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today.. wtf stands for .. .wheres the food

there appears to be some sort of rice shortage going on… what are we going to eat now?  we are gonna be like the irish and be wiped out but cause of rice instead of potatoes

the crazy part of this is that some of this is cause people are hording the rice…

my wife went with my inlaws to costco and there was no rice.  they went to some of the asian markets and people were buying ten + bags of rice like they cant grow more…

being that my family eats rice almost everyday… this is gonna be a bigger issue than $3 – $4 per gallon gas

saw this shirt walking to work … and thought …  you’re making me hungry

actually.. funny cause it is close to a chinese restuarant … but for us koreans, they can just switch it out to dogs.

not sure if you all know wht a turducken is… but it is a turkey…. stuffed by a duck… that has been stuffed by a chicken… imaging putting that thing together…well… it is not that bad.   it is all de-boned and people can choose what they want…for the asian folk.. i think i am gonna start making turkey stuffed with goose stuffed with chicken… giving the rise to the turGOOKen … you figure it out yet?actually… we used to joke about wrapping turduckens in bacon, stuffing the chicken with ham, covered in slices of filet mignon… and deep fried.  mmmmmenjoy that mental image 

in this baseball playoff season.. and while waiting for the lights to come back on at coors field.. we grabbed some sun flower seeds…

everyone in my family eats em different…

– my wife eats one at a time.. putting one in.. cracking and discarding of the shell…
– i do a chipmunk/squirrel style thing… i put one in my mouth.. crack, eat seed and the shell goes into my cheek. i love all the extra salty goodness — takes some practice and skill to not choke on sharp shells and talk/drink with the pouch ‘o shell.. and then eventually spitting out a tangerine size shell cluster
– my son basically eats the whole thing… shell and all.. kind of making a shell slurry which he spits out
– my daughter does one of those prim/proper things… where she shells each one… lays out the seeds and eats them one by one… this is the girl that peels grapes..

i know that there is the reverse squirrel method as well… where you just jam a bunch in yo mouf and spit out the shells on the floor or the dirt … i understand this for actual players… as i used to do the same..

which brings the bad memories of big league chewing gum avec sun flower seed shells all in one… yuck

how do you eat your sun flower seeds

i felt like cotton candy after this … actually not

i hate you crackers… you and your misleading names for foods that trick koreans into thinking eating dogs and cats is okay…

this stems from a comment that a vendor made whilst waiting for a bunch of tech guys to get their acts together… and get going for lunch.. and he said it was like herding cats… and being the tactful guy i am.. i said.. mmm… that makes me hungry.  kind of took the guy off guard.. and then it devolved into the cats in the kettle song and chinese food next to the pound…

when i first came to the states… i thought we were going to the land of milk and honey for asians… Not milk cause we are all lactose intolerant… But one of the first phrases i heard was.. it is raining cats and dogs… whaaa??? sweet!!! It was like manna from heaven.. but it just rained a lot… hey metaphor people.. how bout using something that doesn’t make me hungry. well.. in the early fresh off the boat years, i was taken to a dodgers game (cause.. the boat that we came up in on docked in soCal) and they gave me a ‘hot dog’ with ‘catsup’ … yes a different spelling but you do see both ketchup and catsup depending on brand. but back to the story… so .. in a single meal.. i thought they were giving me both a dog and minsed up cat in broth or something…what is the obsession with naming things after dogs…a corn dog … yum.. i love corn.

being korean.. i obviously must love dog… and on a stick.. get out!!! yeah.. wait… another hot dog trick.. blast you cafeteria lady!!!

a foot long chili dog… holy moly… i loves me my chili.. and wait.. just another hot dog covered with chili… is it dog meat chili?

hush puppies…. mmmm.. yes… hush little puppy.. while we catch you and eat you… what the heck… corn bread with onions and yummy southern spices.. blast you state of mississippi where i spent a long hot summer looking for authentic ‘hush puppies’…

you see where i am going with this….what are some food names that confuse you

this is a funny story….

we were at the hospital (not the funny part) cause my wifes grandmother had a massive heart attack (again.. not the funny part) but in her wanting to be accomodating to all of the visitors (what do you call13 asians in a hospital room… that is not the funny thing either.. just really bad memories of the boat).. she pointed over to the wall with her failing eyesight (yet again.. not the funny part).. wait for it .. wait for it…

ok.. she had been pointing over in the general direction of her food tray and we thought that she was saying give the kids the potato chips… but there were no potato chips on the tray.. so we were wondering if someone already ate them or something and she thought that they were still there.. but she kept telling us to eat the potato chips.. [shrug???]

maybe it did not help that we all had raided the patient fridge and gotten popsicles and sodas and such…

we all looked at each other a bit.. then she said ther eare 3 boxes on the wall .. 3 things of potato chips on the wall? well.. it ended up being the boxes of latex gloves.. and i guess after a heart attack and being blurry eyed.. gloves stuffed in a box look like chips.

they are finger licking good… have a handful… can i stop being punny now?

looks like the menu foods pet food scare comes down to rat poison…

i asked the question about all the old poor people that had to eat dog food because they were not able to pay for their medication… but it looks like because it was rat poison.. they may have actually benefited…

rat poisons are generally those that thin the blood and make the rats bleed out from the inside out… think coumadin (warfarin — which was the an acronym for wisconsin agricultural and farming institute .. that created the ‘poison’)

so… inadvertently… the pet food people were helping the old people… not having to pay for their coumadin… and being able to eat their delicious meat gravy and wheat gluten filled dog and cat food..

