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there are so many people trying to go hybrid or electric… but fail to realize that it uses 2 fossil fuels to power it.  it takes gas like any other car as well as needing electricity which comes from coal burning plants… and what about the environmental impact with all the batteries .. all the acids… all of the new junk yards that need to be built to accomodate electrical and hybrids cars… and oh yeah.. getting rid of all of the current cars and replacing them with the new cars.. who pays?

oh and how friendly are those batteries on the environment?

i look at people going gaga over hyrids because of higher gas mileage, but if that was there primary issue.. why not buy a geo metro? .. .wait nobody bought them so they went out of business… and the metro used to get 50 miles to a gallon

look at toyota… they have the prius and the echo… both getting about the same gas milage… but the prius is usually in $25,000+ and the echo is under $10,000 … so what gives?

every hybrid out there out paces their similar gas friendly compact or subcompact by 2x or higher in price for about the same gas mileage…

so if it is fuel efficiency, then these people are just douches that are driving around saying, hey look at me, i am driving a hybrid and saving the world, while you drive by in a geo  metro that cost 25% of the prius and get better gas mileage

what good is an electric car if you have to plug in every 40 miles… some people have one-way commutes longer than that… cause that is where the cheaper affordable housing was.  and the tesla.. awesome car and fast too … but over $100,000 for it .. yeah … not in this lifetime

look at even that stupid looking smart fortwo .. that gets about 32 miles a gallon .. really? it is a lawn mover engine on less than a golf cart and it gets worse mileage than a 4 door sedan like the camry

if these people were so serious about fuel efficiency, they would give up there hippy vans, and extra secure suburbans, mercedes and limos and drive sub compacts … or are they worries that people are going to think their credit is whack and driving off the lot in a a used sub compact?

have you been over to europe?  been to france or italy and the cars that they drive there?  those cars in the bourne identity movies… that you can drive down stairs or fit into the back of an SUV… all of of 4 banger mini cars… rarely seeing anything in the 6 cylinder range, and 8 cylinders? mon dieu

and how do they power their electrical needs… nuclear plants… and how about america … mostly coal.  why? cause one scare like 3 mile island was a talking point to prevent building of any new nuclear plants…

dont tell us now that we are in an energy crunch… when you blocked safe and clean alternatives in the past

and dont be a douche… tell people to buy the echo or ask for the geo metro back… instead of the prius … if you are serious about making fuel efficiency a top priority that everyone can afford…


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