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ok… first.. mcDo has a site called which targets .. um.. asians… and now bk is going for that too…

they launched the site in cross promotion with the .. it only took like 20 years for the the movie to come out.. the simpsons movie.

well… they have a avatar/picture generator that takes your picture… and makes you look like a simpsons character…

but i refuse… i am offended… cause it says to ‘be yellow’

come on!!! what about all of us asians that are already yellow… how do you get a sense of escapism and get a caricature done… when the outcome is gonna look just like how we look anyway…. ppfffftt@!

how about an option to.. be black.. or be white for a change… give us a chance to look like you whitey…

maybe give us a free whopper for already being yellow… jerks

get yellow

a sawbuck.. is a 10 spot.. $10… for those not in the know

i went to a taco joint yesterday.. one that offered k-fed a job… and went through the drive-thru…

the total was $6.32…

i gave them $11.07 cause that was all i could find at the time…. so i could get $5.75 back .. i like doing this to make them work on the math a bit… give them some random change to get larger bills back or even numbers.. or even larger coins.. like quarters for nickles… or dimes for pennies.. depending on the amount
well.. the guy asks if i have a quarter… so i scrounge up couple of nickles, a dime and pennies and gave it to them….

i got the food.. and then they handed me the change… $15.50. so they gave me an extra $10…

i didn’t realize what they had given me until i left… and was back at work… and i did not want to drive back…

today… i went back and went inside.. and tried to give it back.. and initially she thought i was asking for change … and said i would have to wait to until i ordered to have the register open… i went through again… and explained what happened… that i did not want the guy to get in trouble… that i had gotten too much change back the day before… and i think she finally got it…

as i placed my order and was waiting for my food.. i saw her palm the $10 bill and walk over to the side… not sure if she pocketed the thing or not… but at least it was not me.

i hate when things like this happen… you are leaving a grocery store and they forget to scan the right things or you get home from the mall and realize that they did not charge you for something … and you don’t want to drive back the 20 miles to return it… or whatever…

do you call them and give them a credit card number? do you drive back?

why is this important… the co-worker that i went with was like… you are giving back free money? it is counter-intuitive to give something back… if it was their mistake… but i explained that to the worker.. it is like 1.5 hours wage or something… that the money did not add up yesterday…. maybe got written up… maybe fired…

what are some of your stories of free stuff that you got.. and did you keep it..

i also wonder if this is the walking the walk that is the stumbling block for many.. and confuses non-christians… living the life makes it hard to get free stuff .. hehe

one thing that i always alugh at is when we go to a restuarant and they ask yoou if you want a soup or a salad…

well the background for this is my dad.. his engrish no so good back then…

we had stopped into a denny’s after a church revival thing… and the waitress is asking him ‘soup or salad’ .. my dad is hearing ‘super salad’.. and keeps saying ‘yes’.

soup or salad? yes
no sir.. soup or salad? yes
you can only have one…. soup or salad.. yes.. super salad

we are over on the other side laughing like crazy… my dad just wants a super salad…

next time you are at a restuarant.. and they ask you if you want a soup or salad.. just say yes.


just another random thought that hit me … cak.. this is for you.. (don’t do this in marketing d2s)
i just went back to a website that i had been to some years back… it was sent to me by one of my white friends… called

i wondered back then… and i wonder now.. how come he knew about it .. but the asians i spoke to did not? i remember trying:

  • i-am-[insert your race here].com/net/org/us/whatever

the sad part of this is that the site was created by mcdonalds

why a site just for us asians… i am curious why they don’t have the guts to make any other i-am-whatever site… but feel that they can hit the asians like this?

if you stay on the site.. what is with the 80s hair band guitar? that yellow lovesac thing….? why has it got to be yellow? and the japanese origami cranes _and_ chinese paper lamp hanging from the ceiling…? and then that dog? … what is with that… hmmmm. mouse over stuff in the room.. very asian college student… dog is for when they only have to choose between beer and food.

the site is just stupid…


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