note that all of this was over 15 dogs and cats dying….  seriously… how about all of the people that have died during the past week.. and how we all could have prevented that…  where is the news coverage for that.

ok.. that sounds weird.. but my mother in law was born on feb 29th … leap year day… so she only has a true birthday every 4 years…

we have a hard time figuring out what day to celebrate it for her… feb 28th? mar 1st? well.. this year.. it was today.

we took her to maggianos .. and we were stuffed by the time the salads came out… i think we had like 15 lbs of food actually…

it is kind of sad the amount of food that was trotted out… the excess was in plain view… probably able to feed a family for a whole week under normal circumstances…

i hope my 8 glasses of diet coke offset the gluttony that we partake in on special occasions

today was a day of just chillin out with the family.. and not doing any real work… well… not really… ok. maybe a little

because my wife is in the real estate field.. she has full control over a new home community in castle rock… so today… we got to go spend the whole day with her… which has been tough on weekends… where i am like the dad that gets the kids on the weekends…
the kids watched movies on the tvs there and i got to hack around the network that they have there (odd.. very odd config)… the ssid of the wireless there was just some random jumble.. and then there was a hidden ssid that was that was one that i would have expected…. i know.. no working on sunday.. but i was oncall and it was for fun

so.. you can tell that i took my gear today…

the nice thing was… i saw us all in this huge house that we would never be able to afford… that had tvs built into the mirrors in the bathroom (yes multiple) and the shower was the size of our current bathroom as a whole.

maybe if my wife sells a bunch of those.. we can buy one.. but for now.. we will settle for family time in a model home… that is like 4 times the house we have now.

on the way home… we stopped by and had dinner at saltgrass steak house… my wife had some high expectations .. i had none.. and i was still disappointed.. oh well. i am just glad my parents were not able to make it today..

we have the du-pont stainmaster stuff on the carpets.. so we should be good on spills and such.. but tell that to a toddler.

my brothers family was over for some dinner and watching some showed that we had saved on the tivo for them…

my nephew is 2. and since he is expecting his brother in a few months.. he has been craving attention.. without having to point to his moms belly and saying baby…

well he went into a coughing spell and then had a projectile vomit event (pve)… we were lucky and had bowls out for some treats and was able to catch most of it… but some got on the carpet. we started laughing about it.. and that was the mistake.. he thought it was a game or something we enjoyed

every 15 minutes or so.. he would start coughing and then vomiting. all over everywhere… the carpet.. the wood floors in the kitchen… the carpet stairs…. and the pièce de résistance…. after doing some on the stairs.. we my son had brought over a bowl and had put it down on the floor in the family room… my nephew crawls over… on all fours over the bowl.. and proceeds to vomit again… but missing the bowl completely

i am so glad that i shop at costco.. we had cans of that spotshot stuff for the carpet and some nice wood cleaner

we thought we were done after 2 clothes changes.. a bath… wearing some of my sons old pajamas… and at this point.. the pve count was at 5.

well as he was getting up from his last clothes change.. he pushes a pizza box over into a cup of soda… and you guessed it.. cup spills on the carpet

it was so funny… and kind of scary…. i had forgotten that kids and hold 50% of their body weight in vomit …. yikes.

just glad we paid extra for that carpet protection

after a lunch with my old boss at a place called pete’s gyro palace … i had found _the_ place in denver to go for greek… i took the kids so often fter hitting the museum and such.. that they came to dread days with me while my wife was working…. i like to blame the greek food instead of my tough parenting  .. we shall see

well.. today.. the kids come up .. and ask for the greek… i had thought them well.

after they had gone out to shovel the driveway some more … and creating a sheet of ice in front of the car parked by my next door neighbors…. i called them up and we headed toward greek town.

gyros… souvlaki… greek salad with a huge chunk of feta… mmmm

i first got hooks on gyrons up in boulder from a place called ‘late knight’ that had some of the hottest wings that i have had in my life.  but they had a gyro special.. so that was the alternative to the almost daily pizza call in the dorms.

i used to go to greek festivals and the food was better.. but not as readily available (note that there are only 2 greek fests in denver/boulder area annually that i know of)  so.. i had to kind of settle for some chain paces…. rubios and fallafal king .. oh wait.. and a place in the food court at cu – denver/metro state auraria campus.  but they were all kind of gross..  and the wife and kids did not like it so much… they always kind of cringedwhen i would order it… i think the shaving of the meat off the rotating machine intrigued but put fear in their minds

but i got them hooked.  my daughter is adding tzitziki sauce to her gyros now… my son is going back and forth from souvlaki and gyros.. and my wife… for the first time.. said that she thought that i had converted her to the gyro

the nice thing about petes is.. the kids menu has the greek alphabet… and words in greek.  it is a way for me to show them some stuff … explain certain things from helenistic writings and certain verses in the bible like the alpha and omega …. and visually show them that it is the beginning and the end.  where we get certain words from.. scientific and  mathmatical symbols… etc..

my work is done.  and remember… it is yee-roh .. not gey-roh … it is a food not a top like perpetual motion device

i need to lose some weight.. i am probably pushing 195 lbs… and my 6’4″ish frame can’t support that…

my dad has commented on how fat i am looking.. and keeps touching my gut…

the other day.. my daughter did the same… putting her hand on my fat tummy and saying… he looks like he is pregnant… ouch

maybe all the post maint win e.coli meat and saggy hash is catching up with me

this is all post surgery related weight… but oh well…. lets see if i can get back to my lean and nicole richie thin… 170 lbs where i feel the best…

hmm.. i wonder if my bionics will show better at that weight.. that would be sweet..


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