebrate it for her… feb 28th? mar 1st? well.. this year.. it was today.

we took her to maggianos .. and we were stuffed by the time the salads came out… i think we had like 15 lbs of food actually…

it is kind of sad the amount of food that was trotted out… the excess was in plain view… probably able to feed a family for a whole week under normal circumstances…

i hope my 8 glasses of diet coke offset the gluttony that we partake in on special occasions

my kids are taking swimming classes and as part of that… they had to go get new suits

my fashion princess daughter was up and as they browsed the selection… they happened up on some 2 piece suits that were probably… no definatley not age appropriate

In one of those classic kid moments… my daughter turns to my wife and says ‘i don’t think dad would like these too much’

she ended up getting a nice 1 piece suit

i guess raising a proverbs 23rd type daughter is gonna be harder than it looks… at least she realized that i would be not so pleased with her wearing un-modest swimming suits and just clothes in general… i guess i did a decent job of putting the puritan fear into her head… either that or my scowl when she looks at things like that was a pavlovian bell that went off in her head

i look at all of the girl toys and stuff that flood the minds of these little girls and it is worse than the soft core pr0n of the 80s… bratz dolls and barbies are even more objectifiers of women… and that is the climate that i have to worry about… not the climate change al gore is spewing…

so… hmm.. ted haggard has come out (uh…) to say that he is completely straight now.. after the few weeks of intensive therapy for getting straight.

message to ted.. don’t

i am not sure if it is choice, birth, environment, combination… but ted loves dudes.. and he should just own up to it.. at least then.. he does nto hurt his family any further

the last boston legal show covered this with ssad (same sex attraction disorder) — sysad .. and a gay judge that spent $40k to get straight but still had relations with men

so what happens the next time ted goes out looking for a male hooker and meth?  everyone gonna jump on the pray for ted bandwagon again?   everyone gonna say… nah.. it was a lapse in judgement.. and he is not gay?

there is also news that he received a settlement package from new life and has to leave colorado .. again.  weird.  why?  if he is cured… then why make him leave the state?  it is not like the story is not going to come back to colorado springs.

it is ssad… um.  sad.

one thing that i always alugh at is when we go to a restuarant and they ask yoou if you want a soup or a salad…

well the background for this is my dad.. his engrish no so good back then…

we had stopped into a denny’s after a church revival thing… and the waitress is asking him ‘soup or salad’ .. my dad is hearing ‘super salad’.. and keeps saying ‘yes’.

soup or salad? yes
no sir.. soup or salad? yes
you can only have one…. soup or salad.. yes.. super salad

we are over on the other side laughing like crazy… my dad just wants a super salad…

next time you are at a restuarant.. and they ask you if you want a soup or salad.. just say yes.


today was a day of just chillin out with the family.. and not doing any real work… well… not really… ok. maybe a little

because my wife is in the real estate field.. she has full control over a new home community in castle rock… so today… we got to go spend the whole day with her… which has been tough on weekends… where i am like the dad that gets the kids on the weekends…
the kids watched movies on the tvs there and i got to hack around the network that they have there (odd.. very odd config)… the ssid of the wireless there was just some random jumble.. and then there was a hidden ssid that was that was one that i would have expected…. i know.. no working on sunday.. but i was oncall and it was for fun

so.. you can tell that i took my gear today…

the nice thing was… i saw us all in this huge house that we would never be able to afford… that had tvs built into the mirrors in the bathroom (yes multiple) and the shower was the size of our current bathroom as a whole.

maybe if my wife sells a bunch of those.. we can buy one.. but for now.. we will settle for family time in a model home… that is like 4 times the house we have now.

on the way home… we stopped by and had dinner at saltgrass steak house… my wife had some high expectations .. i had none.. and i was still disappointed.. oh well. i am just glad my parents were not able to make it today..

we have the du-pont stainmaster stuff on the carpets.. so we should be good on spills and such.. but tell that to a toddler.

my brothers family was over for some dinner and watching some showed that we had saved on the tivo for them…

my nephew is 2. and since he is expecting his brother in a few months.. he has been craving attention.. without having to point to his moms belly and saying baby…

well he went into a coughing spell and then had a projectile vomit event (pve)… we were lucky and had bowls out for some treats and was able to catch most of it… but some got on the carpet. we started laughing about it.. and that was the mistake.. he thought it was a game or something we enjoyed

every 15 minutes or so.. he would start coughing and then vomiting. all over everywhere… the carpet.. the wood floors in the kitchen… the carpet stairs…. and the pièce de résistance…. after doing some on the stairs.. we my son had brought over a bowl and had put it down on the floor in the family room… my nephew crawls over… on all fours over the bowl.. and proceeds to vomit again… but missing the bowl completely

i am so glad that i shop at costco.. we had cans of that spotshot stuff for the carpet and some nice wood cleaner

we thought we were done after 2 clothes changes.. a bath… wearing some of my sons old pajamas… and at this point.. the pve count was at 5.

