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the new daylight savings time change is killing me…. dst 2007 sucks

i have 60+ servers that need to be patched on both the operating system level as well as multiple patches for application levels … all so that we can save some energy or some bogus reason

it would be simple if they were all the same kinds of machines… but i have solaris 8/9, windows 2003/xp, redhat 7/9, centos 3, centos 4, fedora 6, freebsd and also java jdk for all the developers… and some of the old old old machines don’t have support or patches… so having to roll my own.  i think there are patches for ipods and blackberry as well… anything with internal time keeping mechanism

the stupid thing is.. you have to reboot the machines for this change… but that makes me sad… i have machines that i have not had to reboot for over 1.5 years… almost 600 days of uptime… and i have to reboot for a stupid daylight savings thing…i actually have one server that has not been rebooted for over 3 years..

9:49pm up 1241 day(s), 5:29, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.01

congress needs to ask the sysadmins before they pass things like this… cause.. reboots can be very stressful… never know if the server will come back up properly..

this daylight savings time thing has cost me 5 days of planning and coordinating reboots during off peak hours… endless meetings about trying to write code that will capture the proper 2nd sunday of march and first sunday of november.. and having to argue that we need to set a code to march 6th or march 7th so that if march 1st was a sunday.. then the next sunday would be march 8th… or just setting absolute dates and then having to remember to change them next year..

time to reboot some more boxes… fingers crossed

i tested a combo of windows vista, visual studio 2007 and office 2007 … i have to say that i am impressed with what i saw. is that enough to make me switch and stay for good?

i use pretty much allof the operating systems out there…. windows xp/2003, apple mac osx, linux (centos, fedora, kubuntu), solaris ..  even cygwin forgnu type commands on windows… and i have to say i am really conflicted at this point.. i am not an os zealot by any means.. i have uses and each does certain things better.. and certain apps are only on one or the other..

there is a lot of eye candy in the mix.. aero makes it easier to apply aqua style themes and so glassy…

i currently use virtuawin for desktop management on my windows boxes.. but flip 3d will be a neat change. i use desktop manager and virtue on mac and it resembles virue the best.. having virtual desktops built in will be nice.

i use seamonkey for a browser and their new version 1.1 allows for a thumbnail of the tab if you rest your mouse over it.. like the popups on netflix if you want more details on a movie… but vista has that on their taskbar so you can have multiple windows and instances of apps open and go to the one that has the data that you are wanting to work with

i am waiting for my copies of vista and office 2007 from microsoft as i participate in betas and learning and feedback channels. i just want to see how all my old apps that i have grown to rely on work on vista… it is another few days of vista before i move on to fedora core 6 … i have it installed at work.. but i never play on the desktop environment… or maybe ubuntu or gentoo … arrgg .. so many choices

playing with betas are fun.. but time consuming… installing apps on multiple machines and then trying to break them.

it just seems like all the vendors are copying the look and feel from each other… apple lead the way.. windows lagged behind so guys started tweaking with window blinds or other shell tweaks like aston shell . which i used a lot in win2k…

i have half a dozen machines now running all flavors or whatever.. and i need to consolidate… or just pick one and be done with it

i may want to get a macbook pro at some point.. and try a triple boot machine… i have been running a dual boot using centos for a long time.. but with all of the livecd os versions now.. i have been downloading and burning like crazy too…

vista will prob be my primary.. because of the environment that i am in.. and needing access to a lot of the windows ad tools.. and not having to remote desktop into another machine to work on visio or something… omnigraffle is great on mac but porting the files over is not seamless … having to use the xml export versus vsd format… or even omnioutliner.. which i would like to port and merge with myinfo…

i guess the tools that is across all of the platforms that i use all the time are seamonkey/firefox for browser, freemind for data/outlining, gaim/adium for chat, openoffice for doc/spreadsheets…. maybe it is worth using online doc/spreadsheets on google or 37signals

or just email and text files.. yeah. i like that.. a bunch of ascii art for diagrams and plain text emails… no more stupid pictures or templates in emails.


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