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we need to have superman collect up all of the nuclear weapons and send them at the sun to destroy it…

wait…. that would only fuel the process further..

ever notice that there is one thing that makes the earth warm up on a daily basis… no matter what else is happening.. and when it is not there.. it is cold?

in spite of carbon dioxide levels (note that mars has had increase in carbon dioxide levels and is getting colder) or any other thing that humans do…

the sun… the big ball of nuclear fusion is the primary cause of global warming numbnuts.

if you look at the graphs on temperature changes.. sun spot and other solar activty matches global warming better than carbon dioxide…

funny thing is… more sun equals more vegetation.. which leads to more leaves dropping and decomposing.. releasing carbon dioxide… which after a certain time would match the global warming patterns .. but staggered..

another option.. more logging and clearing of forests… but wait.. the libs and environmentalists have quelled that option…

the second cause of global warming…. environmentalists that are keeping the dangerous vegetation from being trimmed back to prevent carbon dioxide production when bacteria and other organisms break fallen leaves and dead trees down…

and even if the earth temperature rises a couple of degrees… what is so bad about that….

what did they tell you about the earth millions and billions of years ago?  that the earth was way warmer than it is now.. that even alaska and siberia had jungles and dinosaurs roamed everywhere…

what do the environmentalists and al gore have against dinosaurs and 6ft dragon flies?  this is tempuraturism …  we as the smartest and most adaptable creatures can control our own climates in our homes and cars… animals can’t… it it is warmer.. we can just wear shorts all the time… that would not be so bad…

kids love dinosaurs.. why not give those species a change to evolve back into the ecosystem…

as i watch the democratic field grow… i wonder how much money they are going to spend/fund-raise on ads and for campaign related stuffs…

too bad john kerry is not running.. that would have been awesome… i guess teresa heinz told him that he gets no more money… and he realizes that he is unelectable.

so the short list of big name demorats or those with some name recognition who have formed exploratory committees or seriously considering are:

  • barack obama
  • hillary clinton
  • john edwards (2nd)
  • bill richardson
  • al sharpton
  • joe biden
  • wesley clark

there are some others that are less knowns.. but have been to the dance before…

not to say that the republicans are not going to blow a ton a money as well.. but as there is so much hype already… it seems to be a obama/hillary battle and probably eventual hillary/obama ticket.

think about it.. basically $100,000,000 and more for the final howevermany (not sure what that number is – i think between 4-7) on each side because so many are starting so early…. and then the fun begins.

imagine what they could do with basically $1,000,000,000 – 1 billion dollars that they will probably spend to become president.. get some air time… feed their ego. if you had a job that paid 1 billion.. you would be making like $534,188.03 per hour.. over the course of a normal 40 hr week type salary with 3 weeks vacation. imagine what that kind of money could ad should be diverted to… instead of trying to get a job that pays around $200,000/yr… maybe that is why people hate politicians so much… they do;t even get a good return on investment … and that is why the national budget and all social programs are the way they are… there is no scale or point of reference… for what even $1,000,000 can do

no.. that is not my engrish …. as there are some that are royally opposed to this administration.. and specifically to president bush

as i am watching/listening to the state of the union … with the clap fest that begins with all of those in both parties waiting in the aisle that the president is going to walk through.. even if they hate him.. they want some face time on national tv…

there are a lot of us that are loyal to the united states.. but growing opposed to how the administration has executed the fight over in iraq.

the words. the lack of getting insight and ideas from outside… all are frustrating.

this was probably the best line in the whole speech… again a few years too late.

This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we’re in. Every one of us wishes this war were over and won. Yet it would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk. Ladies and gentlemen: On this day, at this hour, it is still within our power to shape the outcome of this battle. Let us find our resolve, and turn events toward victory. ( read the whole thing here )

although the speech as decent.. delivery was spotty at times which is paar for course for president bush…. kind of that.. dog with tail between the legs attitude. he was sheepish.. looked tired. but he should be heartened that the speech was good… and most of what was said was fair

policy wise… hate the immigration amnesty plan.. the insurance tax savings seems interesting… i loved the call out of the earmarks and fiscal irresponsibility that the congress has shown over the past few years…

i love the shout out to all the north koreans on the peninsula (love his struggle with the pronunciation) but i want nukes… so we can blow kim jong il away..

a lot of the speech should have been passed along before the elections…

i hate that people consider reintroducing 21,500 troops back into baghdad is some major undertaking… if they needed to.. they could mobilize the entire armed forces and have over 500,000 troops in play if they wanted. the troop level is the same as it was a few months ago… but this time.. there are new rules… we have gotten better at the door to door.. house to house search and destroy missions that this battle has turned into…

i just really hate the clap fest. and the akward introductions of people like mutumbo ? that was just weird. and the ny subway hero guy…

it is nice that the democrats held to some semblance of decorum and applauded the president.. but they panned to the presidential hopefuls a bit too much.. joe biden looked like he was sleeping. hillary with her smirk.. during the insurance policy statement… priceless. hillarycare is gonna be so sweet.