well as he was getting up from his last clothes change.. he pushes a pizza box over into a cup of soda… and you guessed it.. cup spills on the carpet

it was so funny… and kind of scary…. i had forgotten that kids and hold 50% of their body weight in vomit …. yikes.

just glad we paid extra for that carpet protection

yikes.. lots of tv postings recently…

i notice things… weird things. i see things through my slanty adhd eyes and sometimes… it is just me.

we were watching extreme home makeover … and the family that the total product placement infomercial wrapped into an evening show glossed over a couple of things…

the family that they helped.. they seemed deserving of the blessing that was bestowed on them by the abc show… as they walked through the house .. the family spoke of faith.. and even had a prayer couch.. where they sat and prayed for families other than themselves… that were in greater need. this family was the first to say.. hey.. instead of scrapping everything.. please save appliances and furniture and give it to people that need it… fantastic.. a family that understood the charity… understood giving… understood being in community.

they were sent to disney world.. um.. owned by abc. and then the fun started…

along with a brand new house.. the crew went over to the ‘community center’ that the family volunteered at.. except.. the ‘community center’ was a church.. and in that church was a school…

they got done with the remodel.. and as they panned in…. under a rainbow were the words ‘hope is jesus‘ .. you could barely make it out.. as they were in wide angle.. and only for a blip

then.. this is when i got torqued..

a pizza joint which wll remain unnamed… except to say that they do have a big presence in denver.. and name has john in it… you figure it out… well maybe because this pizza joint asked.. or because abc hates jesus.. as they scanned over the kids snarfing down pizza.. there was an extended shot on that rainbow.. but .. what the heck. all the words are gone… it looked like the worst blotting out or putting construction paper up on the wall to cover everything up… not even the hope is.. was showing

then i knew it was a concerted effort when the family came home.. and as they panned again to the volunteers and people in the auditorium.. they had to take a bunch of goofy angles.. and they passed over the rainbow again… but had the camera just low enough to make sure that the word jesus did not show.. it was just hope is

i am the guy in the movies that will see the costume errors and discontinuity or litte things out of place… and discuss after the movie.

i am just sick of the blatant disregard for the rights of believers … yeah yeah…. it is their prerogative to show whatever they want… build a house that is so over the top that the rest of the neighborhood is a blight. the house is the center of crime when someone busts in and steals all of the plasmas and flatscreens in the house…

what about estimated property taxes and costs to maintain and do things like run electricity to that elevator they put in.. and the maintenance on that. they are taking people in need… and probably putting them into a spiral of debt down the road…

by providing what seems to be everything the family needs… they are taking hope away… without a need or problem.. there is no need for hope.

hope is not abc
hope is not ty with his shirt off
hope is not showing how much man can do
hope is jesus …

alrighty… yea nuggets…

carmelo anthony + allen iverson + earl boykins steve blake + marcus camby +fat nene skinnier nene had their first game together… and won!

have been waiting since december for this… first time in a long time that i have been amped about watching the nuggets…

as a denver homer fan.. i love all the teams.. ever since my family moved here in 1984…. and have enjoyed having all the major sports… even the rockies.

but the nuggets are finally making the moves that they needed to make.. and the combo of players is right now… even with kenyon martin out of the mix…

go get the 14 game pack.. or go to a family night where it is like $55 for 4 people… it is fun… and watch the usher in section 112 breakdance during commercial breaks.  and the pepsi center is a great place for sports… not a bad seat.. hockey, basketball, arena football, lacrosse… all are great fun .. especially when your team wins

i hope my wife gets more time in the suites …

there are times when my kids amaze me. make me swell up with pride…

my 8 year old daughter has been writing poems/lyrics in secret… and they are beautiful… faith of a child right?

i will have to have her sing it to me.. or we can work on it together… so we can put it into music.

when i stay
when i go
you’re still there

when i’m here
when i’m there
you’re lovin me

all around
you’re watching me in joy

when i see you i smile
come around and say hello
let the world see you

written by anais :: jan 2007

so simple and so right on to how we need to approach God and understand him. like david in the psalms… there is nowhere that you are not

sometimes… i think we just need to slow down and realize and learn from our kids. i have been working a lot lately.. and barely see them. and when my wife brought the notepad with these words on them… i have been reading them over and over for the past 2 days.

sometimes… we just need to feel like God is around… share a coke and a smile… come around… say hello… let the world see you.

today after i had packed up my guitar and about to head out.. i noticed a little girl coming up the stage…. she started to climb the stairs and sat there… watching me singing along to some leeland that was playing as people were leaving.. she wanted so much to come up.. i brought her up and let her walk around a bit.. and she was pointing to a guitar case saying open.. open. this is when i noticed that she may have some physical and developmental challenges..

as that case she she wanted opened was a les paul electric.. i went overn and brought my case over and let her open and lift out my acoustic… and she started trying to strum and pick along.

at this point. ‘tears of the saints’ by leeland came on…

here are many prodigal sons
On our city streets they run
Searching for shelter
There are homes broken down
People’s hopes have fallen to the ground
From failures

This is an emergency!

