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i got regifted twice today….

my parents gave us a dried fruits mix thing… and my aunt gave us some big basket ‘o treats…

what the heck… weird way to start a new year

here are some of the best things in 2006…

  • neice ashley was born
  • lots of time at home
  • concerts with kids
  • new blackberry 8700
  • bionic test run
  • new land yacht
  • a raise at work
  • nephew noah adopted
  • being bionic for reals
  • started writing on blog again
  • 12th anniversary
  • re-banded
  • portland trip
  • mac photobooth pix of kids
  • no christmas lights on house

this may be an expanding list as i recall more things…

yippee… i get to go work on some firewall lovin again tonight… gotta love being sensitive to as much uptime as we can get… while trying to roll in completely different network hardware… and this is not the end of it… there is never an end…

this is the second time going in during my ‘vacation’ and third in the blizzard.

at least it is during times when i am not sleeping anyway and the kids and wife are already sleeping.. the blackberry has been on this whole time… so it was more like a demi vacation…

so much for rest and relaxation.

maybe i will stop by e.coli central for a chaluppa or something while driving home at 4am…

so.. for my dads 63rd birthday.. we got all 9 of the clan that is here in denver over to heaven dragon in thornton (they need a better website). the place is in a strip mall.. and looks like a hole in the wall until you walk inside.. and immersed into tons of normal chinese restaurant decor

we hunkered down and got the george bush special for everyone…

the owner walked back.. and not sure if it was just because we was all asian invasion style into the restaurant or something… but treated us all nice… extra special… all authentic or something for us.
he sent back mo betta appetizers.. and then offered to add on a whole fish as a bonus.

the thing is… asian culture.. or other countries all cook fish with head on and bone in… and wonder why that is such a big deal with white folk. all i have to say is.. it was some of the best fish we have had at any restaurant in a really really long time.

the meal was great… course after course.. including my dads favorite.. peking duck.

just have noticed that asians kind of do that… give you some of that reverse discrimination thing… preferential treatment… not complaining… kind of feels wrong too ya know..

well.. get on over to heaven dragon and ask for the special fish with head on


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