i will have to read the democratic response…

lets see if the presidents gets a it more time to let the plan work… or show signs of improving the situation in iraq

so with over 650 days left… hilliary clinton .. sorry… hillary rodham clinton is in the presidential race..

i am so glad… ecstatic… overjoyed…. ppffffttt

this is one of the few things that makes me want to become a citizen.. so i can vote.  wait… if i vote democrat.. i can vote anyway.. since i don’t need to show proof of me.  no id or proving citizenship.. i should lean left.

the whole process sucks… there is nobody worth voting for… it seems that we are voting against the other guy… voting against the other party… i appreciate party affiliation as much as the next guy… but as this point.. is there much difference?  washingtonitis or congrulenza and the hallowed halls and quorums seems to make a super hot melting pot…  all about the soundbite and prepping to take the presidential plunge…

look at the actual votes for people like judge roberts.. or on the war.. or anything… the news clips are full of stinging rebuttals and zingers.. but then they end up voting for the person or legislation… they just want their allotted 5-15 minutes up on the podium.  to reflect this.. there is a new democratic push to make hidden the votes that are held in committees.. why?  what happened to nancy pelosi talking about having a more ethical and open congress…

not all of these people are in it to win…  some of these politicians are in it just to get their agenda out.  they are out to get their books sold.  they are out to steal votes from one party and basically give the election to the other party .. even if they do not have a majority (read perot and nader.. giving wins to clinton and bush)

actually.. if hillary wins.. look at the politicians that will have been the commander and chief  .. george h.w. bush, bill clinton, bill clinton, george w bush, george w bush, and then hillary clinton?  24 years of clintons and bush kin?   and then if jeb bush wants to get into the mix..

the only good thing about the early early announcements of exploratory commitees will be that we have nearly 2 years to dissect and dig into the histories and personal lives of ever one of the contenders and likely candidates..

what do you think of when you hear the word ddt.

a wresling move that jake the snake used to use? a presticide that got banned in the 70s? the best defense against mosquitos? how about 4,4\’-(2,2,2-trichloroethane-1,1-diyl)bis(chlorobenzene)

i have posted about ‘my disease kills better’ and if you really think about it.. malaria is the number 1 killer around the world.

it is estimated that since 1972 when ddt was banned… more than 93 million.. wait.. 93,000,000 people have died of malaria. almost 14 billion… wait.. 14,000,000,000 people have been infected. and ~10 new cases are diagnosed about every second… mostly in third world, poverty stricken countries

the ban was put into place after a book in 1962 claimed that ddt caused cancer and caused birds to have thinner egg shells. even though the science for this was in dispute back then… they went ahead and banned the use of ddt.

it is time to bring ddt back.

the threat of malaria… the rising incidents of west nile virus.. other blood borne diseases that are transmitted my the stupid skeeters…

wouldn’t it be awesome to have a mosquito free summer? no more spraying off all over your body or using those citronella tiki torches…

there has been much more science done to show that the initial claims are innacurrate.. there is still some controversy.. but i think it is time for more real study.. instead of using and relying on data from 1962

agent orange == bad
ddt == not so bad

if we really cared about people. instead of focusing all our energy into trying to fix diseases that are totally preventable.. like aids.. not that it is not a prob.. but malaria is something that people don’t have any choice over… aids in africa is rising.. but malaria has been killing for decades… aids in africa is preventable by human action and telling them that their tribal belief that having sex with a virgin will heal them not only does not heal them.. they potentially spread that disease to that young woman and any conceived child… but malaria still kills more. how about addressing a disease that you can actually get by just ‘sleeping’ and not by ‘sleeping with somebody’ …

the doomsday clock that is maintains by the bulletin of atomic scientists is now set to 11:55 from 11:53. 5 minutes to midnight
they cite a coming second nuclear age… iran,, iraq, north korea (weird.. the axis of evil) and stephen hawkings added climate change as the greatest threat..

no matter what…. we are all closer to dying…

for a bunch of really smart people… it is such a stupid thing.  we are all gonna die. but a scientific armegeddon countdown ?  nd the weird thing is the clock changes… we can go back in time all mcfly style… a couple of minutes.. which means we are all safer.. but people are still dying.  what happens when we reach midnight.. does stephen hawkins roll up to the clock and push a button that ejects him into his space mission?

it is like the tree in the forest.  if the world ends and the doomsday clock is not set to midnight.. is it really over?

sweet dreams


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