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geez.. first the rockies in the world series, then the nuggets in round 1, and now the avalanches’ embarrassing 8 to 2 loss to the redwings … hey at least they got to round 2 i guess

bring out the brooms.  wait .. no victory riots to clean up after

so i got to go to game 3 of the avalanche vs redwing series with my son again… we stayed away from the bad touch lightrail train this time by riding on the 3rd train post game .. much better

only wish we had won…  kind of frustrating that the series is so one sided … the redwings are skating circles around us sometimes…

one thing that i hate are the guys that were yelling ‘redwings suck’ .. in general i love the rivary and would join in.. but guys.. we just lost AGAIN to them … 3 games in a row … so if the redwings suck.. then we are currently sucking  more than they are … and quit dropping F bombs in front of little kids … and they do not need to hear about oral sex and other acts in detail…

i still think that the best tradition is the handshake after a series in hockey … no matter how bitter and nasty the series got.. they still line up and shake hands

i am just happy that the avs won the series and that makes the handshake a lot easier …

since my elder son and daughter are playing hockey now… this is the sense of sportsmanship that i want them to have instilled in them… beat the hell out of them.. and then thank them for it…

i still love chris draper and claude lemiuex back in 1996 … “i cant believe i shook his freakin’ hand”

not sure if it was intentional cleverness or happenstance .. but noticed the ad on the opponents penalty box was funny

you decide

i was able to take my son to game 4 of the colorado avalanche / minnesota wild playoff game tonight…

the cool part was.. i did not let him know about it until a few hours before and just had my wife bring him to the lightrail station

cooler part yet… i got the tix from a vendor so it was gratis…. and we were in a suite

cooler part even more yet… we won 5-1

not a cool part … the light rail ride home … the train was PACKED!!! …. people were up on each other… bad touch! bad touch! that is that the hand rail dude!!! i just felt sorry for my son who was face ful ‘o sweaty drunk butts

so.. it seems they play hockey a bit different in soCal…

actually… it was cirque de soleil during the pre-game festivities prior to the singing of the national anthem

sad thing is.. when this graceful aerial acrobatic girl was lowered to the ice… she missed the mat they had laid down  for her and she slipped, fell, and the hockey players had to help her off the ice…

it was awesome

there are rumors that peter forsberg may be coming back to the avalanche….

this would mean trading jose theodore to philadelphia flyers.. basically a $5 million dollar contract for a $5 million contract.. but the avs would probably need to give up a lot more to get foppa back

wait a second… the nordiques got foppa by trading eric lindros to the flyers.. and now we are talking about trading for him again…

maybe we get him back for a couple more years before he goes back to sweden and plays for moda…


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