There are tears from the saints
For the lost and unsaved
We’re crying for them come back home
We’re crying for them come back home
And all your children will stretch out their hands
And pick up the crippled man
Father, we will lead them home
Father, we will lead them home

There are schools full of hatred
Even churches have forsaken
Love and mercy
May we see this generation
In it’s state of desperation
For Your glory

This is an emergency!

Sinner, reach out your hands!
Children in Christ you stand!
Sinner, reach out your hands!
Children in Christ you stand!

And all Your children will stretch out their hands
And pick up the crippled man
Father, we will lead them home
Father, we will lead them home

leeland tears of the saints

it was hard to hold the tears back… here was a little child… singing ‘god is so good’ and ‘jesus loves me’ … if everyone had this sense.. that no matter what the issue or how bad others may see a situtation.. it is that personal attitude that makes the difference.

god is so good… and jesus loes me. that is what she kept saying as she tried to strum and pick at the strings … i think God loved that praise and worship more than the rehersed and polished sets that we try to present every saturday and sunday… no matter how many hours you practice… i still think God loves that spontanious outpouring from a 5 year old girl that loved music.. and through all of her .. lets put it as what others would call problems… still felt that Jesus loved her. that God was so good.

interesting that my verse of the day was psalm 107:1

give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever!

after a lunch with my old boss at a place called pete’s gyro palace … i had found _the_ place in denver to go for greek… i took the kids so often fter hitting the museum and such.. that they came to dread days with me while my wife was working…. i like to blame the greek food instead of my tough parenting  .. we shall see

well.. today.. the kids come up .. and ask for the greek… i had thought them well.

after they had gone out to shovel the driveway some more … and creating a sheet of ice in front of the car parked by my next door neighbors…. i called them up and we headed toward greek town.

gyros… souvlaki… greek salad with a huge chunk of feta… mmmm

i first got hooks on gyrons up in boulder from a place called ‘late knight’ that had some of the hottest wings that i have had in my life.  but they had a gyro special.. so that was the alternative to the almost daily pizza call in the dorms.

i used to go to greek festivals and the food was better.. but not as readily available (note that there are only 2 greek fests in denver/boulder area annually that i know of)  so.. i had to kind of settle for some chain paces…. rubios and fallafal king .. oh wait.. and a place in the food court at cu – denver/metro state auraria campus.  but they were all kind of gross..  and the wife and kids did not like it so much… they always kind of cringedwhen i would order it… i think the shaving of the meat off the rotating machine intrigued but put fear in their minds

but i got them hooked.  my daughter is adding tzitziki sauce to her gyros now… my son is going back and forth from souvlaki and gyros.. and my wife… for the first time.. said that she thought that i had converted her to the gyro

the nice thing about petes is.. the kids menu has the greek alphabet… and words in greek.  it is a way for me to show them some stuff … explain certain things from helenistic writings and certain verses in the bible like the alpha and omega …. and visually show them that it is the beginning and the end.  where we get certain words from.. scientific and  mathmatical symbols… etc..

my work is done.  and remember… it is yee-roh .. not gey-roh … it is a food not a top like perpetual motion device

i am tired of this year already.

korean tradition means that you spend time with family on new years… you have a specific type of soup called ‘thuuk gook’ — mmm .. and you show respect for your elders by doing a traditional bow… whilst saying.. ‘be very blessed this new year’ — ‘sae hae bok mani ba du sae oh’

the fun part of this.. for the younger people… the elders bless the youngsters by giving them cold hard cash…. the best new years i had was like $350… cause as a pk.. we drive around to church members houses and did the bow for cash game… and some people we know owned one of the 2 korean markets in denver at the time… much cash

now a days… we are giving cash out to my nephew. who raked in like $100 today… not bad for a 2 yr old

usually… on new years eve.. you get together and play a korean game called ‘yun kno ree’ .. a game with 5 movable pieces and 5 wooden sticks that are tossed in the are to give you the number of spaces you move…. another is korean hacky sack… that looks like the birdie from badminton but more frilly.. so you can make it out of washers and plastic bags that you wrap and but into strips… then you have a church service… we passed this year… some cold/strep going around…

so.. we hit my inlaws house… saw them and my wifes grandmother.. then hit my parents house.. where my brother, sister in law and nephew were.. and we all wrnt over to my aunts house… my cousin and his family will be heading back to the  homeland soooo we had to go see them.

after that… we took everyone to a movie… 10 asians walking in a pack… asian invasion time yet again…  into cherry creek mall.. 6 going into eragon and 4 going into charlottes web…

then we all invaded a restuarant before heading home… i r the tired.


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